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End of the New Covenant

In response to a comment left after the Jan.7 post,
I received this question:
"Is the second, "new covenant" not eternal? How can it be destroyed?
I have revised this post on 1/10/16, to accommodate increasing understanding about the time of the end.


To understand the answer to this, we need first to understand the general purpose of all God's Covenants,
and what a covenant with God actually is. Please acquire a foundation to this information, by first reading (

You would likely understand more about the "New Covenant", if you re-examined what you already know about the "Old" Covenant.
First...both Covenants were promises made by all His covenants were.
(Gen.6:18,19; Lev.26:9,12; Rom.4:13; 9:8; Gal.3:18; 4:28;
The Covenant with the Nation of Israel, promised a "seed"...a Messiah.
God's covenant with Abraham promised, that this "seed" would come from his family line, and that by means of that seed, all other families of the earth, would bless themselves.
That promise also included, that this seed would become heirs, to possess the earth (Rom.4:13; Heb.2:5,16; Gen.13:14,15; 28:13,14).
Eventually, promises, are fulfilled.
This is especially so when the One to make that promise, is Yhwh (Luke1:37; Isa.55:11).

When the time arrives for the fulfillment of a covenant (promise),
the purpose of that covenant, ends.
This can be compared to an engagement to be married. The woman is promised in marriage. When that promise is fulfilled and the marriage takes place....The engagement/promise period, ends. Yet at the same time, the fulfilled promise, is forever. It is the same with God's Covenants.
A Covenant's fulfillment results in the next phase of God's purposes...all phases of which lead to the final purpose...
the restoration of a sinless physical creation, under the sovereignty of God and free of corruption. That is the goal of God's covenants and the "seed" they bear for Him.
Yet as we know, this purpose is being fulfilled in stages/a progressive chain of Covenants/"women" who bear promised seed (ie. Gal.4:24,26,28).

At the end/fulfillment of each stage/fulfilled promise (covenant)/birth of promised seed;
an adverse judgment takes place for those who proved unfaithful to that covenant with God
(those unworthy of the promised seed and it's blessings Heb.11:37,38; Matt.10:13,14,15).
Those who do prove faithful to the promised "seed" of the New Covenant, receive the fulfilled promise. (Matt.10:40,41,42; 25:40,34; Luke24:49; Acts2:39)

When Jesus Christ (the promised seed of the old Covenant) finally arrived, he fulfilled the Law Covenant. (Acts13:23,32; Gal.3:16)
Those who accepted that promised seed, and "listened to him", benefited from that fulfilled Promise/Covenant. (Mark9:7; Eph.5:23; 2:20; 2John1:9)
Those who killed him, lost out on the benefit he offered (Matt.23:37; 16:3; 12:42). They were condemned by their rebellious deeds and were destroyed. (John8:40; Matt.23:33)
So you was not the covenant that was was those unfaithful to it...
The covenant/promise itself, was fulfilled (Matt.5:17; Rom.10:4). In this way, it ended.
Those who refused the grace and mercy of God through the promised seed, were destroyed (Luke19:44; Isa.10:3; 29:3).

Now if you examine the old covenant according to these explanations,
you may recognize...
It was not the old Covenant that was destroyed...
it was those who proved unfaithful to it...
those who actually persecuted and killed the promised "seed" who finally did arrive as promised.
(Mal.3:1; Matt.21:38; John19:15; Gal.3:16,19)
Yet that covenant ended, when it's purpose/promise/covenant, was fulfilled (Heb.8:7,13).
The "seed" arrived, he fulfilled the Covenant, and brought with him light and life (2Sam.7:13; Luke7:19,20,22,23; John8:12; Acts26:23).

So too with the New Covenant.
It also is a promise for a "seed" (Rom.9:8; Gal.3:7,14,29; 4:28,31,26; Heb.11:26; Isa.61:8).
When that seed arrives, the covenant is fulfilled (Rom.8:24,25; Rev.12:1,2,5; 2:26,27).
Those who accept and "listen to" that seed, "bless themselves" (Jer.12:16; Matt.5:14; 10:40; 1Tim.4:16; Gen.17:7,19; Luke1:55). These will be appointed over all the earth (Gen.28:13,14; 13:14; Psalm2:8; 45:16; Matt.24:46,47; Rev.5:10; 20:6)
Those who persecute and destroy that seed, are in turn, destroyed (Isa.57:13; 1Cor.3:16,17; Rev.11:7; 20:10,14; 2Thess.2:8).
So you see, the New Covenant/Promise, also becomes fulfilled, and ends (Mark14:24; 1Cor.11:26; Heb.1:6; 10:13; Rev.5:9,10; Eph.1:4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12; Rev.7:4; 14:1).

The New Covenant/mother, is for the first resurrection. (Gal.4:26; Rev.20:4,5,6; Heb.11:35,40,16)
The woman/New Covenant/Promise for the anointed, is compared to a mother in heaven.
She gives them life upon the first resurrection to spirit, when they take on their mother's heavenly nature. (1Cor.15:49,50,53; Rev.3:12)
When the first resurrection is completed (all 144000 come to "life"). The New Covenant is then fulfilled. The "thousand year" covenant, is then replaced with the eternal one. (Heb.11:16; Isa.61:8; Dan.7:9,18,22; Rev.11:15; Matt.25:21,34; Luke16:10; 19:17)
"Women" are symbols for Covenant with God (Gal.4:24)

Please recall the changes that the "woman" goes through....

