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What must we do?


This is my response to a letter I received. It reflects the experience that so many of you write to me about. I hope the response, and all the information it contains within its scriptures and links, will be helpful for all the readers who are facing the same challenges and tribulation.

My Response:

Thank you for writing to me. I am sorry that I didn't get to answer right away.
My reply contains much information, but it is all necessary. Take your time with it, dividing it into sections. Try to be patient and thorough. Although there is likely enough material for many weeks of study, I assure you that all the questions you have asked, will be fully addressed if you make the most of what I am offering to you, and are sure to read the scriptures as you come to them.
(The links will aid in a deeper understanding of the points, made.)

In order to make the questions you ask and my reply to them, clearer;
I will copy parts of your letter that I am replying to...

 "truly appreciate your Ministry. As regarding the topic to "Flee" the WT  
org., most of your writings appear to remind the "chosen" anointed, of  
their ultimate trial and reward. Though I have found a few statements which  
encourage the other JWs to flee, not much is discussed as to what WE must  
do if we leave."

There is a baptism by water, and a baptism by spirit and fire, and a baptism into death.
I will not elaborate here about all three, but it is relevant to clarify the differing discipleships to Christ.

The baptism by spirit/fire (Mark 1:8; Matt.3:11; Acts 1:5; 2:3-4; John 16:7; 14:16-17) is done through Jesus Christ himself (Matt.3:11-12; Titus 3:5-6; Rom.5:5).
The baptism of water is performed by men; specifically, it is the responsibility of the members of Christ's body of anointed priests
(Matt.28:19-20; Mal.2:7; Heb.1:14; 2:16; John 4:1-2; Acts 19:4-5).
Such priests, have three baptisms to undergo [1John5:8; John14:6 --- Way/blood:(John14:4; 1Pet.2:21; Rom.6:3,5; John15:12-13) Truth/water:(Eph.5:26; John17:17; 4:10) Life/spirit:(Rom.8:11; Gal.6:8)], and "water" baptism, is one of them.

Through water baptism and it's symbolic meaning (Eph.5:26; John 15:3; Ps.51:2; 1Pet.3:21), those who are not priests, are saved (Mark 16:16)... provided they have gained possession of the symbolic water, which cleanses them (John 17:17; 4:10; Eph.5:26). This brings us to the next section of the command given by Christ... Matt.28:19-20 reads;
"Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

And so now we can discuss the point behind clarifying the various baptisms...
Can you see that those who receive water baptism, and are not Chosen anointed priests, must also "observeall the commands of Christ?
The Greek word ("terein"/"tareo") from which we translate "observe", means "to be keeping", cherish, guard, maintain, uphold. 
Though you may not yet have learned an accurate understanding of all Christ's commands to his Body members, 
    (due to your not receiving the "proper food at the proper time" 
     from the wicked steward from which we had all been feeding);
our past famine does not alter the saving direction from Christ. 
Obeying his commands is still a requirement for life, regardless of our place in God's arrangement and purpose (Matt.28:20).

Our present and urgent concern should be with familiarizing ourselves with Christ's commands and obeying them, so that we may each secure our standing with God, while there is yet time to do so (John 8:31; 6:63; 12:48-49; Isa.55:6; Zeph.2:3) (Luke 21:36). 
After we are capable of making an informed vow to be a slave of God (Rev.7:3; Deut.11:18), it is agreeable that we be baptized (Mark 1:4; Acts 2:37-39), to remove our past sin of idolatry to the Image of the "Watchtower" organization (Rev.13:8,11,14-15; 2:20,16; 2Cor.6:17), and to receive the benefit of God's spirit, whose light/living water (Rev.22:17; 19:9), is now being offered, to all (Matt.22:9-10; Rev.22:17; 19:9). Yet if we have been "killed" by the organization through disfellowshipping (Mark 8:35; John 16:2), we will have successfully removed the slave-mark of the Beast from off ourselves.

At this point, these articles should contain significant information for you:

Next you say;
"I believe that Jehovah will "help" us in our trials.  
However, until the end.... how do we serve him in the ministry if WE flee  
the WT."

It may be hard for us, coming out the "Watchtower's" stature as a world-wide publishing corporation, to imagine any comparable ministry. But in fact, the mission of the "Watchtower", pales miserably when compared the genuine good news, the salvation it offers, the "brightness" of it's glorious truth, and it's spread throughout it's target audience. The efforts of men cannot compare, to the purpose and power of God's spirit.

Try to imagine the work required, if the "good news" declared by the "Watchtower" is in actuality, error and false prophecy. This is the reason why Jesus foretold how dark and dismal the end days would be.... 
     (Amos 5:18-20; Matt.24:21-22,24-25,29)

....and how difficult it would be to find the road of genuine salvation
(Luke 18:26-27; Matt.24:22; Ps.94:17; Matt.7:14).

