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The "Night"

Below is my response to a comment which was left after: (where-is-hades)
Here is that comment, quoted:

"Hi Pearl,
Jesus did not preach to anyone while in Hades, because neither He nor 
anyone else would be alive while in there.
Peter says that Jesus was MADE ALIVE in the Spirit BEFORE He went to 
preach to the fallen angels in prison, and He could not have been thus 
made alive BEFORE His resurrection on the third day, according to 
Jesus preached not to spiritually unresponsive humans but to the 
fallen angels who sinned in Noah’s day who were kept in Tartarus, 
a restrictive condition, but only AFTER He was made alive in the 
Spirit; and Tartarus has got nothing to do with Hades, which is 
a place or condition of lifelessness for human beings, just as 
Ec 9:5,10 also points out that the dead in Sheol, or Hades, are 
conscious of NOTHING AT ALL, and are therefore not consciously 
existing in spiritual darkness, as you wrongly claim.
Like I said before: yes, spiritual blindness exists among the 
living of the human race, but that condition is NEVER referred 
to as Sheol or Hades in scripture.
The best you can say is that ‘spiritual darkness’ and ‘spiritual 
death’ will lead to Hades or even Gehenna if not repented of 
before the coming of Christ.
You need to be precise where the word of God is precise, otherwise 
you only obscure truth and confuse people unnecessarily."
I will quote you and then respond:
"Jesus did not preach to anyone while in Hades, because neither He nor 
anyone else would be alive while in there."
I assume you believe that Jesus was in Hades/Sheole (Ps.16:10) while you say he was dead (meaning, unconscious).
Please note, that Hades/Sheole (where Jesus was), is also called, the Abyss (Rom.10:7).
Can you see from Rev.20:1,3;  2Pet.2:4 and Luke 8:31, that not only did Satan need to be "chained" (in darkness) while in the abyss (to prevent his misleading the nations), but that the demons who were put there [Matt.8:29; Jude 1:6 (Rev.20:1)] by Christ's authority over darkness (Luke 10:17,18,19), were not dead, in the sense that you mean? 
Can you see that the demons were consigned to the abyss? (Luke 8:31; Rev.20:1; Jude 1:6;  2Pet.2:4)... the same place where God brought Jesus up from (Rom.10:7), 
because it was impossible for the realm of "death" to hold him? (Acts 2:24,25,27)
The same is true, of those Chosen to be released from that place 
(Col.1:13; Ps.40:2; Matt.16:18;  1Pet.2:9;  2Cor.4:6).
It is clear that both Jesus and the demons were in the abyss. While with them, he preached to them....
whether you call that place the Abyss, Hades, or "Tartarus" --meaning, "pit of darkness".
Are you stumbled, because one thing can have many names? (Isa.9:6; Luke 1:31; Matt.1:23; Rev.3:12)

One cannot preach, or be preached to, unless they are conscious. 
You said;
"Ec 9:5,10 also points out that the dead in Sheol, or Hades, are 
conscious of NOTHING AT ALL, and are therefore not consciously 
existing in spiritual darkness, as you wrongly claim."
I must correct you.  Ec.9:5 makes no mention of Hades/Sheole.
Verse 10 does.
In what way are those in Hades, "neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom"?
It reads;
"For the living know that they will die (Phil.2:12),
    but the dead *know nothing...
(Jer.4:22; 5:21; 10:14; Deut.28:28; Ps.92:6; Eph.4:18; Luke 8:18; Eph.2:1; *Mark 4:12);
   they have no further reward,
(Heb.11:6; James 1:12; Rev.3:11; Matt.6:1;  2John 1:8; Matt.10:41; Luke 10:16)
   and even their name is forgotten (Rev.13:8)...
   Whatever your hand finds to do (Ps.45:4; 110:2;  2Cor.6:7), 
   do it with all your might
   for in the realm of the dead (Sheole/Hades), where you are going, 
   (Jer.13:16; Luke 21:22,35-36; Ps.40:2; 49:15; Eph.2:6; Col.1:13)
   there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom."