In heaven, crying out to give birth, with the Serpent awaiting to devour the Child (Rev.12:1,2,4)
on earth ("wilderness"), "away from the face of the Serpent" (Rev.12:6,14)
like a bride adorned for her husband
and at the same time....

 as the Holy City coming down from heaven (Rev.21:2)

The New Covenant "woman" is the one giving birth to the "male child" 144000 / New Creation.
The sealed representatives of the completed administration on earth, is the woman in the wilderness.
The Kingdom Covenant, is all 144000...placed into their position as heirs of creation, ready to bring life to the rest of Creation / fulfilled Bride of Christ (another woman covenant to bring forth seed).
All these women have different roles and represent different promises given them by God.
They are not all the New Covenant....Jerusalem above...the mother who will give life to God's firstborn new creation (Gal4:26; 1Pet.1:23)
The covenant/bride of Christ, which comes down out of heaven in the Kingdom, is a different for humanity on offer eternal life to the physical Creation. This is not the "New Covenant" (which lasts a "thousand years", and is now finished LINK), but is an Eternal Kingdom Covenant to restore all Creation, by making everything new and healed (Rev.21:5; 22:1,2,3,6; Dan.7:22,18).

If you read the article about "",
you know that there is another "woman" to come after the New Covenant.
You can see that in the illustrations above.

When "she" "comes down" "out of heaven"...
Then it is time for the next promise/Covenant/woman, and her new "seed".

This is the last promise/covenant/mother. It is extended to the earth and physical humanity upon it. It's purpose is to offer them life. (the second resurrection of the "capstone"/"rest"/"remnant"/"great crowd", of the last of Christ's harvest of anointed priests) (Isa.61:4; Matt.17:11,2-3; 19:28) (Amos 7:1; Rev.9:3-4; 14:14-16)

So, the New Covenant/"woman", is a promise for seed. This promise fulfilled, is the actual materialization of that promise, into living spirit sons of God...the 144000 New Jerusalem, Mt. Zion, Holy City, "woman above" (Gal.4:26; Rev.12:1).
Before all 144000 are raised to life....all those Bible identities do not yet exist...but are only a promise/Covenant.
When they do exist and that promise/Covenant is fulfilled....there will be a new provision, a new promise/Covenant for life to the rest of Creation. (Isa.42:6; 2:2,3,4; 58:1; 61:4; 65:9; 60:1,3; 49:8; 2Cor.6:2; Luke2:32; Acts13:47; Rev.22:17; Gen.22:18; Gal.3:29)
...The New Covenant fulfilled and materialized, comes to be with mankind (Rev.21:2,3,4; 12:6,14-17). This is the next "mother"/"woman"/covenant/promise to bring forth provisions of life (Rev.22:1,2,17). The time comes, when her being barren, is reversed (Isa.54:1-17) ( Her presence (along with her Bridegroom) will remove death, pain, injustice and wickedness...for those who accept it's provision.

This Kingdom Covenant is depicted as Christ's "Bride", which comes down, out of heaven (Rev.21:9,2; 22:17; 2Cor.11:2; Rev.14:4,5; Psalm45:14; 2Pet.3:14; Eph.5:27).
The purpose of the Kingdom Covenant occurs during the second resurrection...offering life to those overcome by the great tribulation/Satan's release from the abyss, just previous to Armageddon. Those who become seed to the final covenant, will also become sons of God. But these are not given life first, as are those of the New Covenant, who were never marked by the Beast, nor faced the Great Tribulation (Rev.20:4-5). They are not the firstborn/firstfruits from the dead, who rule with Christ in his time-limited "thousand year" kingdom (Rev.20:6; James1:18; Eph.1:12). The seed of the New Covenant are the firstborn sons of God's earthly family (Rev.14:4; Rom.8:23; Heb.12:22,23; 1Cor.15:23,52).
The children of God are a new creation (2Cor.5:17)...human and angel (1Cor.15:44; Heb.8:5; 1Cor.3:16; Eze.41:18,19)....born naturally as flesh, and "born again" as spirit (John3:5; 1Cor.15:50; Rev.21:17). Already human (of Adam and Eve -Gen.3:20), they have additionally been given spiritual parents (Gal.4:26; 1Cor.15:45; John20:22; Gen.2:7; Eze.37:14; John6:63; 2Cor.3:6), and have become, spiritual "seed"... the "New Heavens" (2Pet.3:13; Eph.2:6).

