Saturday, December 15, 2012

It greatly encourages me to feel the love within the anointed body of Christ.
This is not hindered by distance, nation, or tongue.
Below is a letter from our anointed brother in Romania.
I will post it, so that all who have contributed to his relief which I forwarded,
may read his response.
(translated by Google)

Dear sister,
            I received the money sent by you, and thank you from my heart for your love and attention, they look after me. Jehovah will reward you and bless you, as you work with a good heart in everything you do. Of course JEHOVAH comes to aid primarily for the glory of His name. Inspired Psalmist wrote, 'Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of your name " - Psalm 79:9 A. 
I saw many needs and troubles cared for by the redemptive hand of our beloved Holy Father in heaven. He upholds us and help us different ways, all those who seek His face, and who truly fear Him.
       Warm fraternal greetings, you, and all those who surround you with love in Christ.
Your brother in Christ,
Gabriel Sas.

My response:

My brother,
In tears I finish your letter, because so much I wish to see you face to face.
My heart is sad to feel the wide distance, between all the parts of the Body of our Lord;
as we struggle and work as if we are alone. But we feel each day that we are not alone.
The spirit of our Father is with us... and it will be with us, as long as we belong to Him.
We have tribulation now, but Jesus has promised he will not leave us as orphans. He is coming for us.
And when we see him, no one can take our joy. Our joy will last forever. And all our tears will be replaced
with exultation... the joy of our Master.
What joy it will be! To see all corruption, and every cause of pain and grief removed!
Would we not slave all our lives for such a hope? 
Not the reward for us...
but to finally drink of righteousness throughout the heavens and earth.
...To know that our heavenly Father finally has peace, contentment, 
joy, and pleasure in the things He has made.
We weary of this world in many struggles and tears.
We see the whole creation groaning.
Consider it and remember. Soon it will be a mist that fades forever.
Stay strong my brother,
as your love helps me also to be.
In Christ,

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