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Satan's "fall" -- "Heaven" -- "seven spirits of God" -- the Kingdom


This is my own comment in response to one which was left at:
"The Kingdom--When?"

Dear Brother Rus,
When a comment contains a link, I must read the link before I post the comment. If I find that according to my own eye, I see it contains some error, I must refuse to post the comment. I cannot promote anything if I see any error, because I stand as responsible before my father for what might seem to be my recommendation.
I have posted your comment, because it contains much truth. But in doing so, I must also post the things which I believe need adjusting. Otherwise, I could not have posted it.

There are three assertions which I noted, and I must address for readers who may use your link.
The first, is under the heading, "The Kingdom of God".
It refers to Matt.6:10 and the words, 
"Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth.".
You say, 
"That means , the Kingdom of Heaven can exist in heaven, even not being come yet on earth."
Then you refer to Psalm33:13,14:
"From heaven the LORD looks down 
and sees all mankind; 
from his dwelling place he watches 
all who live on earth-"

I understand our human inclination to view things physically, as if heaven was a physical place, separate from the physical space of the earth. But Matt.6:9,10 refer to a spiritual "place", where God's will is done. This "honoring of God's name" (and His will being done) is inside the hearts of His approved ones who belong to heaven (1John2:17; Luke17:21; Psalm89:5).

How does this apply to your cited scripture,  Psalm33:13,14?
How does God "look down" and "watch" mankind and all the earth? Is it from a "place" far from earth?
See what the Bible teaches us....
Rev.5:6 reads:
"And I looked, and behold, in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as though it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent out into all the earth." (2Chron.16:9; Job.31:4; Ps.33:15; Zech.4:10)
Can you see that Christ has "seven horns"? 
These represent his "seven kings" (horns=kings -Rev.17:12; 1:5,6), which are also represented by the "seven stars" (Rev.1:20; 3:1) and "seven angels" (Rev.1:20). 

Each of these kings/"horns", have an "eye" (Rev.5:6; Matt.6:22; Rev.4:5). God's "7 spirits"/eyes of insight, are dispersed among them through Christ as the "Head" of his "horns". God's spirit lives within these while they are physically within the earth (1Cor.3:16; 6:19; Rom.8:9,11). They are God's "dwelling place" (the "heavens"), and these are considered heavenly while present on earth (Heb.12:22,23; Eph.2:6; Rev.12:12). This is because, heaven is not a physical place but rather, a spiritual condition. This was why Jesus could say that the kingdom of God was present when he was on the earth. It was, within his heart, one with God's spirit and God's authority. This is the "heavens" where God's will takes place. It is a placed "raised up"...not physically, but spiritually (Eph.2:6; Rev.11:12; 4:1; Prov.25:7; Luke14:10; Matt.23:12). 
The bearers of these eyes/lamps (Matt.6:22; Rev.4:5), attain God's approval, and the increased insight that comes with that spirit/"seven eyes" (Luke8:16,18; Rev.4:6,8; Eze.1:13,18; 10:12). God views the world and those in it, through the eyes of those sealed ones. He sees how his sons are treated by the world and those in it (Matt.25:32,45,46; John13:20). He forms judgments based upon that input. He has decreed that these representatives judge the world through this means (John20:23; Matt.12:28; 18:18; 1Cor.6:2,3; Rev.20:4).

When we pray for God's will to take place "as in heaven, also upon earth"; we are praying for those yet unsealed to become such. The "earth" is not a place, but rather, is also a spiritual condition (James3:15; 1Cor.3:19; 2:14; Rev.9:1; 12:4).

