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"Gentile Times"/ "Great Tribulation" / Cleansed Priesthood

Some Questions:
Did the Gentile times start around 1935, with the announcement the heavenly class was full?
What does it mean for us with the end of the 70-80 years torment (2005-2015?) from the scorpion/elders? Is this the end of a particular period or the end of the gentile times?  
Is this the same time as Dan12:7?
Dan.12:7 says that as soon as the dashing to pieces of power the of the holy people comes to an end; all these things will come to their finish.      
Is this “dashing to pieces of their power” while the anointed are powerless in Babylon/ the org before being released/expelled,
 or is it when Satan is released from the abyss & surrounds the camp of the holy ones (Rev.20:7-10), though these scriptures don’t say that Satan gets to do any damage to them at this time.


My Reply:

Hello again,

I will answer as much as I can for now, in a general way, and perhaps be able to go into more depth as needed later.
Please consider that there is a general testing due all called/chosen ones,
and a unique testing to befall the "remaining ones of the woman's seed" who come through the "Great Tribulation".
These ones face the fourth beast 
(Dan.7:7,8,21,23,25; 8:9,10,11,12,23,24,25; 11:21,22,23,24, 31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45; Rev.17:11,12). 
This last Beast of persecution is "different" and especially "fearsome";
because it is the one to whom Satan gives all his power (Rev.13:1,2,4) to deceive (Rev.16:13,14,15; 1Tim.4:1), right in the midst of God's spiritual Temple (2Thess.2:4; 1Cor.3:16). It gains access to it, due to the development of a unique alliance, that makes it more effective than previous beasts of persecution. The "Temple" is thrown down and trampled as a result (Daniel scriptures above, and Rev.11:2,7; 6:9; 13:7,10; Luke21:24).
"Gentiles" are not spiritual "Jews"
Their Organization consists, not of members of spiritual Israel, but of non-anointed from Satan's "sea" (Rev.13:1; Dan.7:3) They are sons of/seed of Satan (Leviathan), who is "Destruction" (Rev.9:11,3; Eze.2:6; Luke10:19; 2Thess2:3).
Collectively, they are the Wild Beast of Rev.13:1; and their "image" of divinity (as being spirit-breathed and directed by God's spirit) is a blasphemy...the result of the lying doctrines of the false prophet, who is of spiritual Israel (from the "earth"/Greek:"dwelling") (Rev.13:11,15; 17:3; Dan.11:36; 2Thess2:4). 
The alliance of the Gentiles/Beast (Iron) and the "Jewish" Called/chosen Harlot/false prophet (clay/still of the earth/unsealed -1Cor.15:48; 3:1; Rom.8:5), is the last of these persecuting powers described in Daniels Image. Their alliance will not last (Dan.2:33,40,41,42,43; Rev.17:3,16). The toes of the image in Daniel (Dan.2:41,42) are the ten kings of the earth (Rev.1:6,5; 5:9,10; John18:36; Rev.19:16) who rule "one hour" with the Beast (Rev.17:12,13,14; Dan.2:44).

The clay belongs to God (1Pet.2:9,10; Hosea2:22,23), and while that clay is still malleable and moist, God can mold it into a useful vessel (Isa.64:8,9,10; Eph.2:10,22; 2Tim.2:20,21). When it refuses to be molded by God (Isa.45:9; Jer.5:5; Ps.2:2,3,4,5,6) and dries out (loses it's living water -Luke8:18) it has become a useless "brittle" container (Dan.2:42,43; Isa.30:14,15; Ps.2:9; Rev.2:27; Jer.2:12,13; 19:11; Lam.4:2), fit only to be smashed.

The depictions in Revelation chapter 9 and 13 are unique to the time of the end in their type, intensity and effectiveness against those Chosen. Yet, persecution is a common testing to which all Chosen are subjected (2Tim.3:12; Luke 22:31), regardless of when they live.
My point is that the "scorpions"/Gentiles/"man of lawlessness" have always been present to persecute God's seed (Gen.3:15). But in the time of the end, Satan empowers this identity and the tribulation they cause, to an unprecedented degree. Satan places it under the command of a wicked steward/"Jew"/genuine Chosen priest, so that the Gentiles gain entrance into God's "Temple". How? That false prophet imbues the Gentile Beast with an Image of having holy spirit (Rev.13:15) (John 20:22-23), so that it can be raised up over God's Temple, trample it down, condemn God's priests to death, and execute (Rev.11:7; 6:9-11; Mark 8:35).
I will illustrate this below. That period is the symbolic "five months" of Rev.9:5,10;
and likely corresponds to 1935-2015 (
["five months" is the same as 150 days (30X5=150). That is the same period of time, during which the earth was deluged with water in the time of Noah (Gen.7:24). There is a parallel between these two floods (Rev.12:15-16). One is a physical, prophetic parable (1Cor.15:46; 10:11; Rom.15:4). The other, is it's actual spiritual fulfillment (Dan.9:26; Luke 19:43; Jer.51:42; Isa.57:20; Rev.13:1,7; Joel 2:1-3; Rev.9:3)

