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Satan's release -- How?

Do you know the specific action of "Wormwood" that lead to Satan's release? 
(Perhaps by asserting that Gentiles now were part of the writing comittee...and how this allowed the MOL to have legitimate reason from "her" to be in a position above Chosen Ones?)
 This was an act of deliberate spiritual immorality against Christ, for Christ is the Head, strength, and power of Anointed, not Gentiles. 
It also shows to me, that the "cupboards were bare" of true spiritual food, if they felt it necessary to hand over the production of spiritual provisions to a non-anointed writing committee.
Do you know the specific action of "Wormwood" that lead to satans release?

The specific actions that leads to Satan being freed (Job 3:8; Isa.27:1; Rev.20:7-8; 16:13-16; 9:1) 
to mislead the Chosen "kings of the earth" (Rev.16:14; 5:10; 1:5; 5:9-10) (LINK
(which actions are not chronological, but are illustrative)
are the Steward's decision to 
       1. Govern over the body of Christ, independent of him.
           (Matt.23:10; 1Cor.12:18) (Col.2:19; John15:4-5)
       2. Share that power with spiritual Gentiles.
           (Jer.17:5; Isa.30:1; Matt.24:49; Isa.28:1,7)
       3. Use that governing power to purposely 
           teach lies to promote and protect it's 
           own interests 
           [John7:18 A; John8:47,44; Matt.15:9; 
            Isa.28:15; (Rev.17:5; Gal.4:24)]
           (2Cor.2:17; Rev.13:16)
       4. Replace God's chosen Administration with 
           Gentiles as counterfeit priests and princes,
           who enslave and dominate that Administration. 
           ( (Eze.44:6-9)
When anointed ones subject themselves to someone, and that someone "falls" from heaven (becomes unfaithful -Rev.2:5; 2Pet.3:17; Rev.12:4) and lands on the waters (Rev.8:10,11) to pollute them...this defilement of teaching is not simply a matter of ignorance that is progressively being refined. No. It is a matter of knowing something is not scriptural, and teaching it anyway for personal gain, involving idolatry (Deut.29:18NKJV ; Heb.12:15; Jer.23:15; Rev.8:10-11)<(Those four scriptures contain the word for "Wormwood").

Once a leader among the anointed do this, and other anointed ones are in subjection to it,
Satan is able to gain influence over the body of Christ... through that unfaithful leader's poisoned "waters".

 Rev.8:10-11; 9:1

By Satan gaining influence, authority, and power.... he is no longer restrained from misleading Christ's chosen anointed.
Remember, his "chains" and "release" from them, is symbolism (not physical), for him gaining this influence to mislead chosen ones.

While those are the two reasons why Satan is released by Wormwood,
those anointed under her that are no longer protected,
also do two things that are wrong....(which is what removes their protection, empowering Satan over them)...
       1. They allow themselves to be ruled by a headship other than their Father and Husband (2Cor.11:3,4,20,13,12; Rev.2:20; 13:7; 11:2; 9:3,5,10).
       2. They partake of the doctrines of demons (1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13,14,15; 1Cor.10:21), instead of loving God's Word alone (1Pet.2:2; Eph.4:15; John6:63,68; 2Tim.3:16,17). This happens when they no longer "make sure of all things" as regards it's being true to scripture (1Thess.5:21; 1John4:1; John7:18; 8:47; Matt.7:24,25,26,27; Isa.51:1; Matt.4:4).

Those five things have been accomplished within the WT, and for this reason, Satan is no longer "chained" from "misleading the entire 'inhabited earth'/'home'" (God's Temple priesthood) (Matt.25:5; Eze.22:30; Zech.3:8,1,2; Matt.24:22).
    By choosing to teach false doctrines, this fallen "star" is using the "key" (authority and power) to the "abyss" (deception and death). This is what releases Satan to do the same, through Wormwood (Rev.20:7,8; 16:13,14,15,16; 17:14; 20:9; 11:5).

Those five unfaithful acts result in fulfilling Revelation's symbolic illustration of Satan's release from his previous restraint (Luke10:18,19; 2Cor.2:11), during which the body of Christ was protected from deception (2Cor.13:5)(through their loyalty and love for the truth, and subjection to God alone) (Matt.4:10). Once the remnant subjects themselves to the wicked steward/false prophet;
their protection is gone.