The final covenant, the Kingdom Covenant, is the last Covenant needed. It provides a mother covenant for the last phase of God's restore all things, in heaven and on earth, to righteous perfection and life. (Matt.6:10; Rev.21:3; Rom.8:19,21; Matt.17:11)
This does not occur under the New Covenant.
The purpose of the New Covenant, is to give spirit life to those who will rise first. Under God's eternal Kingdom, they support the implementation of the Kingdom Covenant, as they slave for God  and the representation of His Kingdom present on earth (Rev.22:3; 20:6; Dan.2:35,44-45; Zech.4:8-10,13-14)... the "two witnesses"/"Great Crowd"/"remaining ones" of the New Covenant seed.
This new creation mother Kingdom covenant, will provide life and "seed" for the earth. (Psalm37:11,29) This mother was human, as well as being spirit. So too was the Son of Man human...the new "father" of earthly creation (Isa.9:6; Matt.12:8; 1Cor.15:45).

The 144000 Kingdom administration is complete, the New Covenant is fulfilled. All 144000 have attained to life and are ready to fulfill their place in God's unfolding purpose. These acquire and implement the Kingdom Covenant, to which their "capstone" belongs, and is now present.
Once the New Covenant promise is fulfilled, the remaining members of the "Bride"/"late harvest" (who are present at Christ's return, and usher in/belong to the new Kingdom Covenant) are refined and made ready. This new Bride/woman/covenant (containing the complete spirit of truth) will "come down from heaven" (symbolically Eph.2:6; Heb.12:22-23) to offer perfect truth and life to everyone else.
This will soon include those who have died. (Rev.22:17; John4:14; Acts24:15; John11:25,26)
The New Covenant is in force for all those redeemed by the blood of Christ. It did not establish life for physical creation now. It provides spirit life now for "the new creation", who are spirit sons of God. (Rom.8:14; John3:6; 1Pet.1:23)

Just as the Old Covenant was not destroyed...but it was fulfilled (by the birth of the promised seed, Christ -Matt.5:17). Those Chosen Ones who accept the purpose of this seed by listening to and obeying Christ, go to move ahead in the next phase of God's purpose....becoming the recipients of the next promise/New Covenant. (Gal.3:21,22,23,24,25)
So too, the New Covenant is not destroyed...but it is fulfilled (by the birth of it's  promised seed Rev.12:5; 2:26,27).

Those who accept the blessings of this seed, (by listening to them and not persecuting and killing them- Matt.25:40; 10:40,41), go to move ahead in God's purpose.....becoming recipients of the next promise/Covenant....
the one having come down from heaven, New Jerusalem.
This is the final Covenant/woman. It will last forever as the Bride of Christ the King. By means of this Kingdom Covenant; God's promises, Creations' restoration, and God's last creative day, is finally brought into complete fulfillment (Matt.12:8; Heb.4:11).
God...and the rest of His creation, will finally enter God's rest....the eternal Sabbath....when our Father in Heaven can finally declare that he sees all he has made, and it is eternally, very it was before sin ever corrupted it. (Gen.1:31; 1Cor.15:24)

Someday...the Kingdom Covenant will also be fulfilled... by the birth to eternal life of the entire human race seed, who also must accept and listen to the spirit sons of God (who were the promised seed of the woman/New Covenant). Already "living" due to the spirit of God within them, they are now the Kingdom Covenant/woman/mother from heaven. This Bride of Christ becomes the mother of eternal life for the resurrection/restoration of Creation.
The New Covenant was fulfilled, (all 144000 are sealed and receive the first resurrection) during Christ's Thousand Year reign, and previous to Satan's release from the Abyss/Great Tribulation. Their "capstone"/remaining ones, become the first to implement the last mother/Covenant/woman/promise needed. This Kingdom covenant will come down from heaven and enter the "wilderness", through it's new-creation representatives. It's life provisions will be eternal and perpetual, as the original tree of life was. (Rev.22:1,2) This is not the New "Covenant" / kingdom of a "Thousand Years") (Luke22:29; Rev.5:10; 20:6).
The New Covenant is a promise leading to an eternal Kingdom of God  for those who prove faithful first/those of the first resurrection, during the "Thousand Year" kingdom of Christ (Matt.25:23; Luke16:10; 2Tim.2:12).... as well as the capstone...those who come through the Great Tribulation/"Great Crowd... who initiate THE eternal KINGDOM / covenant to come.
Once God's Kingdom arrives, the New Covenant is fulfilled.
Regarding the emblems of that present covenant-promise...
"We keep proclaiming the death of the Lord, until he arrives." (1Cor.11:26)

The New Covenant provides a ransom for the sins of the heirs, and a crown of hope, spiritual power and royal authority (Luke10:19; Rev.3:21; 2:26,27; 5:10; 20:6; 1:5; 17:14).
The fulfilled Kingdom reality itself (not the promise), is what provides life for the physical creation.
It is this Kingdom Covenant, that will never be destroyed. (Dan.2:44; Luke1:33; Heb.12:28; Isa.60:12; Eze.37:25; Dan.7:14,27; Haggai2:7), nor passed on.
It too, will judge those who are unloving and  unfaithful to it's promised heavenly seed...
the sons of God, while they offered life, and when they are revealed (Rom8:19; Matt.10:41).
Those who are thus judged negatively, will also be destroyed. (Rev.20:9; Matt.25:45,46)

Thank you for your good question.
If anything confusing remains, please follow up by means of the contact form.
Love in Christ,


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