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A Spiritual Family [] The New Creation

Question received:

Dear Pearl,
I hope this finds you well and in good health.
I hope you don't mind, I wanted you to ask you a question. I've been working my way through your blog and reading every single article you have written but one thing that stands out to me is that the entire thing is practically all aimed towards the anointed.. and that there's practically nothing for those that have an earthly hope.
Also as you are no longer part of the organization yourself and it's clear that this organization and this fraudulent body of elders do not and cannot have God's blessing or spirit where are those with an earthly hope to go for guidance and spiritual nourishment?

Kind regards,
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My reply:

Here are three links for you to consider, regarding your questions about the earthly hope, the heavenly hope (and other "Watchtower" lies), and where to go for guidance and spiritual nourishment.
(There are additional links within these posts linked above)

Almost every post I publish, is primarily for the edification of those not anointed. Perhaps this can be shown to you, if you express a specific question or need to me, and then I will refer you to the information you request. There are just too many posts which those not anointed can benefit from, for me to list them here.

I regret that you view the blog as written exclusively for anointed.
At Matt.28:19-20, Jesus commands his anointed priests, to teach all and any disciples, everything that the priests are learning from him (Matt.10:27; Mal.2:7;  1Pet.2:5,9; Rev.5:9-10), including the need to follow and obey all that Jesus taught (Matt.28:20).

The structure of God's spiritual family, follows the structure of a literal family. There is the great Father who is the source of all provisions (Matt.6:9). There is His son (John1:14), who is heir of all things (John16:15;17:10; Heb.1:2;  1Cor.15:24,27-28; Dan.7:13-14). Then there is Christ's bride members who are also considered co-heirs with Christ as his brothers (Dan.7:18; Rev.13:7; Dan.7:21-22,27; Rom.8:16-17; Gal.3:26,29). 

Jesus replaces Adam as father of the new creation and heir of it 
(1Cor.15:45; Isa.9:6; John6:57; John8:44;  1John3:8; John10:10). 
Christ's bride, New Jerusalem, becomes the mother of the new creation, replacing Eve (Gen.3:20) 
(Gal.4:26; Rev.21:9-10) (2Cor.5:17;  1Pet.1:3; Gal.6:15;  2Pet.3:13; Rev.21:1,5) (1Thess.2:7ESV ; Isa.66:10-11;  1Pet.2:2).

Our original father Adam, broke his covenant with God (Hosea 6:7). What was that covenant? We read it at Gen.1:26-30. Adam was given dominion over the physical creation and the responsibility that came with that blessing, was to take care of it, subdue anything needing taming, and to fill the earth. 
Adam broke that covenant, by giving his dominion over to the wicked one 
(Luke4:5-6;  1John5:19). 
Whoever we obey, becomes our master (Rom.6:16). When we follow and obey the misleading guidance of the Devil, he gains mastery over us. When Adam and Eve chose to sin, the Devil became master, not only over the lives of Adam and Eve, but over all that Adam possessed. That included the whole creation and all life within it. All creation was then subjected to spiritual darkness, sin, futility, corruption, and death (Rom.5:12; 8:20-21).
    [To understand how this happened, please consider this link:

Jesus performs the pattern of "brother-in-law marriage" (Mark 12:19) so that the spiritual death of Adam does not prevent the filling of the earth with seed from Eve (Gen.3:15)
         (whose offspring can, with sacrifice, be forgiven due to her ignorance)
(Deut.25:5-6; Rom.9:29) (1Tim.2:14; Gen.3:13; Lev.5:17-18; Rev.5:9-10; Eph.5:23,25). 

It is from among mankind descended from Eve, that the suitable can become collected as members of the bride of Christ. 
Replacing Adam, Jesus becomes the heir of the original covenant with God. He accepts subduing the earth (1Cor.15:25,28; Ps.110:1; Luke22:69) and filling it with righteous offspring (John10:10)... spiritual children of Christ and his bride.

Spiritual children are designated as such, by means of whom they imitate (Eph.5:1;  1Pet.2:21;  1Cor.11:1;  3John1:11; Heb.6:12) and by the desires and spirit within their heart, whether bad or good (John8:44; Eph.2:2; Acts7:51; Luke22:3) (Matt.10:20; John14:17; Rom.8:9,11;  1Cor.3:16;  1John3:24; 4:4-6).

--Now for the point that I am trying to make for you...
With Jesus as father and the bride members of New Jerusalem as mother, there are children.

Peter was a member of Christ's bride, and Jesus compelled and assigned Peter, to feed his little lambs (John21:17; Luke 12:42) just as a mother would feed her children with what the father supplies them all. 
The food provided, is symbolized by fruit 
(John15:16,3-5; Luke6:43-45; Matt.7:20; Eze.36:8; Mark13:14; Rev.22:1-2; Prov.3:18). 
These spiritual provisions have also been depicted in parable, as the faithful providing light to those in darkness (John12:46) (Isa.49:6; 60:1; Rev.2:28;  1Pet.2:9; Acts13:47; Matt.5:14-16; Rev.1:20; 4:5; 5:6). In addition to fruit and light, living water is used as a symbol of the source of life's provisions to the children of Christ and his bride (John4:10,13-14; Rev.22:1,17). 
The life-giving truths of God are also depicted as seed, derived from the fruit which was eaten (Luke 8:11; James 1:21; Mark 4:20;  1Pet.1:23;  1John3:9). Those who accept and retain that seed in their heart, derive life. That equally pertains to anointed and those not anointed. 
Those who are not anointed members of Christ's bride and accept feeding from her members, become children of light, truth, and life.

Those anointed whom Jesus sends "out into the earth"/"to the 7 congregations" as bearers of the previous provisions mentioned, are either accepted or rejected (John15:20). 
Those sent, do not speak on their own, but like Jesus, they speak the words of God 
(John3:34; 16:13; 13:20; Matt.10:20).
Like Jesus, those who speak the words of God are offering the life that is sourced through the words of God. That life, whether depicted as fruit, light, water, or seed, is being offered to any willing to accept it... anointed or not. It is up to each person, how their heart will respond to what is offered by those appointed by Christ to feed (Luke 8:11-15; John15:16).

Those who receive God's provisions of life through Christ and his bride... who accept and heed what is given...
they become accepted into God's family, receiving the life that God provides through His Temple priesthood. They join God's living, spiritual family as children of the long-awaited fulfillment of the original covenant with Adam, to "fill the earth". The New Creation is fulfilled, through the new Adam and new Eve (New Jerusalem). Spiritual children are born to Christ and his bride, through the spirit contained in the teachings of Christ (John 6:63).
Whatever provisions I am given by Christ, I am under obligation to offer to all. Those who recognize his voice of truth within what is offered, are fed by that work, and become his children. Provisions for those not anointed are plentiful. There is not only what I offer, but there is the work of those other priests working with me. 

I suggest that you test out whether or not the provisions at the blog are useful to you or others who are not anointed, by asking for what you need, either in the search box or ask me directly. If you feel that what results from your search cannot apply to those not anointed; show that to me, and I will assist you.

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