Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some scriptural thoughts I wrote to an anointed one...

but a word on the 12 tribes....
I know they are not actual physical Jews, according to flesh.
Just as the Beasts in Daniel show the attributes of the final Wild Beast (Rev.13:1,2; Dan.7:5,6,4), so too the "tribes" of spiritual Israel have traits of some of the original tribes. The book of Revelation reveals the culmination, of the war of Gen3:15. The "woman" is the New Covenant...the "Promise" by which "seed" are born (Gal.3:29). That seed, is the twelve tribes of the spiritual "Israel of God".
(If you don't see this, please read )
At Rev.12:1, she is seen as crowned with 12 stars (Prov.17:6; 1Pet.5:4; 1Thess.2:19; Prov.4:9; Isa.62:3; 61:3).
This represents the sealed 12 tribes of a full 144000 sons. They are not physical Jews, but spiritual (Rom.2:29; 9:8).
"Jacob" is the resurrected Christ, and his twelve "sons" are the apostles. The apostles are the figurative foundation stones of their 12,000 sons each (Eph.2:20; Rev.21:14; 7:4,5-8).
We are built up upon them (their teachings/records), and fleshly Jews have no part in this, unless they belong to Christ, just as we do.
Try to keep in mind that this is a symbolic scroll, and that the number 12 (6+6) is symbolic for witnesses of truth (Rev.14:5; John8:17). (This is discussed at )
According to Gal.4:30,24 , the physical Jews do not share in the promise of the inheritance, unless they become sealed anointed.
Do you think that fleshly Jews still have special favor from God, regarding the inheritance of Abraham (Acts13:45,46; Matt.21:43; Jer.35:17; Matt.23:37,38; Luke19:41,44; Jer.31:32)?

When I think of spiritual Jacob/Israel.....and the "fathers" of the tribes of Spiritual Israel (the twelve apostles),
I remember Matt.19:27,28; Luke22:30; Dan.7:9,22; Rev.20:4; 7:4.
Underneath the judgment of these twelve, will be the 144000. After 144000 are sealed out of all those invited (Matt.22:14) these 144000 will then also be given authority to judge... the world upon which they rule....(1Cor.6:2; 2Tim2:12; Rev.5:10).
Symbolically, each apostle has a gate to the Holy City...each gate admitting 12,000...each apostle
determining who will enter their gate and join those who make up New Jerusalem... coming under their tribe (Rev.21:12,14).

How is Rom.14:12; John5:22; and 1Cor.6:2 all true at once?
Jesus is clearly sharing the sealing of "Israel", with his apostles. Each "father" gets to determine which "sons" will comprise his tribe.
Yet we know that although this authority is given to Christ and the apostles,
they do nothing of their own initiative, but seek guidance and approval from the Father.

I have shown you things in a deeper way, although I am not sure you have yet accepted the surface things I sent last time.
I thought perhaps by showing it to you more deeply, you night see the surface more clearly.

Please let me know your thoughts on who make up the 12 tribes of the Israel of God.

I believe that all the advice Jesus gives in Rev., chapters 1-3, is for all  anointed;
....especially during the end-time....
no matter which tribe or symbolic Congregation of "seven" we belong to.

I gratefully accept wherever Jesus places me, but I have a special affection for the apostles John and Paul.
I would be grateful to be one of their sons, in their tribes.
But who would doubt that we will be placed just where we should be....and be ecstatic in whatever "abode" we might receive.

Love in Christ,

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