Jesus said; "As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me
Night is coming, when no one can work.  While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.’ " (John 9:4-5)
What was the "night" that Christ prophesied was to come upon his disciples? (1Thess.5:5,6,7) [Jer.13:16; Rev.9:2-3; Joel 2:2 -LINK]
 Do you assume it is physical death?
(Jer.13:16;  2Cor.4:4; Isa.59:10; Deut.28:29; Mark 13:24; Rev.6:12,13; 9:2; 13:7; Prov.4:19; Isa.60:2; Mal.4:2; Rev.22:16; Eph.5:11)
When you learn the authentic meaning of this "night" (Rom.13:12;  1Thess.5:7), then you will perceive the current, Great Tribulation. (G.T.-what-why)

You say;
"Peter says that Jesus was MADE ALIVE in the Spirit BEFORE He went to 
preach to the fallen angels in prison, and He could not have been thus 
made alive BEFORE His resurrection on the third day, according to 

Really? Do you mean 1Pet.3:18,19? 
It reads;
"For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit. After being made alive, he went and made proclamation to the imprisoned spirits ".
I see no mention of the word "BEFORE", regarding when he went into Hades/abyss, to preach to the imprisoned spirits, other than "after being made alive". Well he could not preach to them if he were spiritually dead, could he?
Obviously, if they are "imprisoned", he must be where they are to preach to them... Not so?
Also note... that Jesus was "put to death in the flesh"... not in the spirit. 
In the spirit he was made alive first, because the punishing "agony of death" (such as what the demons suffer -Matt.8:29) cannot hold a spirit without sin (Acts 2:24; 13:34; 3:26; John 1:5). On the third day, he rose, spiritually (1Pet.3:18)...and thereafter had the ability to materialize physically. 

    Did God raise Jesus from the abyss, twice? Did he raise him to earth on the third day, and then send him back to the abyss to preach, and then raise him from the abyss again? Do you have a scripture which indicates this, contradicting that he preached to them, while he was already there? (Rom.10:7; Luke 8:31; Rev.20:1,3; Jude 1:6;  1Pet.3:19 -- "Made alive in the spirit" 1Pet.3:18,19)
So, after Jesus was "made alive in the spirit" (not in the flesh), 
he preached to the spirits. (1Pet.3:18-19)
On the third earth day, he rose physically.

You admit that spiritual darkness, leads to Hades.
Do you have a scripture that makes a distinction between the two? 
If the result of spiritual darkness, is consignment to Hades...
can you not consider that those in Hades, are spiritually blind and spiritually dead?
All those born on this planet, are born subject to sin and death (Rom.5:12). Yet Jesus came to us without sin. His presence here did not subject him, to sin and death (John 1:14,9,4,5; Heb.4:15)

Heb.5:11 reads;
"We have much to say about this, but it is hard to make it clear to you because you no longer try to understand.".
It seems to me that you are not trying to understand, but rather, are trying to defend what you have already chosen to believe...
Or are trying to correct me, and restrain my present testimony.
I don't know the source of your confidence, but I do know the source of mine.
There is much to say about the scrolls now being opened and which have begun to be served at the marriage feast.
The "appetizers" are already available, and are appreciable for those who respect the source of the provisions.
    Many will turn down their invitation. Or, they may be dissatisfied with what is offered, or by who does the offering.
I am here to offer all, what I have been given to serve. Nothing more.
If it does not suit you, you will not invest the work needed to digest it. In that case, my continuing efforts are futile. 
If your motive in engaging me, is to correct and restrain my work,
Please know that a comparison between your directions and those of Christ, cannot be appreciated within my mind.


  1. If hades and the abyss are the same place,it means adam did not really die,he just went to the same place satan did,till he was released. Satan being released,means adam can be also.

    This also means adam at some point will be released from the abyss,so he did not die. Jah was lying.

    When will adam be released from the abyss,if satan can be?

    If hades and the abyss are the same place,this means while satan was in the abyss,he suffered punishment of adamic death,because of adams sin. Satan is yet to have his life ended as adam's life was. Satan is not adams descendant.

    The abyss on satan is only in relation to his ability OVER ANOINTED to caused deception THROUGH LIES. Christ's faithfulness in conquering lies,enabled the chains of inactivity to be put upon satan,which unfaithful Anointed like Russell released satan,so his effect through lies could affect Anointed and the great deception happen in our time.

    Does that mean Russell and other UNfaithful Anointed of his time,also released adam and ALL other humans from the the abyss of death,if death/hades and the abyss are the same thing? Where are they then?

    1. I'm afraid that neither of you gentlemen are keeping in mind, the difference between flesh and spirit (John3:5-8,12; 1Cor.2:10-16).
      Satan is a spirit.
      After Adam sinned, **he lost God's spirit and the life it provides**. The only life he had left was physical, and it died.
      In a spiritual sense, he came under the realm of Hades the day he subjected himself to Satan, the Destroyer. But his body took time to die. God assigned Adam an animal identity, because Adam was no longer God's spirit son (Gen.3:21; 2Pet.2:12; Rom.7:5).