Jesus said that he was returning to the father to prepare a place for his co-heirs. This was not a physical place, but rather, he would send the holy spirit into their hearts. Their hearts would be prepared as a dwelling for God by means of the circumcision of spirit (Rom.2:29; Deut.30:6; Col.2:11). 
Just as Jesus said, "In the house of my father there are many abodes. Otherwise, I would have told you." (John14:2)
God's "house" (Eph.2:19,22; 1Cor.3:9; Phil.3:20; Rev.21:3,22,23) is the many hearts of His sons (John14:23). Otherwise, if it were just one "place", Christ would have told us.
When Matt.6:10 tells us that God's will is done in heaven, and we pray for it to also take place on earth, these are not physical places, but rather, hearts. They are either debased and in darkness, or they have been cleansed and raised up to become a part of the heavens, in which God dwells. This is where the will of God is "done"/(performed).
Even the war in "heaven" (Rev.12:7,11) takes place in the heart of each chosen one. Once sealed, that battle advances between those sealed as sons of the kingdom and sons of the wicked one. Each one must prove victorious and choose their identity, and which of these two Leaders will become their Lord (1Pet.3:15; 2Cor.10:5; Rom.6:6; 7:23,25; Col.2:11; Luke8:5,6,7,8,11,12,13,14,15,18; Matt.13:38,39,40,41,42,43). Once sealed as such, they battle for that Chosen Lord, becoming his messenger...either an "angel" of life and truth, or of death and deception.

However, you must be told that there are in a sense, two heavens....
the heavens which are now (possessing power and glory) and the heavens to come (Luke21:26; Isa.34:4; Rev.6:14; 2Pet.3:7,10,12; Eph.6:12).
A great cleansing will remove those unfit from this position. Once judged, these will "fall" to the earth.
These will be replaced by the new heavens (to possess power and glory) (2Pet.3:13; Isa.65:17; 66:22; Dan.7:18; 2:44; Rev.21:1) of which we have been speaking.
I hope you can see that Satan was judged and conquered by Christ when he died and was raised.
He was king even before that, as you can learn from recent posts.
But Satan being thrown out from heaven and losing his own kingdom over our world,
does not occur, until ALL the kings of the kingdom conquer Satan, which did not happen in the first century.
Satan's wicked "heavens" (Eph.6:12) are still ruling. Look around you and see the horror of this world.
We await the final sons of God to prove faithful (Rev.6:9,10,11; 12:10,11; Rom.16:20; 8:19) which will conquer, 
the last enemy (Psalm110:1,2; 1Cor.15:25,26,54,55,56,57,58; Rev.20:4,6). That will complete the thousand years and the conquering of all Christ's enemies. The kingdom that is now, under Christ and his sealed brothers, will soon be handed over to God (1Cor.15:24,25,26,27,28).
If you have any questions about this, I hope you will ask. I realize it is new.
The second, is your interpretation of Matt.16:28. It reads:
“Assuredly, I say to you, there are some standing here who shall not taste death till they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom.”
You teach that this was fulfilled at Pentecost.

While it is true that the pouring out of Holy Spirit was a demonstration of Christ's authority, this was not what Jesus was referring to at Matt.16:28. What then, did Jesus mean?
Why, you can find that meaning in the very next verse....
"Now after six days Jesus took Peter, James, and John his brother, led them up on a high mountain by themselves; and He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light. And behold, Moses and Elijah appeared to them, talking with him. While he was still speaking, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them; and suddenly a voice came out of the cloud, saying, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him!". (Matt.17:1,2,3,5)

Does that "high mountain" have anything to do with "the Son of Man coming in his kingdom"?
Yes...look at how Peter referred to that same mountain...
"and we ourselves heard this utterance made from heaven when we were with Him on the holy mountain. For when He received honor and glory from God the Father, such an utterance as this was made to Him by the Majestic Glory, "This is My beloved Son with whom I am well-pleased ". (2Pet.1:18,17)