Despite this Great Tribulation at the hands of this growing Gentile "horn";
this "5 months" is not the only "Gentile times", nor is it the "7 times" of "2,520" "days".
I do feel that it does correspond to the "10 days of testing" and the 3.5 times (half of 7) (Rev.2:10; Dan.1:12,14,15; Rev.2:24; Dan.1:8). This period of "ten days"/"5 month"/3.5 times, is also a testing from Gentiles, but it is not the full nor only aspect of it (Just as the fourth beast is not the only beast of Gentile persecution. All the beasts are aspects of the Gentile Times/period of their power over the Holy Ones.)
The final Beast "conquers" the Holy Ones, while they are obedient captive slaves of it (Rev.13:7,8). Through the "difference" possessed by the fourth beast (Dan.7:23; 2:33), the Chosen who are present during the Great Tribulation, have been overcome (Rev.13:7,10; Luke 21:24,20; Rev.20:7-9; 11:5)(Rev.13:10; Col.2:8; Rev.13:11,15; 19:20) because they have joined in idolizing the Image of the Beast... believing the lie, that it is "spirit-directed" by God. Rather than having the authority over deception that Christ gave them (Luke 10:19; Eze.2:6), they have lost their "crown" (Rev.9:3,10; 11:2; Matt.5:13; Rev.3:11) of power and authority, over "serpents and scorpions". They are being trampled, by them.

But the Wild Beast from the sea (Gentile) has more than the ability to conquer. It also has the ability to "kill" with the "sword" (Rev.13:10,15; 11:7).
There are two periods of "3.5"/"1,260". During the first period, the called ones are in captivity, and are in subjection to the Gentile Beast/locust-scorpions. During this sharing in idolatry, they are unsealed.
During the second period, they are considered dead by the nations, but are providing further testimony after being set free from the Beast's dominion and deception.
Yet during this time, the Gentiles are still dominating the effectiveness of this faithful witness...
blocking their warning message from reaching those still captive (Rev.13:16,17; (Rev.3:18; 21:6; Isa.55:1; Matt.13:44) Dan.11:45; Rev.20:8,9; 16:14; 17:13,14; 19:14; 12:7).
Their efforts will eventually fail, when the power of the Gentile times come to it's finish  (Rev.9:3,10; Hosea13:14; 1Cor.15:55)
           (Isa.27:13; Matt.24:31; Rev.10:7; Zech.2:6,7,8,9,10,11; Eze.11:17,18,19,20; 
            Jer.31:10,11; Isa.48:20; Zech.9:16; Isa.62:3; Rev.12:1; 7:4)
by means of the faithful testimony of the final "two witnesses" (Zech.4:11,14,10,9,6,7; Rev.11:3,4,5; 12:10,11; Mark8:35).

Since their full warning message is given after their "deaths",

and no one may provide spiritual food to the captives, unless it is branded by the lies of the Beast and false Prophet, under penalty of death (;
no one can become sealed without "dying" (Rev.6:9,10,11; 12:10,11; 20:4).
This "death" occurs at the direction of the final Harlot, who is also the false prophet/two-horned beast/"Wormwood" (Rev.17:6; 18:24,21; 8:8,10,11; 9:1; 13:11,12,15,14; 16:13), and at the hand of the Gentile Beast she empowered (Rev.13:15; 11:7) while those Gentiles are still in power.

Satan wages war with the remaining ones of the woman's seed (Rev.12:17,15; Dan.11:10) by means of the final beast (Dan.11:33; Rev.13:10; Col.2:8). His final machination is against the camp of the Holy Ones (Rev.20:7,8,9; 11:5; Jer.23:29; 5:14; Isa.24:6; Hosea6:5; Matt.10:20; Rev.20:9,10; Dan7:9,10,11) on earth (Rev.12:15,6,14)

      (When is the "Thousand Years"?)

