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Seven Trumpets

Question Received:
Could you please explain to me about the seven trumpets?

My reply:
If you read Isaiah 58:1 and Revelation 1:10, you will see that a trumpet is a symbol for a voice. 
The 7 trumpets are 7 voices. Read Revelation 8:2,6,13. Those verses show us that the 7 trumpets are the voices of the 7 angels. 
The Greek word " angel ", means " messenger ". These are messengers sent by God, to His people. 
If you read Revelation 1:20 and Matthew 5:15-16 you can see that Jesus sends the messengers to his congregations/churches/houses of faith.

Who do God and Jesus, send to God's people, to bring a message from God? 
God gives the assignment to be a messenger ("angel") His prophets. 
Read 2Kings 17:13;  2Chronicles 24:19; Jeremiah 7:25; 26:5; 44:4; Zechariah 7:12; Luke 13:34; Revelation 22:6. 
The prophets, are God's messengers. Angel means messenger (see links above). 
The numeral 7 is a symbol for prophetic spirit, either true or false. 
The prophets are symbolized as the 7 spirits in front of God's throne, because they prophesy by means of God's spirit. 
( Revelation 3:1; 1:20,4; Luke 1:67; Acts 2:18; 28:25;  1Corinthians 14:32;  2Peter 1:21; Revelation 19:10). 
They are also depicted as 7 lamps/torches ( Revelation 4:5 ), 7 stars (Revelation 1:20; 2:1; 3:1), and as 7 horns with eyes, upon the head of the Lamb, which is Jesus ( Revelation 5:6 ). 
    [ HORNS, mean kings ( as in Revelation 17:12; Dan.7:24,8,20; 8:20-22) Jesus has kings/horns (Revelation 5:6; 1:5; 17:14; 19:16; 21:24)]
These symbolic seven of those anointed kings/horns, are prophets, through which, 
Jesus extends his reign within his congregations (Rev.1:20; Matt.5:15; Eph.1:20-21; 2:6,20-21).

Prophets are given holy spirit, to bring a message from God, to His people. 
They are a lamp, because they bring spiritual light from God ( Luke 11:33; John 5:32-33,35; Revelation 4:5 NIV ). 
They are the eye, in the body of Christ 
(Matthew 6:22;  1Corinthians 12:27,12,16-17,21; Luke 11:34,36), 
who are assigned to keep on the watch ( Mark 13:34 NIV ; Luke 12:36; Revelation 3:20; 2:17 ). 

The eye can see. God's spirit gives the prophets His spirit, so that they can understand and perceive, divine truth. This truth is sometimes about the future, or about sins that others do not see. 
They must tell God's people His message, and give warning (Isaiah 58:1; Jeremiah 35:15; 44:4; Joel 2:1).
I hope you now understand, learning from the scriptures, what the 7 trumpets are. They are the voices of God's prophets.

Prophets are a part of the body of Christ (1Corinthians 12:27,7-8,10,28-29; Eph.4:11,7-8; 2:6; 1:3)
(Eph.4:8 NIV ; Heb.4:14 NIV ; Heb.2:4;  1Cor. 14:1;  2Cor. 10:5; Eph.4:8 NIV ).
That body is also depicted as the spiritual temple, consisting of God's priesthood (John 2:19,21;  1Corinthians 12:27; 3:16;  1Peter 2:5). 
The former priesthood, has also been depicted as having seven trumpet blowers (Joshua 6:8), 
which foreshadowed the heavenly reality (Heb.8:5; 9:11; Ephesians 2:6; Revelation 19:14; 17:14). 

Joshua 6:6,8

The prophets, share in comprising the foundation of that spiritual temple, along with the apostles 
(Ephesians 2:20-21; Revelation 21:14) (Acts 17:24; Hebrews 9:11).

Jesus said that what we speak with our voice, is coming from our heart (Luke 6:45; Matthew 15:18). 
When God puts His spirit in the heart of His prophet, that prophet then speaks 
(Galatians 4:6;  2Peter 1:21; Jeremiah 1:9; Matthew 10:20). 
When we speak or teach, we are pouring out our heart (Luke 6:45; Psalm 94:4)(Deuteronomy 11:18-19). 
The heart is symbolized by a cup or bowl (Matthew 15:18-19; Jeremiah 6:7; Matthew 23:25-26)(Lamentations 2:11 NIV ; Lam.2:19)
God's prophets, pour out the spirit in their heart when they declare the message of God (Matt.10:20).
That is symbolized by the pouring out of a bowl (or cup) (Revelation 15:7; 16:1,17; 17:1; 21:9; 15:7). 
The "bowl" (or "cup" in some translations) is a symbol for the heart (Zechariah 4:2; Psalm 23:5; Luke 6:45). 
When God's messenger prophet (angel) pours out God's spirit from his heart (bowl/cup), 
he prophesies with his voice (trumpet) (Luke 6:45; Isaiah 58:1). 
That is symbolized as an angel, blowing a trumpet (Matt.24:31; Rev.8:6).

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