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Is there a "Faithful Slave"?

What follows is my correspondence with a reader, that contains beneficial scriptural information for all. The writers comments are italicized.

Reader: "I always took comfort in a so called organization of what I thought were like minded ones. However, I must admit that for many years I felt that various teachings did not seem to align with God's word. As I stated previously, I used to chalk-it-up to "the Society/Governing Body/FDS knows best" and I always figured that there was something wrong with my understanding."

MyselfYes, Satan knows that it is human nature, to lose our confidence and sense of security, when isolated. We naturally become distressed and made wary by remote and desolate places-- even those of a mental nature. Like a hunter that camouflages a trap; Satan has designed, created and fostered a lie, consisting of a whole society of reassuring fellows, who seem to be both informed, and loving. Truly, this is his magnum opus. Spirit confides to us, that "he knows his time is short" 
(Rev.12:12,17; Eze.21:21-22; Rev.13:1,4; 20:7-8; 16:13-16;  1Tim. 4:1; Rev.13:7,10; Col.2:8; Luke 21:24). 
The result of his final "machination", is the Great Tribulation... though as is the case with the hunter's trap, it is so well camouflaged. It draws in anyone with a genuine interest in truth, and offers a surrogate that tastes sweet, but contains poison (Rev.10:10; 8:10-11;  1John 4:1; Rev.16:13; Matt.24:24-25). 
Do you wonder why God would allow His people to fall into such a snare?
My own daughter would not even consider such a possibility.
It was a process, but now I see the answer to that, clearly (Eze.14:22-23; Luke 21:22; Zech.13:9; Isa.48:10). 
It is the reason why the Revelation scroll to be opened in the time of the end, is full of Christ's rebuke.
Satan's "flood", is directed at the genuine "woman", and her seed (Rev.12:15,17). 
(Earth Swallows Satan's River)
As seen in the link above, the Bible does not fail to mention of the collateral damage... those not anointed who are also drawn in and taken captive by Satan's forces of deception. 
As the previous scriptures and others testify, there will be survivors of both sorts (those of *the woman, and *her seed - Rev.12:17).

If we were offered when hungry, the best dish available, we'd take it, because it seems that there is nothing better. So we then overlook the faults it contains. Satan knew that this is our nature, and he successfully confined us to a limited menu. For a time, there was nothing better, in the way of spiritual food. That was due to the "silence in heaven for half an hour" (Rev.8:1)-(Heb.13:15; Dan.8:11-12; 9:27)... the result of God's temple, being trampled (Rev.11:2; Matt.5:13). But the time comes for a faithful steward to stand up and prophesy, and to provide food for Christ's sheep (Luke 12:42; Rev.11:3-5; 22:10; Dan.12:4,1,3,9-10).
We were masterfully manipulated and we paid the price. Should we expect otherwise, from the "father of the lie" (John 8:44)? Some day we will appreciate the full blessing, of being "set free" from Satan's snare, though for a time, we must presently endure.

Reader: "Additionally, I had trouble with the entire idea of the FDS. An entity originally proposed by Maria Russell and something that has progressively evolved.The Lord taught by illustration and I always took some umbrage in the apparent selectivity of which illustrations were to be taken as instructive stories and which were to be taken literally. This answer seemed capricious and arbitrary and intended for a measured purpose. What would make the illustration of the FDS any more literal than any other? And, why would it have the Society's slant? If it was intended to be taken and applied literally, would Jesus have not made this plainly obvious? Would a cryptic application not manifest itself in contradiction to 2 Timothy 3:16?"

