Friday, January 4, 2013

The dangers of subjection to men


Hello Pearl,
I tried contacting you through All Experts but you are maxed out. I have an important topic to discuss with you about my lost of privileges in the congregation because: I would not shave off my mustache and goatee. Can you send me an email address so that I can give you the details?
Thank you.


Hello Fritz,
Thanks for contacting me.
I understand that you are being treated with prejudice within the Congregation, due to you choice of grooming. While such injustices may incense, disappoint, or alarm you;
sharing the details with me is not likely to help the situation. As distressing as this personal experience is for you, I hope you can take in the bigger picture.
You have before you five choices....

1. Cow-tow to the nuances of worship to this tyrannical organization,
    whose identity was foretold in prophecy
    (Rev.13:17; Isa.28:10; Matt.23:24; Dan.7:23,24; Rev.13:7; 11:2).
2. Remain under this umbrella of spiritual abuse, while you passively
    resist compliance
    and continue to complain, resulting in increasing alienation and exclusion
    from the Congregation. (Rev.13:15; Isa.66:5)
3. Make futile efforts to incite a change toward a justified liberty in this
    and other tyrannies (Rev.13:4 C).
4. You can see past your personal distress, to perceive how God views
    these taskmasters over His people...
    these who claim to be His representatives.
    (Lam.2:18; 3:48,49; Psalm119:136; Exo.3:7; Jer.14:7; 2Cor.11:20; Gal.2:4; 5:1;
     Rev.9:5,7; 13:5).
    Have you thought about the presence of God, and His seeing these injustices
    (Psalm11:4; 2Sam.16:12)?
    Have you taken the matter to Him in prayer? (Isa.8:17; Psalm18:6; 31:22)
    Do you think this is how the God of Justice and Love wants His people treated?
    (Jer.23:1; Eze.34:2; Zech.11:17; Matt.23:4)?
5. You can realize that you are still in association with a people who have in reality,
    left the True God. You remain within a rebellious Nation, who are soon to receive
    God's wrath (Jer.2:21,13,9,3; 25:29,30; Rev.14:19).
    Your spiritual standing with God depends upon your exodus from them
    (Isa.52:11; Rev.18:4; Jer.51:6,45; 2Cor.6:17;
     Matt.24:15,16; Luke17:30,31,32,33,37; Rev18:4,5).

I hope you can see from the foregoing scriptures, the glaring issues which lie exposed before God's face,
and beyond your personal affront.
While our heavenly Father cares about each sparrow; he turns away from those who do not
seek justice from Him. He also ignores the prayers of those who are sinning
(John9:31; Job 27:9; Isa.59:2). You would benefit much more, if instead of arousing
your indignance over the sins of examine your own standing with God
in this time of the end (2Pet.3:10,11,12; Rom.13:11,12).
God will judge our case with justice, but only if we ourselves are loyal to Him
(Psalm 18:25,30).
If you are going along with the rest of God's condemned people, by continuing to associate with them (Psalm 26:4; 2Cor.6:17); you remain unclean before God. Have fear for, and pity on  your Congregational associates...
For they are about to suffer God's condemning wrath. Warn them...
and get out! (Eph.4:25; Eze.33:8; Rev.13:8; 18:4)

There is no need to send me additional details about your experience. I am already fully aware of the present situation within the Organization, and the outcry of many thousands suffering even greater persecutions at it's hands. Many anointed ones including myself, have lost their entire family...even marriage mates, due to unjust expulsion.
Many have suffered silently through years, after being brutally abused sexually and otherwise. Know please, that I am not dismissing you, nor making light of your distress over your goatee. But I know that unless you learn from the glimmer of injustice you perceive, and
come to learn that the full reality of this wickedness is much greater than what you have experienced personally,
and this moves you enough to obey God and run for your life (Jer.51:6,45);
the details of your individual experience, become meaningless.

Love in Christ,



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