The Gentile times are a symbolic seven.
First, the power of the Gentiles over ALL CHOSEN, is a common test which all are subjected to previous to being sealed, no matter when they live.
This is why Paul said that the "man of lawlessness" was already present in the first century (2Thess.2:7). The "man of lawlessness" is Satan's seed, but it is Gentile (from the "sea") (not Chosen/anointed), symbolized by the Wild Beasts from the "sea" (Dan.7:3; Rev.13:1).
The fourth Beast has ten horns (Dan.7:7; Rev.13:1).... identical to it's father, Satan (Rev.12:3). As such, the Wild Beast is Satan's son ("son of destruction" --2Thess.2:3; Rev.9:11),
heir to Satan's dominion, as we see at Rev.13:1,2,4. The Gentile "man of lawlessness" is called the "son of destruction" (2Thess.2:3). Satan is "destruction" (Rev.9:11; Isa.33:1; John10:10). This "son" consists of the Gentiles that are raised up [by means of "weeds"/harlots/false prophets/wicked steward (Rev.9:1,3; 13:11,15; 17:7; 19:20; Dan.8:24] in the midst of the Holy Temple priesthood, and they trample it (Rev.11:2; 13:6; 2Thess.2:4; Dan.11:36,38; Jer.19:4) (Dan.11:23; Rev.13:14,15; 19:20).

Yet at 2Thess.2, Paul also says that when the "man of lawlessness" is exposed and revealed by the spirit of the manifested Christ (truth heralded in the face of death), it will be a special time...the time of the End. It is also special because this Satanic tactic will then be fully revealed (2Pet.3:10; Luke 8:17). It is also special because of the unprecedented degree of power the "man" then attains over God's people (1Pet.2:10,9).
That end-time power is depicted in Revelation, within the symbolism of the locust-scorpions of Revelation chapter 9, and the Wild Beast of Rev.13:1.
The active power of the "man of lawlessness"/Wild Beast/ the "Gentile times".
The Gentile Times is both...
the experience of all called ones no matter when they live
(symbolic seven times of cleansing/refinement, with no definitive years)
a special period of great tribulation in the time of the End, when these things culminate and are dealt with by Christ and his emerging faithful,
due to his Temple, being trampled (Dan.12:1; Rev.12:7-11; 11:3; 17:14; 19:11,14). Revelation's symbolic parables apply to both periods (Rev.1:19; Hab.2:2; Rev.4:1; 11:12).

 Although I tend to think this unique end-time condition involves a symbolic "three and a half times" (not seven -see Dan.12:7) in an augmented sense during the End--(physical and literal 70-80 years of the "5 months") (1935---2010-15);
which literal period is only for the "remaining ones" of the "woman's seed"....
      [the "great crowd" who come through that
       final testing (Rev.7:13,15) of the re-emerged Wild Beast of Gentile persecution, 
       and it's domination over the holy ones 
       (existed before, as stated above at 2Thess.2:7; 1John4:3. 
    See -Rev.17:8) 
that this final, Great Tribulation applies. The seven times are for all anointed, but those times take on new tactics and intensity for the final anointed at the end. This is why the "Great Crowd" is given special mention. We must keep these two aspects of the Gentile times in mind, according to how they dominate all anointed, and how they dominate the final remnant;
Because the Bible describes both aspects.

It is the "fourth beast" of Daniel, that emerges in the time of the end. This is the one at Rev.13:1.
The man of lawlessness was manifested in all four beasts, but the fourth manifestation is "different", because it possesses all the powers of the previous beasts (Dan.7:2,3,4,5,6,7; Rev.13:2) and is in alliance with a genuine steward of Christ (a wicked one -Luke 12:42,45-46), plus all the worldly resources that Satan has to give it (1John5:19; Rev.13:4,7; 2Thess.2:9-12). It is Satan's final attempt against the remnant/great crowd (Rev.12:17). This makes the Gentile domination ("seven times" of refinement for the priests)
take on new traits, a "great tribulation" in the time of the end (Matt.24:21,22,13,4,5,9,10,11,12,13,24,25,15,16,28.)
I realize this explanation of the seven Gentile times may be confusing, so I will try to illustrate...

Imagine that there is a virus. It attacks for many years, and most alive go through being sick with it. 
Some who catch it die, and some live.
Now imagine that later on, this same virus undergoes some mutation which makes it stronger. 
Everyone alive at the time of this increased power, catches it and is overcome (Luke 21:35; Rev.13:7; 9:3,10). 
Few survive it successfully; and they can only survive if saving intervention is sought out.
It is during this period, that the virus is finally identified and understood, and a cure is found for those seeking salvation.