Myself: The meaning of "Leviathan" (one of Satan's names), is "crooked and twisted". The generation that springs from him, is dubbed the same 
(Phil.2:15; Acts 2:40; Matt.17:17; 13:38; Deut.32:5).
My point, is that Satan's agents, "twist" the scriptures 
(2Pet. 3:16; Acts 13:10; 7:51-52; Gal.1:6-8)(Rev.2:2,9;  2Tim. 3:13).
This is accomplished through "smoothness" (Dan.11:32; 8:25), meaning... a gradual evolution of truth into deception ("frog-like expressions" Rev.16:13) 
Because we have been convinced that there is "nowhere else to go", we tolerate the "frog-like expressions".
That is the earmark of Satan's success, because we have become "sharers" in the table of demons 
(1Tim. 4:1; Rev.16:13-16;  2Thess. 2:9-12).
But thanks to God, we have awoken from the harlot's "cup", and now see clearly the distinction between truth and lie, light and darkness, life and death.
But the road of truth must be journeyed to it's end. That requires continuing education in it.
The truth about the faithful slave and steward of Christ's household, was spoken by Jesus, at Luke 12:42...
"The Lord answered, “Who then is the faithful and wise manager, 
whom the master puts in charge of his servants to give them their food allowance at the proper time?"

From that verse, we see that Jesus indeed does appoint a "manager"/steward, to provide spiritual food to all in the household of Christ. 
We can discern who this is, by their "fruit" (Matt.7:20; John 15:16)

Who are Christ's household? (Eph.2:19-22; Col.2:7)
There are those appointed within it, to "keep watch", lead, prophesy, and teach 
(Mark 13:34; Luke 12:36-37; Rev.3:20; 19:9; John 21:16;  1Pet. 5:2-4; Jer.3:15; Rev.11:3; 22:17; Eph.4:11-12; 2:20;  1Cor. 12:28). 
That is the reliable truth.

But according to Christ's parable, those appointed to such a position by Christ, can prove unfaithful. Christ described in detail, the traits of such a slave, and we are not lacking in our ability to recognize him. That wicked steward would "twist the truth", even about his own position, and the authority of his allies. That gradual "twisting of truth" and it's resulting scenario, is full blown, today.
Although Jesus always taught by means of illustration and parable (Matt.13:34,10,13),
that fact does not nullify the fulfillment of such prophetic parable. His words do not pass away, but are completely fulfilled (Matt.24:35); despite their being couched in symbolism, and wicked efforts and trappings, designed to laden them down toward obscurity.
 2Tim. 3:16 points to an essential element of spiritual life. 
John 17:17 defines God's Word, as the Truth.
Although  2Tim. 3:16-17 rightly points to the need to be equipped with the truth of God's Word, and the "completeness" with which it equips us to teach,
...that does not nullify the other essential requirement needed for spiritual knowledge, and the life that results. Being "equipped" is not all that is needed for a warrior (2Cor. 10:3-5; Rev.17:14). One must also be trained (2Tim. 2:15), and of the right disposition (Heb.10:35-36,39; Matt.21:21;  1Pet. 5:6-9). God's spirit provides such training (1Pet. 5:10; Isa.48:10). Our worship must rest on both... spirit and truth (John 4:23-24).

How many have the Bible, and yet are filled with confusion and disharmony, unable to reach agreement in interpretation? (Eph.4:18;  2Tim. 3:7; 2:25; Hosea 4:6)
That is where the faithful steward becomes relevant and essential (John 15:4-5;  1Cor. 12:27;  1Pet. 2:9-10; Matt.5:14) 
God's spirit is placed within His temple priesthood (1Cor. 3:16; 6:19) for the purpose of teaching according to the spirit alive in them (Mal.2:7; Rev.5:9-10;  2Cor. 5:20; John 13:20;  1John 2:20,27), which spirit-provision is symbolized by "fruit" (Luke 6:43-45; John 15:4-5,8; Matt.7:15-19). "Fruit", is to be eaten. The spiritual "fruit"/"sayings"/"teachings" of the steward, is the spiritual food he offers. It is either "fine" or "rotten"... it is either "meat in the season in which it is due", or it is "filthy vomit" 
(Isa.28:7-8; Luke 12:45; Rev.17:6;  1Cor. 10:21; Rev.16:13) (2Pet.2:22,20-21; Heb.6:4-6; Matt.12:44-45; Rev.2:21). 
It either lasts, or rots away, needing to be replaced and changed.
Their doctrines vacillate-- one day they are good to "eat"-- the next they are rejected-- only to see them later as again, good to take in. They are staggering under the influence of their mother of Confusion- "Babylon the Great"*(see footnote) (Isa.28:7; Luke 12:45; Rev.18:3) 
Yes... all these things are in parable. But make no mistake, they are reliable and have come to pass.
Both the "faithful slave" appointed by Christ to provide truth (Luke 12:42) and the wicked steward who "gets drunk" and "beats his fellows" (Luke 12:45), are realities. Both sorts are present, until the end (Matt.13:30; 24:35).