Remember that the events described in Revelation are not a literal timetable of events, but rather, a symbolic illustration of why and how things occur as they relate in a general and overall sense to all Called Ones. Some of Revelation applies more specifically to the last of the seed (Rev.12:17; 7:14).

To illustrate,
you may spend a week on vacation down by a lake. While there, you take a picture of you and people you are with, including a lovely background...perhaps of the cabin you stay in, or perhaps a pic of you in a boat on the lake.
You may tell people, "Look, see here...This is a picture of my vacation on the lake."
Yet that one picture does not capture the whole week. It captures a snap-shot moment, that gives the viewer information about the week. This is what the "events" depicted within Revelation do. 
They are snap-shot pictures of a situation, but they are not the total account of all events, as they effect each individual. 

This is why Revelation repeats the same identities and events in a variety of symbolic illustrations, so that we can come to perceive a general progression containing many details. 
But each snap-shot, does not contain the whole story. We are to learn a lesson from each illustration, a lesson, a warning. But it is not like a real-time documentary movie. 

("Perhaps by asserting that Gentiles now were part of the writing committee...and how this allowed the MOL to have legitimate reason from "her" to be in a position above Chosen Ones?")

The "breathing life/spirit" into the Gentile wild beast by the false prophet (so that everyone worships  that idol) (Rev.13:15; 19:20),
is something that is ongoing. This is why we should not interpret Revelation's descriptions as compartments of chronology, but rather as a symbolic image of circumstances, as I illustrated above.

Over the decades, the justification for elder position as over God's Chosen Priesthood, has gradually grown, as has the rationalization which "sanctions" it. The false doctrines which urge followers to put faith in the Org and elders as spirit directed with divine authority and power to judge, (and that dismiss those that have God's calling, as irrelevant -1Cor.6:2,3) just continue to compile.

The illustrations in Revelation which describe this are just that....symbolic parables that illustrate what happens within reality. 
They are condensed symbols, used to get the main concepts across.

When you want to teach something complex to a child, you simplify it down to a story with a moral and principle. 
The story is both, real and not real. It is not real, because it is not an actual, factual, chronological account of physical events;
but it is real because the essence of it's symbolism is true, dependable and reliable. It's counsel should be heard, accepted and acted upon.

Revelation does not include every detail, nor literally how long each thing takes to occur, nor how many people's lives the story pattern represents, as the events unfold for them as individuals.
Do you understand better now, what a symbolic vision is? God's spirit conveys the details that are relevant to His Holy Name and the salvation of those He loves, whenever they may live.

In many ways, all Revelation's symbolic stories are about ALL anointed (bad and good), no matter when they lived or how the individual details of that pattern were played out in their own life. Those details vary, but the basic story of all, can be told within the pattern of the general symbolic parable,
used to alert the Chosen of Satan's machinations. 
Even with the verses about the "remaining ones" of the woman's seed, it is a symbolic representation which patterns the forces of good and evil as they unfold....
Not a timetable of singular events.

The symbolic parables in Revelation will continue to unfold according to the patterns they depict.
But they are simplified accounts in comparison to how every detail unfolds and is fulfilled in real time, place, and among actual individuals.
Those given insight will recognize the proper interpretation and present application of those patterns.

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  1. "to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended.". Maybe i have misunderstood,but you have explained that we are nearing the end of the 1,000 years now because this is Christs kingdom to clear all evil things from within Anointed...His Kingdom. How can he be released during the 1,000 years,which we are still in? At the end of the 1,000 years brings Gods Kingdom because all faithful have been sealed...and after Gods kingdom Birth,satan knows his time is short.

    1. The thousand years are over, and Satan is already out.
      During this time of Satan misleading all God's priests, God's sanctuary is being trampled, and no service is being given to God or Christ.
      This period is not the start of God's Kingdom, but is the start of the Great Tribulation. After Christ awakens a remnant "third" to their circumstances,
      and these begin their "trumpeting", Armageddon then is also occurring.
      The Great Tribulation and Armageddon, stand between the end of the Thousand Years (when Satan is released and empowered over God's Temple),
      and the start of God's Kingdom.
      To summarize...
      The thousand years, then
      Satan's release, then
      the Great Tribulation, then
      the Marriage Feast ("Scrolls opened" -Rev.20:12), then
      Armageddon (With the tribulation and feast continuing), then
      God's passes judgment,
      then God's Kingdom.

      My reply to you, is here:

      It is called, "Armageddon / Timetable of Kingdoms", if you want to use the searchbox to find it.


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