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Armageddon / Timetable of Kingdoms

"Now when the thousand years have expired, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle, whose number is as the sand of the sea. They went up on the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city. And fire came down from heaven and devoured them. The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever."

From this we see that the end of the "Thousand Years" does not bring God's Kingdom immediately.
It brings the Great Tribulation and Armageddon, because this is when Satan is released to mislead.

This is the same Battle and war as Rev.16:13,14,16
*It is essential that you understand when the symbolic thousand year kingdom took place. We've heard it taught that it is yet future... after Armageddon. The Great Tribulation and Armageddon ensue upon Satan's release from the abyss.
To understand this better, please consider:
Upon Satan's release, demonic inspired lying doctrines, "gather them together to the battle/war" (Rev.20:8).
"And I saw three unclean spirits (pearl-666.blogspot.comlike frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.  For they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the earth, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.  And they gathered them together to the place called in Hebrew, Armageddon."
By a comparison of Rev.20:8 and Rev.16:14,
we learn that the "spirits/exhalations of demons" are misleading demon-inspired utterances (1Tim. 4:1),
whose lying doctrines, when spread throughout the earth,
gathering opposing forces into the battle of Armageddon.

So between the end of the Thousand Years 
       (during which the anointed previously enjoyed protection
            from Satanic deception, while he was "abyssed" 
            -Luke 10:19; Rev.20:1,2,3;  1Pet. 1:5)
and the arrival of God's kingdom,
there is Satan's short period of time 
(Matt.24:22; Rev.12:12; 20:3 -end of verse).

Initially, all God's chosen priests are overcome by Satan's lying doctrines and his agents of deception (Rev.13:11,15,7; 11:2; Dan.8:10,11,12,24,25; 11:31,36,37;  2Thess. 2:4; Dan.12:7).
Jesus takes action for the sake of the chosen (Matt.24:22; Dan.12:1; Ps.69:14,15; 144:7; 18:19; John 14:18), and just as the illustration of the "ten virgins" shows (Matt.25:1-13),
some choose to sustain their need for light with the spiritual commerce of the Beast (Matt.25:9; Rev.13:17),
while some wise virgins rather choose to enter the marriage feast with Christ (Matt.25:10; John 10:9; Rev.3:20).
These wise virgins choose to go out to meet the bridegroom (Matt.25:6; Heb.13:13) with lamps lighted with oil from their "receptacle" (1John 2:24,27).
For the five wise virgins, a wedding feast is served (Luke 12:37; John 15:15; 16:15).
The result?
During that time, truth will also become available (Dan.12:3,4), through the lamps of the wise virgins who are being fed by Christ (to counteract the demonic deceptions) (Matt.5:16,14,15).
These virgins, will sacrifice their life to be messenger angels of truth (Rev.6:9,11; Ps.15:1,4; Rev.22:17; 8:2,6;  1Cor. 14:8; Isa.58:1; Jer.6:17; Eze.3:17; 33:3; Micah 3:8,12) in the battle of Armageddon (Rev.12:7,11; 17:14; 2:12,16; Isa.49:2; Rev.19:15,11;  2Thess. 2:8; Rev.19:14,8).
By means of their witnessing (Rev.19:10; 22:16; 14:4,5; 20:4;  2Cor. 10:3,4,5; 6:7),
the judicial basis is established for the Kingdom of God to arrive (Rev.12:10,11).

Satan's target upon his release, are these last of the holy ones (Rev.12:17; 20:9)   
("fire from heaven" --Rev.11:5; Eph.2:6; Matt.10:20).
Satan resists their witnessing to truth, by means of his demonic lies (Rev.12:15; 16:13,14,15,16; 19:19,20; 18:23,24;  2Thess. 2:9,10). 
This spiritual battle between the agent messengers of Christ's truth, and the agent messengers of Satanic lies, is the essence of Armageddon (Rev.12:7; 17:14; 19:11,14; Heb.12:22-23; Luke 10:20).

During the war between truth and lies, Christ and Satan, and the armies of messengers of each side;
a sifting will occur, which will polarize the faith of individual Chosen ones, and cause them to decide to belong to one side, or the other (Joel 3:14; Isa.43:8,9; Dan.7:22; Matt.25:9,10;  1Cor. 11:18,19; Mal.3:18; Matt.7:20) (
This spiritual warfare facilitates the completing 
       ("and the door was shut" -Luke 13:25; Luke 17:26; Gen.7:16; 
          Rev.3:7; Matt.13:11;  2Thess. 1:8,9) 
of the "harvests", as spoken of in Revelation chapter 14. (Rev.14:14-20) 
The wheat and weeds have been growing to maturity, and have been identified and separated, all throughout this world (Gen.3:15;  1John 3:10,11,12,14). But this harvesting culminates with the final remnant of chosen ones, during Satan's freedom to mislead (2Thess. 2:9,12,10; Rev.2:4). 
When the last chosen heirs are judged (based upon what they are teaching -Matt.12:36,37), this finishes the "harvest of the earth" (Rev.14:14-16), which is the "dried out" harvest of anointed wheat 
(not the "vine of the earth" Rev.14:18; Deut.32:32,33; Joel 3:13,14; Jer.23:14; Rev.11:8 which are the teachings and followers of the poisonous vine -Rev.8:10,11).

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