      Those who are "born again" by means of incorruptible seed, become sons of God, and are born again AS SPIRIT (1Pet.1:23; John3:6; Rom.8:9; John6:63), having received of God's spirit in their hearts (Rom.5:5; Gal.4:6; 2Cor.1:22).
      For these, the spirit does not die when the flesh dies (John5:24-25; 6:47,50). Like Christ, they have been "made alive" in spirit (1Pet.3:18; Rom.8:13-14).
      If the living spirits are overcome by the power of the abyss (as they are during the Great Tribulation) through the discipline of God;
      they become captives of that realm, but their living spirit is not dead. They suffer under the power of the abyss and it's agents.
      Those who are refined, repentant, and rescued from that realm, will continue to live spiritually. Those whom God abandons and leaves behind, will remain there. When God's Great Day of Judgment is concluded (Jude1:6; Dan.7:9-10,22)... the DESTROYER is given permanent mastery over them (Ps.78:59-61), their spirit from God goes out, and like Adam, they will cease to exist when their bodies die. Our spiritual existence depends upon the tree(s) of life (Gen.3:22,24; Prov.11:30; 3:18; Rev.2:7; 22:2,14,19). Adam was barred from that tree. His spiritual life ended in Hades, and his physical life went back to the ground (Gen.3:19).

      Satan and the demons do not have flesh as humanity does.
      When God removes His spirit from a human, **their SPIRIT dies**. Their flesh *in time, eventually dies.
      When both deaths occur, that person no longer exists.
      Remember... again I tell you,
      that Hades contains *both, the physically alive, and those physically dead. **It is a SPIRITUAL consignment** of darkness under the power of death. If one physically dies while there, they are gone.
      As long as we remain *physically alive... the spirit of God can return to us, if we repent, and if He forgives. We are then lifted from that dark condition, and our spiritual lives are spared.
      You cannot understand any of this, unless you open your eyes and mind to the spirit realm, and the spirit of God which those who have been born of spirit, are given.... or have taken from them.

      When Satan and the demons (all spirits) were released from the abyss,
      Adam (who no longer exists either spiritually or physically), was not effected.
      Hades is not as you say... "Adamic death". I have no concept of which scripture gives you that impression, though I do recall that this resembles "Watchtower" doctrinal terminology and thought.
      The "chains" put on Satan, were not "inactivity" (another WT teaching)... though that was one result. It was chains of ignorant darkness-- a prevention from being able to know, understand, perceive, contrive, and execute a strategy (2Pet.2:4; Jude1:6).
      Satan's release from that blindness, enabled him to understand his options, resources, means of manipulation, and opportunities;
      empowering him to strategize and wage war against Christ and the faithful, just as he is now doing, even on this page.
      But Satan has not been completely released from darkness (Jude 1:6), in that he is still deprived of the knowledge and light of God's spirit (1Cor.2:14).

  2. in Sheol h7585
    where h834
    you are going h1980
    The above IS from Eccl 9:10

  3. ל 10:9
    אֲשֶׁ ר
    תִּ מְ צָ א
    יָדְ 4
    לַ עֲשׂ'ת
    בְּ כֹ חֲ 4
    עֲשֵׂ ה
    do-you !
    כִּ י
    אֵ ין
    Whatsoever thy hand
    findeth to do, do [it] with
    thy might; for [there is] no
    work, nor device, nor
    knowledge, nor wisdom, in
    "Sheole" ("not perceiving/seeing"), whither thou
    מַ עֲשֶׂ ה
    וְ חֶ שְׁ בּ'ן
    וְ דַ עַ ת
    וְ חָ כְ מָ ה
    בִּ שְׁ א'ל
    אֲשֶׁ ר
    אַ תָּ ה
    הֹ לֵ 3
    שָׁ מָּ ה
    there·ward (John9:4;Rom.13:12)

  4. "The place to which we are going" (Ec.9:10), is the night which is coming upon us, according to Jesus (John9:4; Jer.13:16). It is a place of "not perceiving"/"in unseen">(above in Hebrew interlinear)... the very meaning of Sheole and Hades. That "night", is the great tribulation, when the power of Hades is released (Rev.9:1-3; 6:8), and overtake the anointed (Rev.13:7,10; Col.2:8). We have entered that night, and Hades is all around us (Isa.60:2; Col.1:13). Only those rescued and called out, are freed from this realm of darkness and death.


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