Reader: "The comfort of having someone else do our thinking for us is that we can continue on in blithe ignorance. This ignorance was cozy and comfortable. Reality is much more demanding."

MyselfThe reality of God's priesthood, is not to have "someone else do our thinking for us". It is to provide the essential element of spirit to our foundation of faith. Then it is up to us, to contribute the demanding thought process, of "testing" what we are offered, so that we may discern the true from the false prophets. 
There are many spiritual "temples", "priests", and spiritual provisions issuing forth from them.
Many today believe that God's Temple priesthood is not necessary for salvation. Yet remember, it was Jesus himself that said he appoints a steward, to provide provisions. His caution to all those seeking truth, was to discern who is faithful from who is not (Matt.24:45;  1John 4:1). His direction was NOT, to go it alone. Even the members of the "Body" of Christ, are interdependent (1Cor. 12:21), but like a body, must work together for the health of the whole (Eph.4:16; Rom.12:4-5). 
Jesus said that when we see "the abomination" (Gentile Beast being worshiped), "standing in the holy place" (ruling over God's priesthood -  2Thess. 2:4; Rev.13:7)...
that we must "flee to the mountains" (Mark 13:14). 
Matt.24:16 is specific direction about where to go (Eze.36:8; 17:23; Isa.27:6). 
The "mountains", is a parallel to another parable, about the "slain", where food is found for "eagles"/"woman" (Luke 17:36-37; Rev.11:8,3; 12:6) ( and they are parallels to the parable about the marriage feast, where all those leaving the city ("fleeing -Matt.24:15-16), are invited to "eat" (Matt.22:9-10; Rev.22:16-17,6; 19:9). (

Spiritual food is being provided through "the Bride" members, according to the Temple arrangement of God. But outside that arrangement, there is famine (Isa.65:13; 55:1-2; Dan.12:10,3-4; Amos 8:12,11).
So although the parables of Jesus are not literal, they are true and reliable (Matt.24:35; Rev.22:7). I hope you will also be able to discern, that they are the reality of our present circumstances.
I hope the information in this letter, is beneficial to you.
[For more information about finding and benefiting from true spiritual food: (https://a-spiritual-family-new-creation.html)]
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In Babylonian the name Bab–ilu (Babel, or Babylon) meant “gate of the gods,” but the Hebrews derogatorily associated it with balal, a word in their language meaning “to confuse” (Gen. 11:9). The rulers of Babylon thought their city, the “gate” of the gods in the sense that they chose to think of it as the place where the gods consorted with men, to order the affairs of earth 
(Judges 9:35; Ruth 4:1;  1 Kings 22:10; Jer. 22:3). The name reflected the claim of the Babylonian kings (Gen. 11:4).
  Babylon was founded by Nimrod (Gen. 10:10; 11:1–9). From the very beginning the city represented defiance of God's will (Gen.11:4–9), and its tower a monument to apostasy. The prophet Isaiah identifies Lucifer as the invisible king of Babylon (Isa.14:4; Rev.9:11; 13:2,4). In fact, it would appear that Satan designed to make Babylon the center and agency of his master plan to secure control of the human race, even as God purposed to work through Jerusalem. Thus, throughout the Hebrew scriptures, the two cities typified the forces of evil and good at work in creation. The founders of Babylon planned to set up a government independent of God, and had He not intervened, they would eventually have succeeded in banishing righteousness from the earth (Gen.11:6; Dan. 4:17). For this reason God saw fit to destroy the tower and to scatter its builders (Gen. 11:7, 8).

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