Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Source of Understanding: Spirit and Truth

A comment which was left:

I think that if we are to understand the Bible especially the book of Revelations we must study the other 65 books and use them to interpret and understand it (Revelations).

My reply:

Thank you,
To worship God with accuracy, and consequently receive His approval; we must worship with both, Spirit and Truth (John4:24).
As you say, the Truth is found in all scripture (John17:17; 2Tim.3:16,17).
The Spirit and it's insight, is found in those given it (Matt.10:20; 1Pet.4:11; 1Cor.4:1; 2:10; Rom.5:5; Acts2:33; Titus3:6; 1Thess.4:8; Gal.4:6; Rom.8:17; 1John2:20; 1Pet.2:9; Luke8:10)

Both are needed to be guided on the road to life (John4:23,24; 6:65; Matt.7:14).

But for the rebellious....

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