Can you see that it is basically the same virus and illness for many ages?
Can you see that in a later time, it undergoes alteration, becomes more effective and lethal, everyone alive at that time catches it, and the virus is then exposed and finally conquered?
The virus always has the same source....Satan.

It is the same with the Gentile times...the period in which Gentiles have power, because they are Satan's to be used by Satan while Satan still rules the world. 
Satan uses them (the Gentiles/his seed) in different manifestations (Beasts).
Each manifestation has it's own traits and powers and uses...all used against the sealing of those called and chosen (under it's symbolic and spiritual interpretation -Rev.13:2).

This "seven time" dominion is not limited to a physical 70 years, but is symbolic.
It is the period for each individual Chosen one (seven times), 
to be cleansed and refined, to prepare them to offer acceptable sacrifices during
their eternal position as priests (1Pet.2:5; Mal.3:3; Titus2:14; Heb.9:14),
which service (under the high priest and King, Christ) begins in this life now.

The Temple priesthood under Aaron is a shadow of the reality in the spiritual heavens
(Heb.8:5; Col.2:17; Heb.10:1; 9:11; 12:22,23; Col.3:1; 2:12; Phil.3:20; Eph.2:6).
That foreshadowing teaches us.
Just as the priests and their sacrifices (altar) were cleansed and prepared for their Temple service (Eze.44:26; 43:25-27; 2Chron.30:21,22; Ex.12:15; 13:6; Matt.16:6; Lev.8:11,33-36), so too the heavenly Temple priesthood must be brought through the fire (Num.31:23,24; Zech.13:9; Mal.3:2,3). This period of testing by fire (at the hands of Gentiles) is upon the "third" spoken of in Revelation (Zech.13:8,9; Eze.5:12; Rev.8:7-12; 9:15,18; 12:4)
There is an additional means of cleansing that guides us through these Gentile times.....
(Ex.29:29,30 -wear garment of high priest; Heb.4:14 -Jesus Christ is high priest; Luke1:78; Mal.4:2; Eph.5:14 -Christ is sun; Rev.12:1; Isa.61:3; Col.3:12 -sealed wear sun/imitate and follow course of Christ in order to be consecrated) (Ex.29:44,45).
(We must imitate Christ, being guided by all that was his example, in how he dealt with the Gentile Beast (Romans) and Harlot (Jewish religious leaders) of His day. 1Pet.2:21; Rev.14:4).
This means we can not "take with us" our previous "outer garment" (Matt.24:18).
All the final remnant have had contact with the man of sin/lawlessness/death [Num.19:11-13; ("third and seventh" -- "three and a half/and seven"--events which occur at those two points--their deaths/sealing, and their witnessing) / ("Water for cleansing impurity"--Eph.5:26, comes from the sacrificed "Heifer" (Num.19:17,9; Heb.13:13; Rev.4:7) (ashes mixed with water). This "face" of a heifer on the four living creatures (Rev.4:7), represents this required sacrifice to cleanse that priest in the time of the end (Rev.6:9,11). 
The four faces of the living creatures, correspond (are the opposite/antithesis) to the four traits of the final beast/"man of lawlessness" [leopard, bear, lion, Satan (Rev.13:2,1)(seven heads, ten horns -Rev.12:3)] 
The opposing four "living creatures" also have the trait of their king and father, Christ (Rev.5:5; 4:7).

All called and chosen ones are tested by Satan as to faithfulness to God. Most have gone through domination by Gentiles during their testing, to test their loyalty to God in the face of Gentile threats sourced with Satan.
Yet the "remaining ones of the woman's seed" face Satan's "short period/great rage" warfare, after his release from the abyss (Rev.12:17; 20:7-9), when he comes up with the forth and final Gentile beast/(altered, stronger virus), of Rev.13:1; (Dan.7:7).

This end-time period has the same basic elements (Gentile Beast/testing of loyalty/threats to life/apostate doctrines)...
but they are "different" and "especially fearsome" (Dan.7:3,7) due to the forth beast's effectiveness in deception, captivity, and lethal power to cause spiritual death and prevent the final ones from becoming sealed as slaves of God (Deut.11:18; Rev.13:16-17,7). 