Now if we are among the "few" granted spiritual perception during that time (Matt.11:25; 7:14; Mark 4:11-12)...
can you not imagine how much your support of the truth would be needed, and how valuable your contribution of declaring the genuine good news?
For each person who has embraced the truth now being unsealed...
(Dan.12:4)-(Rev.5:2,6-7; 22:10,6; Hab.2:2; Rev.20:12), 
...there is also a ministry, which also needs to be embraced 
(Eph.4:25; 2Tim.4:2; 1Cor.9:16; Rom.10:13-14; Matt.24:14). 

God has afforded the poor and weak...
(1Cor.1:27; 2Cor.12:9; Ps.50:15-16; Zech.4:10; Matt.13:31-32; Dan.2:34-35,44-45)
..."a little help"
(Dan.11:34; Acts 1:8,10-11; Rev.11:3; 1:7; Heb.12:1) (Heb.6:10)
(1Thess.3:13; Rev.19:14; 17:14; Eph.2:6; Matt.24:31).
With the help of God's spirit,
even a few, can provide for a multitude 
(Matt.14:16-21; Ec.11:1; Gal.6:9; Amos 9:13; Eze.36:8; 34:12-14; Matt.24:15-16).

It has become possible for "the little one" (Isa.41:10; 60:22; 2Pet.3:12)
(Eze.21:25-26; Matt.23:12), to offer God's message. The internet has equipped us with all we now require, to fulfill God's Will, even by those of very limited resource.
The invitation to share in the opening of the scrolls, is for all, regardless of spiritual position (Matt.22:8-10)

Next, you say;
"I am a retired widow who needs the help of my only Daughter and her  
husband (JWs) Other than them, I only have a few family members (JWs) and a  
handful of non-JW friends whom I don't associate closely with due to their  
lifestyle and Christendom beliefs. If I flee the WT,.... I will be shunned  
by family, by JW friends and be totally alone."

What you speak of, is one of the grievous effects of the Great Tribulation.
      (It is spiritual, not physical or visible -Luke 17:20,22-23). 
It is recognized as undergoing fulfillment, only by means of--
1. what is befalling the anointed.... 
      (Matt.12:39-40; Rev.11:7; 6:9-11; Matt.25:40)
      (Luke 21:20,22; 19:43; Rev.20:8-9; 16:13-16; 1Tim.4:1; 
       Rev.11:2; Luke 21:24; Dan.11:33; Rev.13:10,7)], 
....and by 
2. discerning the presence of the false prophet and it's "Beast", 
whose identity goes undetected by those under their power 
(Rev.17:8; 19:20; 14:8; Jer.51:7).
    That deceptive power, also overcomes the anointed 
(Matt.24:24-25; Rev.13:7; Dan.8:10-13,19,24-25; 2Thess.2:8; Dan.11:36; 2Thess.2:4; 
1Cor.3:16; 1Pet.2:5,9; Mark 13:14).
Only those anointed who repent, are saved by God's mercy. 
(Zech.13:8-9; Rev.8:7; 9:18,20)

(See the last section of the following post, to learn about the spiritual nature of the tribulation
And a post that may now prove helpful:

Jesus described the grievous effect you (and all of us) are experiencing, in detail, 
so that we could recognize, accept, and cope with it.
Please consider (Luke 14:26; 12:51-53; Matt.10:32; 19:29; Mark 13:13).
These links should help with this topic:

No matter how alone we may feel, we are not alone.
God and Christ are with us during our striving to be faithful 
(Heb.11:27; John 16:32-33; Rom.14:8; Matt.28:20; 2Cor.1:3-5; Ps.145:18).
    We also have the available option and blessing, to associate with others of like faith, who have been through the very same losses and trials, as we (Heb.10:24-25; Mark 10:29-30).
Here are a couple of links which offer that:
(You may need to sign into Facebook, for those links to work)

Facebook is also a place to have a face to face meeting with any who gather with us there. You can request a friendship there, with members of those groups. Video conferencing is available there, to use with whom, we become friends. If you need any technical help with that process, let me know.

There is also our Forum, which has grown inactive lately because of our transfer over to Facebook. But if you join the forum, your posts will be responded to. The members still check in to see if there is anything new. It also contains a rich resource for experiences and Bible knowledge.

There is much available now via the internet, that affords us the ability to spend time with others, either through writing or video chats. We have grown to know each other, and we have developed an affection amidst us. It always adds to our joy, when someone has newly awoken and joined with us. Jesus acknowledged that we are in the midst of the hardest spiritual test that has ever come upon a people. Support is advisable.

I will not dare to direct nor pressure you in this personal decision which you face.
I can only pray that you and other readers, will closely examine the direction given by Christ through the scriptures offered. It is the only salvation for those living within this difficult time, in which we are.
    I have also known of, and participate in, tangible support given to those lacking in their physical and financial needs. While there is no guarantee of financial support, I trust you will find the love among us to be sincere and without hypocrisy.