Peter called that "high mountain"  "holy" (Greek- "sacred") 2Pet.1:18. This sacred mountain,  is the mountain of "the Son of Man coming in his kingdom".
(see Rev.14:1; Isa.2:2,3,4)
Jesus is also described in that vision as being with his two witnesses, having a face like the sun, and bright clothes (Matt.17:2; Rev.1:10,16)
As 2Pet.1:19 continues, this vision was a prophecy about "the son of man coming in his kingdom".
He was king then, and is now, possessing all authority (Matt.28:18; Eph.1:20,21). But he is still placing all his enemies under his feet....
battling along with those Chosen ones who choose his side (Rev.17:14; 19:14; 12:7). He will not come in his kingdom of kings, until his symbolic two witnesses (seven horns/kings) are all ready to be with him in his kingdom. This they will be, after they also conquer Satan (Rev.12:10,11; 3:21; 2:26; 21:7).
The third, are teaching that "Satan falling as lightening from heaven" is the star which falls from heaven, at Rev.9:1.
This is not correct. Satan is mentioned at Rev.9:11, and is said to be king over the fallen star of Rev.9:1, as well as all the other identities in Revelation chapter nine (locust scorpions and the unsealed men).
The "fallen star" of Rev.9:1 is the same one of Rev.8:10,11 who was "burning as a lamp" (Rev.8:10; Matt.5:14,15,16). It is also said to be a "great star" (Rev.8:10).
The "seven stars" in Jesus' right hand (Rev.1:20) are chosen ones.  These are supposed to burn as lamps, according to the many scriptures I have already cited. 

"Invited "stars" (Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3) can indeed fall (2Pet.3:17; Rev.12:4). The fallen star (Rev.8:10,11) is handed the "key" to the "abyss" (Rev.9:1). The abyss is the power of deception and death. By accepting that "key" to the abyss from Satan it's "king" (Rev.9:11; John8:44); this fallen anointed one enters a covenant with Death (Isa.28:15). That covenant is called..."Babylon the Great". Covenants are symbolized as "mothers" (Gal.4:24,26; Rev.12:1,2,5; 17:5).
To have the "key" to the Abyss, is to acquire the power and authority of the "kingdom of this world" (1John5:19) by those who "mind the flesh" (Rom.8:5,6,7,8). Jesus was tempted with this very key (Matt.4:8,9) by means of the one who holds it (Rev.9:11; Heb.2:14 B). This key to deception and death enables it's holder to ensnare and take captive, those overcome (Rev.18:23; Ec.7:26; 13:18,20; Col.2:8; 2Tim.2:26). We are set free from this power, by the truth (John8:32,36; 2Cor.3:17; Gal.5:1; James1:25). Christ and his faithful possess the power and authority to free from deception and death (Isa.49:9; Luke4:18; John9:39; Rev.3:7,8; John15:15; Luke24:45). This power is also symbolized by keys. When given the "keys to the kingdom" (Matt.16:19), one acquires a sharing in the authority and power of the "kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ", by means of the one who holds them (Matt.28:18) and are given to those who "mind the spirit" (Rom.8:1,2,9,11). It means to acquire authority over and above the key to deception and death (Luke10:19; Rev.1:18; Heb.2:14; 1Cor.15:56,57) and it's agents (Rev.9:10; Luke10:19; Eze.2:6,7,4,5)

 (Rev.11:15)   (

The fallen star of Rev.9:1, is "Wormwood" (Rev.8:11), also known as the last harlot daughter of Babylon (Zech.2:7; Isa.1:21; Jer.2:20; 51:12,13; Rev.17:1) ...the false prophet (Rev.16:13)...and the two-horned wild beast of Rev.13:11. These are all symbolic parables about the same identity.

So now I can post your comment.
My responses will be necessary each time you include a link.
It is a very serious thing to become a teaching vessel (James3:1; Matt.12:36).
This job is given to the priests who have been chosen to know and praise God (Isa.43:10,21; 1Pet.2:9; Mal.2:7).
These have been specifically cleansed by God, enabling them to carry out their duties "acceptably" (1Pet.2:5; 2Chron.23:6).
Those who usurp this position are termed by the scriptures as the "Man of Lawlessness" (Rev.11:2; 2Thess.2:4). 
Your support of the truth is greatly valued by me, but be extremely cautious about teaching what God has not given you to teach. (Matt.12:37; Num.18:6,7,21,22; 2Chron.23:6).
If you do not feel convinced of any statements I have made, please follow up with your specific question.
Thank you for contributing the many good ideas of truth, aside from the points I have reviewed here.
Love in Christ,

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