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Heavenly Hope--Exclusively?

A reader let me know that a couple of points were confusing.
I will post my clarification here now, in the hopes that this is clearer...

Hi Xxxx,
First, promise me you will read the scriptures in this letter. (lol)
So many get the wrong idea, purely because they are not reading the cited scriptures.
I don't think people realize how many holes I leave, in what I am writing, that only the scriptures cited can fill.
When the scriptures are not read along with my words, all kinds of misunderstandings arise.
Also, yes, I see how that comment about the two hopes would be puzzling. Sorry. I don't always write what I mean clearly.
Here is a previous post which may help explain what I mean when I say that there are not two hopes.......

The hope of the 144,00 is not "heavenly", because the "hope" of these Chosen firstborn Sons of God (Rev.20:6; 14:4), is not exclusively "heavenly" (Heb.1:6; Acts.3:20,21).
These are the ones who also inherit the earth, becoming eternal Kings upon it (Psalm2:8; Rev.5:10; 21:2; Dan.2:44).
There is a purpose and a reason they are able to go to heaven (Rom.8:28,29,30; John17:22; Eph.1:5,10,11; 3:11; Heb.9:15) 
It is not to be imprisoned there, deprived of earth (John8:36; 2Cor.3:17; Gal.4:31; Prov.10:22).

The purpose of their being in heaven, is so that they can be adopted as Jehovah's full sons (Rom.8:19,23; Rev.14:1; John4:24; 3:6) 
and learn directly from Him (Rev.16:18; Psalm77:18; John12:28,29; Rev.10:4; 22:4) before coming back down to earth...
bringing that pure, divine Truth with them (Rev.21:2; 22:1,2; John1:51; Psalm72:16) for the "curing of the Nations" on earth.

Those of the earth will never be spirit or go to heaven (as far as I know). But like the anointed, they can receive eternal life physically (Matt.10:41).
I did not mean that only the anointed are being saved now. True, the emphasis is on the harvest of the wheat (anointed) under the present covenant woman. But the scriptures promise that those not anointed, also have hope of salvation at the end of Satan's world.....
You can see that at Matt.10:40,41,42; Matt.25:34,35,36,37,38,39,40 and Zech.8:23 (
Through the preaching of the final "two witnesses", some who are not anointed can be saved. But the number is prophesied to be very few of either purpose.
 Most will spurn the faithful slaves (Matt.25:31,32,41,42,43,44,45,46; Rev.11:8,9,10; 1Cor.4:13)--
[which in light of disfellowshipping (John16:2; Mark13:13; 8:35), is not surprising.]
But the ones who listen to the true prophets, can also attend the marriage feast of Revelations opened scrolls, though not originally invited (Matt.22:8,9,10; 25:10).
                                                    (verse 9 literally says "those on the way out of the City", which
                                                     tells us that the standard for invitation, is to be exiting apostate
                                                     "Jerusalem", which would be the same ones who are obeying
                                                     Jesus.... Matt.24:16). See ISV)
The marriage feast is not in heaven, but is the spiritual food that the "two witnesses" receive from the Master, when they are sealed, in order to prophesy (Rev.11:3; 1:1,2,3; Luke12:35,36,37; Rev.3:20; John15:15; Rev.5:7; 1:1) while still on earth.
This occurs after these anointed ones, wake up (Rev.9:14; Matt.25:5,6,7), and have left subjection to the Beast.

Please let me know if this helps.
Here is another link that may be of interest: (


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