Monday, January 6, 2014

Upcoming Memorial

1Cor.11:33 reads:
"Therefore, my brethren, when you come together to eat, wait for one another."

According to this verse, what was expected of those who partook of the emblems of Christ's sacrifice?
I conclude that they were expected to gather for this occasion, and to view the collecting of each member of Christ's body, as important enough to "wait" for all to arrive, that they may all be present to participate.

Matt.18:20 reads:
"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."

I conclude from this verse, that Jesus does not want those chosen by him to isolate. If they do, can they expect Christ to be with them?
If they are forced into this isolation, yes (Rom.8:35,38,39).
What if our isolation is our own choice? (Prov.18:1; 1Cor.12:15,21,25,27; Eph.1:10)
We remain in union with Christ (John15:4,5) if we remain obedient to him (Col.2:6; John14:23). This obedience requires our effort to unite (John17:20,21,22,23; Col.3:13,14; 1:17; Eph.2:14,18,19,21; Matt.18:20).

Because I myself seek to obey these scriptures;
Each year I post a call for others to partake with.
In all the years past, replies to this repeated invitation come in slowly;
and most, come in the day of the Memorial, at the last minute.
To have a meaningful participation,
each attendee is invited to prepare and contribute their own heartfelt offering.
In this way, we keep the presence of our Lord and his pleasure in mind,
as we each seek to express our own love and appreciation to him on that night.
As with all creations of quality, time is needed to adequately prepare.

When the bulk of attendees are last minute, the pre-arranged work of others must be revised to accommodate a new program. The focus then switches from a meditative spiritual preparation, to a hectic scramble, resulting in the prayerful meditation the occasion deserves, being left wanting.

While I warmly welcome my brothers and sisters in Christ at any hour;
such stressful, last minute arrangements, leave me depleted and ill afterward;
and unable to fully accomplish my ministry in the weeks to follow.
I am not well, so I must pace myself.
My highest priority and concern, is that this occasion honors our Lord to the best of our capacity.
I seek to partake with those who seriously agree, and also have the desire to prepare accordingly.
Our appreciation for Christ is reflected in the quality of all we offer, expressed within our talks, songs, and prayers.
These things deserve an investment of time and good preparation. Our Lord gave his best for us, at great strain and cost.

Therefore, I request mercy and cooperation of all those considering partaking with myself and any others who respond, by please contacting me to express these wishes, promptly.

It is now 12 weeks until the Memorial.
These weeks will pass quickly. I hope that any who are considering partaking with me, will start to give thought as to what they might individually choose to offer the occasion, and proceed to prepare it. It would also be helpful to notify me of what that contribution will be, so that if there is more than a few of us, a program can be organized well in advance. When participants are scattered around the globe, timing is also a mandatory pre-consideration.

If you have clearly experienced the choosing by God and Christ, and have received of their baptism by the outpouring of Holy Spirit upon you,
and you wish to gather along with me on Nisan14 to partake of the Lord's Evening Meal;
Please contact me via the contact form on the right side of this page, promptly.

May the blessing of our Lord be upon your prayerful consideration of this invitation,
and upon your serious effort to contribute a pleasing offering to our Lord and King.

Love in Christ,


  1. Pearl,

    The Last supper is a symbolic meal that has significance, it's not the actual eating of the meal that truly matters but what the meal represents is what truly matters. So if a person eats the physical meal literal by themselves that does not matter, if a person eats the means literally among other anointed and does not carry out what the meal actually means, than that does matters. What matters is carrying out what that meal symbolizes, which is the gathering together of the body of Christ to eat of the bread of Christ. In other words we are together together so we can be taught by Christ.

    So we should not be isolating ourselves from the body of Christ but we should be gathering to partake of the bread of Christ whenever we can. We should not isolate ourselves from our brothers, spending too much of our own time on our own blogs and personal pages and interest, too busy to gather with out brothers who we can find on other forums and sites, eating the bread of Christ together, not forsaking the gathering of ourselves together. This is what the memorial symbolizes and this is what matters most, not the literal gathering together, but gathering together to be feed by Christ spiritually.

    1. Because of the length of my reply, it is located on the Main Page, at
      dated 1/8/2014


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