Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Comment:
While you may have your differences with the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses; you certainly have not lost your touch with the holy scriptures. You are as sharp as ever when it comes to quoting and sighting scriptures. Bless you and I hope, that you can work out your differences with the J.W.'s. Perhaps, you, a woman should be considered as the first woman President of the Watchtower, Bible and Tract Society????

Hello Samantha,
Thank you for your very gracious comment!
Although it soothes some of the vicious slander I am also subjected to (Matt.10:25),
I think of the example of Jesus...
When the people sought to make him king, he "withdrew" (John6:14,15). The reason why, is stated
at John18:36. To accept power, riches, or dominion within Satan's world, would also
cause an anointed one to "fall" (1John2:15,16,17; Rev.2:5; 8:10; 9:1; 12:4; Mark10:42,43).
This is why the leaders of the WT, are considered by God to be a traitorous Harlot who betrayed Him and broke His Holy Covenant, in order to enter one with Satan (Rev.9:1 b; 13:11; Isa.28:15; 1Tim.4:1,2; Hosea6:10). This is a test that all 144000 are subjected to, as Jesus was (Matt.4:8,9; 1Cor.4:8,14; 1John2:15).
Pride is one of the hardest tests (Mark9:33,34; Matt.16:21,22,23), within Satan's long gamut, which he subjects each of the "woman's seed" to (Luke22:31; Rev.12:17; 2:10; 1Pet.5:8,9,10).
I thank you for your appreciation of the food the Father is providing us (James1:17; John12:50; Matt.10:20). But the kingdom we all must look forward to, is not here now....but is the one to come (Heb.13:14; 11:10; Rev.21:2; Rom.8:18,19,21,25; Rev.12:10; 20:4; 14:1; John16:22,33).
Love in Christ,
The WT does not give any freedom to anointed women, as regards sharing what Holy Spirit is giving them
(Gal.3:28; John15:5; Matt.7:19). Yet we do not seek the approval of men (Rom.2:29; Gal.1:10; 2Cor.10:18; John12:43; 1Thess.2:4; 1Pet.4:11)
They do not give that freedom of speech to any anointed, except the 8 men on the GB.
But if you would like to see what God's Word says about it,
I recommend and


No wicked ones will be in paradise (Psalm37:7,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22)

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