The fourth has all the advantages of the first three beasts (Rev.13:2; Dan.7:4-6), plus ALL of Satan's entire power and authority over the world, plus a traitorous steward within God's own Temple (Rev.8:10-11; 9:1; Jer.51:7). 
In this way, this fourth beast is enabled to have dominion within every nation, tribe, people and tongue.....reaching it's attack to all called ones scattered over the entire surface of the world.
Yet just as Satan gives all his power to the final beast/man of lawlessness/anti-Christ/locust-scorpions;
Christ gives all his power to his final prophets (Rev.11:3,4,5; Matt.24:27,31; John16:12,13,14; Rev.1:1; 10:8,7,11)/the symbolic four living creatures/seven stars/angels/messengers, 
who will give it to the seven congregations/great crowd/remnant. (Rev.1:16,20; 8:2,6; Joshua 6:6,8,13-16; Eze.33:3-7)

As far as how this relates to Dan.12:7...
"7 The man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, lifted his right hand and his left hand toward heaven, and I heard him swear by him who lives forever, saying, “It will be for a time, times and half a time. When the power of the holy people has been finally broken, all these things will be completed."

Notice that this is not speaking of 7 times, but 3.5 times.
This is speaking of the deaths of all the faithful [which occurs at this symbolic midpoint (being sealed) of "seven times" (3.5+3.5=7) Rev.8:13; 14:6], as also depicted at Rev.6:9-11...
"When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar (cleansed) the souls of those who had been slain (Heifers) because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. 10 They called out in a loud voice, “How long, (see context Dan.12:6,7) Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?” 11 Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers and sisters, were killed just as they had been."
Dan.12:6,7 is a parallel to Rev.6:10,11.
All must die for truth in order to be sealed ("white robe" -Rev.19:8). (Mark 8:35)
This is why those still in subjection to the Gentiles, are not sealed (Rev.9:3,4; 2Cor.11:2-4; Rev.2:20; 13:15,7-8).
This is... the "dashing to pieces" "the power of the Holy Ones", the trampling of God's Temple, and the disgusting thing that stands in the holy place (Mark 13:14).
The heralds are made impotent to witness/speak to the captives, by means of disfellowshipping.
Rev.20:4 described it as being "beheaded", just as the first century herald was silenced (Matt.14:10).
So the power of the Holy Ones is effected both before and after sealing, but the impotence referred to at Dan.12:7 is interpreted for us at Rev.6:9,10,11; 11:7; 20:4, as their actual "deaths" at the hand of the Gentile Wild Beast...disfellowshipping. This is what God is awaiting...for the rest who can still be awoken, to choose to "get out of her" by losing their life for the sake of truth (Rev.18:4; 6:11; Mark8:35).
Once all the remaining ones of the wheat are all killed by the Beast (Rev.11:7; 13:15) and are thereby sealed into a faithful death (Mark8:35; John12:24; Rom.6:5),
all things required of the final priests are fulfilled, and God's vengeance will then erupt on the last Harlot and fourth Beast (Rev.17:16,17; 20:10; 11:5). The beaming light of God's revealed and opened sacred secrets, will also bring "Babylon the Great" (the covenant with Satan, founded upon confusion, darkness, lies and death) to a final end.

Satan's release from the abyss (and attack to follow) is against both the sealed and unsealed, because attacks on both help prevent the remaining seed from becoming sealed into the woman present on earth.
The hoards of God and Magog cannot damage the sealed woman, because she is sheltered in the wilderness and provided for there, by God's spirit and it's provision of spiritual food (through the two witnesses) (Rev.12:6,14; 11:3).

It will be the choice of the unsealed, whether or not they will obey Christ (Matt.24:16; Rev.18:4) and seek out (eyes of eagles) the slain carcass/two witnesses, in order to be fed by holy spirit as their light (Matt.24:28; Rev.4:7; 11:7; 6:9; 11:8,9) or remain in the spiritual commerce of the Beast (Matt.25:10; Rev.13:17; 6:6).

Your questions raise many topics. 
I need to write about each one in a clear way, and of course, with all the scriptures that teach us.
I expect that it will not be until I finish writing about the four beasts, the seven times, the Great Tribulation and Great Crowd, Matthew chapter 24, Leviathan and the Abyss, Babylon the Great (Covenant with Death), God and Magog, Judgment Day, what it means to be resurrected, Two Kingdoms, the Daystar, and the Thousand Years,
that all your questions will have a full answer.
I also remember that you asked about the "New Scrolls", which I hope to get back up soon.

I know this is a different perspective than you may have expected.
These are deep things difficult to explain, as some things are (1Cor.3:2; John16:12,13; 2Pet.3:16).
If there is anything that you have trouble understanding, please ask about it.

Love in Christ,


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