Sunday, October 7, 2012

Priorities and Pain

 Parts of A LETTER:

At last I belong , thank you thank you Pearl . I'm crying now.
It's been such a lonely trip, and I've lost my family and everything.
May I ask a few questions please? 
Are you (like me) an ex Jehovah's Witness, or from Brother Russel's Bible Students ? 
Which Bible do you use, so I can use the same please . The reason I ask, is because I
want to put the call out to the dissatisfied amongst 8,000 JW anointed
ones, and to the one million disfellowshipped ones, including anointed
as well !

You see... to me Jehovah says He will speed it up, that means MAN must
start it, or else Satan cannot justly be cast down.The sovereign
issue !! This means, that by man separating from Satans system; he is REJECTING satans rule, and thereby concluding the sovereign issue! This is perfectly in line with Matt.24:8 which in Greek correctly
reads "All these things (the SIGNS we already witness), are a beginning of pangs of ....BIRTH !


Hello again Xxxx,
I am very pleased if I can help ease your sense of loneliness.
Many are enduring the same thing. Jesus said that this would be the hardest spiritual time for salvation. (Mark13:12; Matt.10:37; Luke14:26; Mark10:29,30; 8:38,35; Matt.24:21,22)
When you ask how many there are....I am not sure if you mean...How many readers?...How many that write me regularly?...How many are waking up?...Or how many are leaving the Beast?

I have tens of thousands of readers only 1 1/2 years.
But considering how many are still marked by the Beast, it seems so small.
Many will search for information (Dan.12:4) but still will not accept the truth when they find it (Amos8:12,11).
The Bible also says, that despite enjoying the information, most will not act on it, to their salvation (Eze.33:32).
Every day I have people write me...and there are regular questions to answer. 
But I will tell you...that the growth the past few months has really taken off compared to the first year.
Each lamb is precious....and all are experiencing Satan's persecutions at the hand of the WT.
Each one encourages me to keep enduring, as I hope I also help them to.
I have much work given me by Jehovah. Soon it will involve others helping. I hope to have good support as we give the final witness. But I must leave the results in Jehovah's hands.

I was disfellowshipped this past April from JW's. My crime was a refusal to worship the Organization above Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and God's Word.

I consult many translations while working and writing...especially the original languages of Hebrew and Greek (sometimes this makes a big difference);
but I prefer the NKJV or HCSB inside the website gadget, because I find that out of all the translations available, they is more accurate for the verses I most often use at this time.
I was trained in the NWT, so I think in terms of the "language" of its verses. This does not prevent Holy Spirit though, from making me sense when I need to take a closer look at the original Greek wording of a verse.

Any call you can put out is a good help. Many hearts have turned sour against all anointed due to the GB. They wander about like skinned sheep without faith...not realizing that there are still some faithful anointed trying to help provide spiritual food, comfort, and shelter for them. 
Yet, Jesus did warn us about the false prophets...and there are sooo many out there. "The days" really "are wicked" (Eph.5:16). 
We need to take the time to discern the true from the false.....especially with the spiritual famine we now face. Those of wayward hearts will not recognize the Truth (Amos8:11,12) despite it's availability (Dan.12:4,10). None the less...the call must be given. The sooner the rest of the anointed who are able...wake up...and accomplish the sacrifice of their lives, the sooner the full number can be sealed and the end can come! (Rev.6:9,10,11) [There are over 12,000 registered partakers in JW's now (1Chron.21:1). Yet we know that those who are faithful, can not be numbered (Rev.7:9) ]

The most important action which will now save, is removing the mark of the Beast.
I know that as J.W.'s, we have been taught that this means "no politics or joining the armed forces".
But the identity of the Beast is not the UN, nor Nationalism.  It is a mark of slavery to the WT Idol. So getting disfellowshipped is actually salvation.
This needs to be a part of the saving message. If they stay inside, in subjection to the Org., they still have the mark of the Wild Beast and will be judged accordingly (Rev.13:8).
THIS is the part of "Satan's system"
that presents the greatest spiritual risk to all Christians....anointed and others (Matt.24:24).

If you would like to read about the "woman" giving birth, there is a good article about Revelation, chapter twelve, at

and also, there's
Thanks for writing, and I hope you can find peace today where you are.
Love in Christ,

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