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I have received a few letters recently, asking me about the hope for those not anointed, and what help there may now be for these. I have posted some of my response, in the hope that the scriptures within will help those who have the same questions.

Thank you for your wonderful letter.
Although you say that
"Those of us out here who don't have the help of  holy spirit are at a great loss against the great deceiver and his allies";
I tell you that all of loyal heart have the help of Holy Spirit. (Luke11:13)

While those who are not anointed, have not had holy spirit poured into their hearts to teach them directly... (1John2:27; Rom.5:5)
Holy Spirit IS actively helping everyone desiring to live with godly devotion (Psalm18:25).
This is the whole purpose of the Chosen Ones becoming anointed and receiving spiritual light---
so that they can shine it into the world to save those who listen to them. (Matt.5:14,16; 1Tim.4:16; John13:20; 1Pet.2:9; Psalm18:28; Isa.43:10,21).

I believe the "Organization" is where Satan's throne resides (Rev.2:9,10,13).
His greatest dominion, is over the chosen ones (2Thess.2:4; Rev.9:3,5,6,11; 13:7) ...those chosen to take Satan's "world" and position over it,  from him (Rev.12:11,10,7,8).

I do not know how long it has been since the organization became Satan's synagogue (Rev.2:9; 3:9) (Isa.63:18; 2Chron.13:9; Eze.44:8), but as it now is; the anointed are able to become sealed through this gauntlet of sufferings and testing....
just as Christ "learned obedience from the things he suffered" unjustly. (Heb.5:8; Rom.8:17; Phil.3:10; 2Tim.2:12 a; Rom.6:3)
God is allowing it (Job 2:6; Rev.9:5) due to Satan's accusation,
that each heir must be subjected to his tests (Luke22:31; Matt.4:1). Satan is exploiting God's perfect justice, and accordingly insists that he has the right to test those Chosen, before they are allowed to be given a position which "conquers" Satan (Job 1:10; 2:4; Rev.12:10 b).
After all, if they turn out to be just as proud and selfish as Satan, why should the world be taken from the wicked one? (1John5:19)
Gradually, the full number will be gathered in despite this; and despite those who do fall. (Rev.14:1; Eph.1:10; Rev.8:10,11; 9:1; 2:5)

I pray for all those in the earth who are persistently searching for truth,
because God's spirit has opened the eyes of their heart.
He greatly desires to be worshiped by lovers of spirit and truth,
and will not forsake those who search for it. (John4:23,24; Matt.7:7,8)
Continue in these things...be courageous, strong, and wise.
For, we do not have long to wait for our deliverance (Luke21:28).
Thank you so much for your encouraging letter.
Love in Christ,


I have always wanted to know truth and even at a young age was able to discern that pagan holidays were not pleasing to God. I guess my quest for truth was gradual and I am not even sure when I really started piecing
things together ,but at some point I realized that people were made to live in a paradise. I think I was eight at the time. From that point I wanted to live on earth and I could not even fathom going to heaven as I was taught in the Catholic Church. I left that church and moved on ; I tried many different religions and I saw gleams of the basic teachings ,the moral issues ,but most missed the importance of truth. I never believed in Hell fire and neither did my mother. My mother committed suicide when I was twelve and that really set me back for a while. Finally I came in contact with Jehovah's witnesses and they taught many things I already knew were required by God in order to be fulfilling the two greatest commands. From the very start though I saw discrepancies. I wrote the society as they called themselves then and they answered back however it amazed me that the could not get truths  that were stated simply in the scriptures. How could I discern more than those with the direct guidance of Holy Spirit? I was told to wait on Jehovah and not run ahead. I did .

  About 3 years ago I started researching secret societies as my grandfather had been one of the Knights of Columbus. What I learned during that time brought me in contact with Charles Russel's bloodline and from there the ties to the thirteen wealthiest  families. It was  during this time that I really came to understand his ties to the pyramids (Giza) and the occult nature of the 1914 calculation based upon the Great Giza Pyramid. I could not reconcile myself to the fact that Jehovah would be behind any such sort of uncanny methods, also I knew that no one knows the day or hour ....only the one whose name is signified by the Tetragrammaton.  I found that the society first thought 1914 would bring Armageddon ,when that didn't happen they changed it to the invisible presence. I also found that Rutherford condemned the use of the pyramid even stating that it was more likely Satan's stone witness rather than God's. I wrote the society asking them how they could denounce the method as Satan's handiwork, but hold on to the date derived by this method.  There was more said ,but anonymously sent.

 I have believed that Satan an his Luciferian  seed have had a hold on this organization from the start. There are to many links to the Mason's even Russell said that people would ask him about it ,he didn't know why. He has a pyramid erected by his brothers and a Masonic lodge right across from his grave sight. I must say I have never been there ,but others have filmed it. Even if it is all coincidence the least one could deduce is that he was a tool for Satan in connection with 1914. I have come to believe now that these men are in full control and that not one of the governing body is truly anointed . I know about there U.N. affiliation and the fact is they had no need to register at all with them.

 It leaves me not trusting in anyone because of all that I have seen. I prayed to Jehovah to lead me in all truth. I am not anointed , I have no heavenly calling nor the desire to be a new creation. I have read your blogs ,well most of them and I can see truth in many parts. I can grasp much but some my mind can not wrap around. I believe you understand much. I wanted to thank you for taking your time to put this information out there. I truly hope for others like me that Jehovah guides them to ones like you who are fighting for truth. I am sad I raised my children in and around these false prophets and all the while thinking I had given them something spiritually good. My heart aches because of this. My children have not been taught by me to follow any man made organization as if a substitute for Jehovah. Two of them realize the push toward worship of the governing body and they realize the lies they been fed ,the other really wants to serve Jehovah and thinks that he is doing that. I pray he will wake up before it is too late. Jehovah knows my heart and that I only wanted to teach them truth. 

I tell Jehovah my heart breaks for ones like myself and I pray they are not afraid to break away from falsehood. I know the confusion and the pain and anger,it is just as if one had been in an abusive relationship and then I realize they are. May Jehovah have mercy upon these people ,may he grant them wisdom and may he give them strength. Those of us out here who don't have the help of  holy spirit are at a great loss against the great deceiver and his allies . Please pray for these ones according to God's will. I know he said he would grant it in Jesus name. 1 John 5: 14,15.  

Thank you very much  for all the information and effort you have gone to.  I will pray to Jehovah and thank him and ask him to continue to lead us in all truth.


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