Friday, March 11, 2016

This Year's Memorial

I extend this invitation to all those who have been called and chosen by God, to be a member in the Body of Christ. We will be memorializing the remembrance of Christ's last supper with his Chosen ones, on March 21, after sundown for all participants.
Please use the contact form on this page, to either accept the invitation, or to ask any questions regarding our arrangements.

The reason for choosing this date:
The spring equinox occurs on March 20th at 4:40 PM, Jerusalem time.
The Jewish calendar calculates the new moon of Adar (the last month of the previous religious calendar year) to be at 9:31 PM on March 8th. That places the 14th day of the new lunar month, on or after the spring equinox, and thus that month should be Nisan (the first month of the new religious year). Nisan 14 (Passover) is then, March 22.
Although most of our contemporaries who celebrate the Memorial of Christ's death, do so concurrently with the Jewish Passover; scripture reveals that Jesus did not inaugurate the memorial of his sacrifice, nor have the "last supper" with his apostles, on "Passover".
He performed the formal remembrance of his death, the "day of preparation" (Mark 14:12; 15:42-43; John19:14,31,42) which was also, "the first day of 'Unfermented Cakes' ", (which festival lasted a week), and was the first day of that Passover week (Mark14:12).
["Jehovah's Witnesses" claim that this week-long festival of unfermented bread, begins the day after Passover, or, Nisan 15. (LINK - LINK)
This is untrue, according to Mark 14:12, which establishes that the Passover week (and the first day of Unfermented Bread) begins on the "Day of Preparation", or the day before the Passover Sabbath. That is also the day Jesus performed the Last Supper / Memorial. He used unfermented bread as the symbol for his body, thereby associating his sacrifice (and new Covenant with his Bride/Chosen John15:19; 1Pet.2:9; John6:70; Matt.26:17,20), with that religious day. This makes clear, that the important significance of "the first day of unfermented cakes" as it pertains to the Memorial, should not be lost through ignorance. It is the same day the Passover lambs were to be sacrificed, for the Passover Sabbath.]
  While the Passover lambs were being sacrificed for the sundown to come, Jesus was also dying on his torture stake (Luke22:7; John1:29; 1Cor.5:7; Isa.53:7; John19:9). That was the afternoon following the memorial [and the same Jewish day (sundown to sundown) as the Memorial / Day of Preparation / first day of the week of Unfermented Cakes - first day of Passover Week (Luke22:1,8,13-15,19,29; Rev.5:9-10; Mark14:12; 15:42-43)].
Jesus was buried in a tomb, before the Passover Sabbath (Nisan 14), even began (John19:31,33).

For more scriptural information about this, please see this post:
Although that post is written about last year's memorial,
the scriptures contained, make clear that Christ performed the "last supper", on the Day of Preparation which was also, the first day of "Unfermented/unleavened Bread" / first day of Passover Week.



  1. "Yet according to the facts, Jesus both performed the first Memorial of his death, and died, the Jewish day (sundown to sundown), before the Passover began.
    While Jesus hung there dying, the Passover lambs were being slaughtered for the sundown to come, which sundown would begin the new day of Nisan 14, and the beginning of the Jewish Passover. As Passover began, Jesus was already laid in his tomb."

    If Jesus was to be the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world,He had to die on the same day as the other lambs were being killed. The day of preparation. Otherwise,He could not take the place of the lambs being killed...and substituting His sacrifice for the animals.

    Killed as Gods lamb,on the same day as the other animals/lambs,enabled him to fulfill that part of the law...and do away with the animal sacrifices. The lambs being killed on "preparation day" enabled "Passover" to happen. His sacrifice enabled Him as the passover to happen.

    Christ dying on the right day as the lambs,enabled His sacrifice to fulfill the passover,which was based on the sacrifice. But it sacrifice had to happen on the right day. Preparation day as part of the law had to be fulfilled. Then Jesus had the legal right to be what followed:Passover.

    1. While there are some glaring doctrinal errors embedded in the faith of Jehovah’s witnesses I do not see any conflict with scripture as to when they hold the Memorial. If as you stated there is no evidence that Jesus left any specified date and time to hold the Memorial then the matter of partaking is left up to the conscience of the individual partaking. As such there is no impropriety associated with continuing the practice of observing on Nissan 14th. In fact it supports scripture and the gospel accounts to do just that.
      We know from scripture that Jesus was killed on the same day that the other Passover victims were being killed and according to the Law of Moses this could have only occurred on the 14th of the month. We can’t change the order of events to support his last supper at the expense of his death.
      His death as a sacrificial offering had to conform to the sacrificial system otherwise it could not be accepted as payment or atonement. The yearly Passover was not only a commemoration of the past but also a rehearsal for the future antitypical atonement sacrifice that God himself promised to provide in the future. According to your account this never happened and God to date has not kept his word.
      Jesus remained under law and the law remained in effect until his death, in order to fulfill the law he had to complete the law first. Keep in mind that the sacrificial system, the law and the temple arrangement originated with God and he is not above his own law. God’s own righteousness would demand that he work within the confines of his own system to provide atonement for mankind. To suggest otherwise calls into question the legitimacy of the sacrifice as the day you have rearranged Jesus death could not have had any legal precedent in scripture. If we take your assessment at face value, God accepted an illegitimate sacrifice which would be illegal payment for sin and extended forgiveness without any legal justification. In essence your narrative convicts God of Unrighteousness and delegitimizes Jesus sacrifice.

    2. I have replied to your comment. But because it was too long for another comment, you will find it here:

  2. i just need clarity on one thing and I hope you can help Pearl.

    according to the scriptures Jesus had the "Last Meal" with the 11 apostles, faithful mean whom he had "chosen"

    Jehovah's Witnesses across the world commemorate this event on Nisan 14 on a yearly basis and during the even all are invited and there are "chosen" men and women whom have been baptised with the holy spirit and non-anointed.

    Since we, who know the truth and are progressing in the divine light of truth, who have obeyed Rev 18:4 we should keep in mind the words recorded in Matthew 24: 15-17 flee to the mountains and not go in to get our belongings as they might be tainted by false beliefs.

    Back to the "Lord's Meal" are there any scriptural basis for non-anointed to be present with the anointed like JWs do? We should bear in mind that Jesus Christ had the opportunity to invite all he met and was with during the day before sunset and yet did not do so.

    If we are to follow in Jesus' footsteps 1 Peter 2:21 then we must observe the commandment given to the apostles very closely, anointed should meet and observe this commandment on their own with Jesus Matthew 18:20.

    Thank you

    1. I have written a response here:


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