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Hi pearl.
My name is Xxxx, and I've been raised as jw being my religion, although im not baptized. I'm 23 now, but as a child, my siblings and I felt very uncomfortable going to the hall we had been attending bc the elders and their families really shunned us out. They also said things to make me really question their "advice". My father absued my mom as long as I been alive, when they were together. My mom went to the elders asking for advice, and they told her she needed to stay with him....that first gave me a disstaste.
I hate never put down the jw faith. I believe it is the right one....but I recently been told about someone having issues in the hall, and the elders have a secret book...we are supposed to trust the elders, but now I feel like they are corrupt with this secret book...I also heard they are now comparing themselves to me it sounds like they lost their mind....
so my question is, how am I supposed to think of the elders? Am I being judgemental? And how can they now compare themselves to moses? Everyone can talk to god...but god doesn't talk talk to people, like he did to moses. Im just so confused, and my brain is just so confused.

Hello Xxxxx,
Thank you for writing me and giving me the opportunity to offer you some thoughts that may help.
I am going to put many scriptures in this answer. The scriptures are what contain the best part of your answer.

One of the first things you say is,
"I felt very uncomfortable going to the hall we had been attending bc the elders and their families really shunned us out."
If I am not mistaken, this sounds like those in the center of the Congregation felt superior in their righteousness, to the point of disobeying the Law of the Christ, which is Love (John13:34,35). Since this is the identifying mark of True Christians; this behavior toward your family, even as young children (Matt.18:2,6), indicates that these ones are not genuine imitators of Jehovah and Jesus (1John4:8; John15:13,14; 1Cor.11:1; Matt.7:12).

Next, you express that the past advice the elders gave your stay with your abusive father, was NOT wise and loving (James3:17). This advice was consistent with the elders' general faith in their own opinion. Rather than basing their advice solidly on scripture, these men think more of themselves than is necessary...ruining lives based upon their ignorance, lack of compassion, and self-assuming stature (the false idea that they are appointed by Holy Spirit and are therefore, infallible in authority) (Rom.12:3; 2Cor.11:12,13,14,15).
(see )

Their pride fills their hearts, and overflows into the unscriptural direction which they expect to be followed. Many have, (including myself) experienced irreversible damage to their own spirituality, and/or that of their family members (Matt.7:15).
God's Word alone is described as perfectly equipping us to set things straight (2Tim.3:16). Those who are not guided by it, nor use it exclusively to aid others, are condemned by God (1Tim.6:3). The bad results of insisting on their human "wisdom" and pride, has been made apparent in the lives of hundreds of thousands (Matt.7:26,27; 2Tim.4:3,4).

Next you say that you have never criticized the faith of JW's. You say you believe it to be the right one. But what does the Bible say about that?
John17:17 says that God's Word alone, is truth. It says that EVERY MAN may be found a liar (Rom.3:4) what they believe and teach from themselves. Jehovah's definition of His "Witnesses", is found at Isa.43:10,11,12; 1Pet.2:9. There it shows that those whom JEHOVAH calls His Witnesses, are the CHOSEN Anointed....NOT the 8 Million non-anointed who have taken the title for themselves.

In order to learn according to SPIRIT and Truth (John4:24), we must turn to those anointed proving faithful, regardless of whether or not they have worldly power, prominence, great works, or riches (Matt.7:21,22,23; 2Thess.2:9,10). This is NOT the sign which Jesus gave about those proving faithful (Matt.7:16,17,18,19,20). Jesus described the prophets at the end, as trees. Their fruit are the teachings they offer others, to feed them spiritually.

Jesus told us we must examine these trees in light of determine if they are fine or rotten. The rotten fruit should be rejected...and the fine prophets and their fruit, received (Matt.10:40,41; 25:40). Jesus knew how important it is for us to be able to clearly discern the true from the he gave us many scriptures about this enable us to discern this. Here is an article which gives many of those scriptures:

Please do not assume who the faithful providers of true food are, but make good use of Jesus' words of advice, which are found in that article (Matt.7:24,25). He also warned us that the false unfaithful anointed would have "powerful signs and portents" so effective, that it would even mislead some of the Chosen Ones (Matt.24:24).
Regarding the "secret book". There are many secret things about the elders. They also receive secret letters which are filed in each congregation. These filed letters are also destroyed on command by the Organization. Pioneers also have an exclusive book given to them when they attend "Pioneer School". These things are not for the benefit of all J.W.'s, but are held out as a distinction for those in full subjection to the arrangements of man (John5:44; Mark7:13).

