Friday, March 31, 2017

Memorial 2017


I have been asked when the Memorial should be held this year.
I have calculated it for APRIL 9, after sundown.

The reason for choosing this date:

I have realized, that the geographical location of Jerusalem, no longer holds any significance to God. The previous Temple in Jerusalem did reap the very consequences foretold by Christ (Mark 13:1-2; Matt.23:37-38). God's dwelling is no longer there.
He now abides within the hearts of His Temple stones (1Cor.6:19; 3:16; 1Pet.2:5,9; Eph.2:21-22). God's Temple is now located, in the members of NEW Jerusalem (Rev.21:9,2; Eph.5:23; Rev.21:22). 

God knew from the beginning, that his Chosen Ones would come to reside all around the globe (Acts 1:8; Mark 13:27; Rev.5:9-10; 7:9). 
Why then, I asked in prayer, would the city responsible for the death of God's Son (Acts 7:52; John 8:40; Mark 10:33) whom Jesus declared as "abandoned" by God (Matt.23:38), be the basis for any worship which the faithful perform, today? (Eph.5:10-11; 2Cor.6:17; Job 14:4)

My resulting decision then, is that each person should partake on the equivalent of Nisan 13, in their own locale. I expect that this will be during the same 24 hour period around the globe, after each person's sunset.

The way in which Nisan is calculated, is to find out when the Spring Equinox occurs. 
Then go to the schedule of the new moon for each month in your area, 
(Google search)
and find the new moon that occurred BEFORE the Spring Equinox.
That new moon, is the start of the last month of the Jewish calendar that Jesus followed. 
Then find the next new moon. That is the first day of the first month of the new year (Nisan). If the new moon occurs at an hour, after the partakers sun has already set, then that 24 hour period (sunset to sunset) is still the last day of the last month. The fresh day, would start the following sunset.
Next, is to count 13 days from the starting evening of Nisan 1.
For my location, that brings the start of Nisan 13, to after sunset, on April 9th.
This is when I intend to partake. It is up to each individual, to decide what they will choose to do.

For those who may be wondering why I plan to observe the Memorial on Nisan 13 instead of 14;
it is because Jesus did not institute the Memorial of his death, nor die, on Nisan 14.
He did so, the day before, on the "Day of Preparation", the first day of unfermented cakes.
To read about this, please consider this link from last year:
If you have received miraculous proof of God's choosing you (Rom.8:16; Eph.4:4) to belong to the Bride of Christ, and wish to partake with us, 
please contact me using the contact form in the right side column of this Main Page.


    this link shows Nisan 13 on the 9th of April

  2. Another tradition from the GB,is that we wait to the sundown of our country,then celebrate. But this is inaccurate. We do it at the same time that Jesus did it. It was the evening meal. So after sunset when Nisan 13 began JERUSALEM TIME...and before midnight JERUSALEM TIME. Thats THE time it happened. So dont wait for sunset OUR TIME....we do it when it happens in ISRAEL. Work out the international time and celebrate it within that window of 2-3 hours. The GB have desecrated the memorial enough. Wasnt discovering Nisan 13 the real date Jesus celebrated important,even after years of doing it on the wrong date because of the GB? WHY follow another of their lying traditions about when Anointed should celebrate. Where does the idea of celebrating after sundown come from? The GB. We do it at the SAME TIME Jesus did it JERUSALEM TIME.

    1. My own standard of when to obey Christ, is the scriptures, regardless of what others may think, do, or direct.
      There are a number of reasons why we wait for evening to fall on Nisan 13. The primary one, is because that is the example Jesus left recorded for us (Matt.26:20; Mark 14:16-17; John 13:2). We recall that God produced a darkness when Jesus neared his death (Matt.27:45). This darkness has meaningful symbolism (John 9:5), and that meaning, is a part of the significance of Christ's sacrifice, and it's representational emblems (John 1:29; 1Cor.5:7).
      The Passover Lamb, was to be slaughtered as night was falling (Ex.12:6).
      But Jesus himself said that his body, prefigured by the sacrificial lamb of Passover, would NOT be symbolized by eating Lamb, but be symbolized by the unfermented bread (Matt.26:26; Luke 22:19).
      If we look again at 1Cor.5:7-8, we see more clearly, why Jesus held the Memorial, on the first day of the week-long "festival of unfermented cakes/bread" (Day of Preparation), rather than on the Passover. Note at 1Cor.5:8 A, that THIS was the "festival"/"feast" that provided the pattern, for when the Memorial should be conducted (Mark 14:12).
      Does the "first day of unfermented cakes" also dictate *what time of the day* that it should be performed? Please consider the dictates of God, regarding His command about this symbolic Day...
      "In the first month you are to eat bread made without yeast, from the evening of the fourteenth day until the evening of the twenty-first day." (Ex.12:18).
      Did God decree that both the Passover and the start of the festival of unfermented bread should start after the fall of evening, for no reason?
      Of course we know, that every command given, has deep significance, and therefore outlines what we are to do. It is not for us to decide to change any detail of it, because we deem our own reasoning to be more true than God's instructions.
      The provision of Christ's Memorial, is a "remembrance" (1Cor.11:24) of Jesus, while he is not physically with us (John 7:33; Matt.25:14). He symbolized that period, as night. He is the one to provide his Bride with light, during that "night"... just as the sun while hidden, provides light for the moon, who then reflects that light upon all the earth, "to illuminate the night" (Gen.1:16; Ps.18:28).
      If we defy God's instruction by initiating the "festival" while it is yet daylight...
      in a symbolic sense, Are we saying that we are not in darkness, and we don't need the light from God, which the "emblems" provide?
      If we do not need God's instructions, then yes... that is what we are saying.
      John 9:41; Luke 11:34-35; Matt.6:23
      God has established the "moon" as the light-giver of night
      (Ps.74:16; 89:37; 136:8-9; Isa.30:26; 60:20; Jer.31:35)
      Do you not need that, either? John 12:35; 1John1:6; Prov.4:19
      Eph.5:8; Isa.49:8-9


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