We need not concern ourselves with whatever unclean hidden things are causing class distinctions (James2:4). As long as we are followers of Christ and the Bible, we are safe from whatever corruption men may create and enforce (Matt.7:24; Psalm119:105). If you subject yourself to the authority of men, you are actually disobeying the Bible (Gal.1:10; Eph.6:6; Psalm146:3). Only Jehovah should be our God, whom we obey, worship and follow (Exo.20:5; Rev.4:11). All glory should go to Him and His Son(Rev.1:5,6). Anyone who is faithful...will not ask anything more of us (Rev.19:10; 22:8,9). It is not the elder's secret book which has corrupted is the leaving of God's Book, the Bible (Rom.1:21,22,23).

It is the Governing Body which has compared their position to the seat of Moses. The Scribes and Pharisees also put themselves in that seat (Matt.23:2). Yet according to the Bible, the position of Moses will not be filled by ANY anointed, until the anointed are glorified...resurrected and ruling in the Kingdom (Matt.17:3; Mark9:2,3,4,7; 2Pet.1:17,18, Rev.14:1). To prematurely claim that authority now, is to go ahead of Christ and Jehovah, and is a lie (1Cor.15:50; 4:8).

Your last questions are: "how am I supposed to think of the elders? Am I being judgemental? And how can they now compare themselves to moses? Everyone can talk to god...but god doesn't talk talk to people, like he did to moses. Im just so confused".

Xxxxx, we were never supposed to worship men, nor an organization. While the scriptures do speak of those who are setting an example for us (Heb.13:7), and those anointed who will have to render an account for how they cared for Christ's sheep (Acts20:28; Heb.13:17); the Bible never directs us to serve men (Exo.20:5). Rather, it directs men of God, to serve others (Matt.23:11; Phil.2:4).
To serve men as if they stand in for Jehovah, is a trap and a snare (Jer.10:23; Ec.8:9; Rev.22:9). Once we put blind faith in men, we become victims of Satan...whether we do this because of Nationalism, Patriotism, or Religion (1John5:19; 2Cor.11:15; Rev.6:16; 18:23).
Worshiping God in Spirit and Truth (John4:24) is a direct devotion to God and his Word (1John5:3; Deut.6:5,15; John17:17; John14:17; 16:13; 1John2:20,27). Christ is the only mediator between God and men (1Tim.2:5). The Bible does not mention, nor make room for an organization (Rev.8:8). Faithful men and women who guide us completely by means of the Bible (not men's doctrines Matt.15:9) can be given our consideration, support, and relative honor (1Tim.5:17; 2Cor.8:3,4; Heb.6:10; Rom.16:1,2), but not our worship and obeisance. NO MEN can rightly be considered our salvation (Isa.43:11; Ps.49:7; Psalm146:3). Those things belong to God and Christ alone (Rev.7:10).

Regarding prayer....Jehovah does hear your prayers (Psalm65:2) But He only answers those prayers if they come from a heart with the right motive (2Chron.16:9; Mark12:29,30) and make request according to the will of God (1John5:14). If you yourself are seeking to love and serve Jehovah your God alone (and not men or an organization), He will show His strength in your behalf, and answer your prayer.

The Bible tells us that the faithful anointed also have access to God through prayer. Jesus told them that whatever they ask, they will be given (John14:13,14). This assumes that what they ask is according to the Will of Jehovah (1John5:14,15). That will is that all sorts of men be saved (1Tim.2:3,4). This includes you. How are you to be saved? Through baptism (1Pet.3:21). Not a baptism into an organization, but a baptism in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matt.28:19); and a life which follows the teachings of Christ (Matt.28:20; John14:6)...not the doctrines of men (Matt.15:9; 1Tim.6:3,5).

I welcome you, to visit my articles to read more of what the Bible teaches about the Organization of "Jehovah's Witnesses" in these last days, and how it is fulfilling Bible Prophecy for the last days.


Jehovah bless your fine efforts to draw close to Him by means of the Truth, which can only be found by means of His Word. John17:17


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