Next you say;
"Wouldn't it be wiser for those in my situation to follow the  
advice of Perimeno: "..wait until Jehovah reveals/exposes" the "Man of  
Lawlessness" and destroys the WT org. (which should open the eyes of my  
Daughter and others)"

Because "Perimeno" lacks the insight of holy spirit, he fails to be aware, that the "Man of Lawlessness" has already been revealed/exposed. That identity, as well as the other Bible alias's for that entity, are already fully known and published.
If we wait, however, for the leaders of the Beast to be thrown off, and for they and their Beast to be destroyed, it is already too late for anyone to prove faithful. 
Faithfulness is established through our taking a stand against the false prophet and it's beast (Rev.15:2; 2:7; 12:11). Once Satan's agents are gone, such a stand is no longer possible. (LINK)
Rev.18:4 tells us to get out. 
"So that you will not share in her sins" or "receive her plagues". If we are still inside when her condemnation and punishment come, we receive them also.
At Matt.24:15-16, Jesus made very clear, when we must depart...
"So when you see the abomination that causes desolation, spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place” (let the reader use discernment),  “then those in Judea must flee to the mountains!".

Perimeno himself, has failed to discern, the "abomination that causes desolation", nor the need to Flee! But Jesus shows that this is a discernment on the part of each individual. "When YOU see" and recognize through your own spiritual perception, that the abomination causing desolation to God's Temple/chosen ones/anointed priesthood... is indeed present...
then it is time for US, to flee, regardless of what others see, say, or do.

Jesus compared our hour to the days of Noah and Lot. Why?
Because those who fail to discern the imminent danger and run for their lives, will be destroyed (Luke 17:26-32). 
If we tolerate the abomination and remain within it, while it silences, tramples, and destroys God's Sons and kingdom heirs, God will hold us accountable for our cowardice (Eze.14:10; Heb.10:38). 
If we are still known as one of "Jehovah's Witnesses", we share in the blasphemy of that name (Rev.17:3; 13:5-6), we are still spiritually marked as belonging to the Beast, we are still in subjection to the edicts of the false prophet, and we are not written in the Lamb's scroll of life (Rev.14:9-10; 13:8; 20:15). 
    Try to remember that although you may not agree that you "worship" the organization... in God's estimation... the one you fear, seek the approval of, and let direct your actions/obey, IS the one you worship (Deut.11:18; Rev.13:16-17).
If you are hiding what you truly believe from congregation members and "elders",
then you are letting them direct your freeness of speech (Eph.4:25; Col.4:6; Matt.5:13) thereby, obeying them.
If you obey Eph.4:25, and thereby prove your separation from the abomination of the Beast (2Cor.6:16-18), you know what will happen (Rev.13:15; John16:2; Mark 8:35).

If you are not leaving because you desire to stay there, and because you admire the organization (because you believe it is God's spirit directed organization"), 
then you stay due to deception. 
If you are not leaving because you dread the consequences and are intimidated into subjection to the rules of the organization, then your hand (deeds/practices) is still controlled and marked as enslaved to serve the Beast.

If you do not yet know the identity of the "abomination" that tramples God's holy place, or see how it is causing desolation, please tell me. 
The links I have already provided above, will serve to impart such understanding.
Here are some articles, specific to that topic:

Regarding the Bible's direction, about how to handle your situation, the following links should help clarify God and Christ's direction...

If in any way, you need help with any topic (which you cannot find material about by using the Search Box at the blog), please just let me know.

Now I must focus in on a part of what you said;
"wait until Jehovah reveals/exposes" the "Man of  
Lawlessness" and destroys the WT org"

Neither God nor Christ are going to "destroy" the "Man of Lawlessness".
The one who destroys, is the Devil (LINK).
Although some Bibles, translate 2Thess.2:8 as containing "destroy", the Greek word (analisko)
means to overthrow, disintegrate, dissipate, sweep away, taken away, consumed (as if by fire). This is in harmony with the previous verse (2Thess.2:7) (See:
Although "destroy" may be akin to "analisko" in the minds of translators, Paul did not choose the Greek word for "destroy". The difference between "destroy" and "consume"/analisko (Luke 9:54), must be acknowledge and heeded. A correct rendering of this word, is essential to understanding this verse and its context.
2Thess.2:8 simply states, that Christ will "bring to nothing" the "Man of Lawlessness", by the "spirit of his mouth". This rendering becomes clearer, if we examine the other details.
What is the spirit/breath, in Christ's mouth?
(John16:13; 20:22; Rev.19:15; Eph.6:17; Heb.4:12)
In what way will the Man of Lawlessness, be "brought to nothing"/rendered impotent and harmless?
(Luke 10:19; Rom.16:20; Matt.16:18; John1:5; Col.1:13)
(Rev.19:20; 20:7-10; Jer.23:29; 5:14; Rev.11:3,5; Hosea 6:5; Matt.24:50-51; 8:12; 25:11-12,10,13)
The "revealing" of the "Man of Lawlessness" (2Pet.3:10; John3:20),
IS his being "brought to nothing"/made impotent.
Once that identity is revealed, it no longer has any power over those who "discern" him
(Matt.24:15; 1Thess.5:4). The power of Christ's "mouth", makes the power of deception, impotent/brought to nothing (1John5:4,18; 4:4). The revealing of truth, disarms the power of deception,.. effectively "destroying" the liar in a figurative way. None of this is physical, anymore than the "two witnesses" are literally killing, with their mouths (Rev.11:5; Hosea 6:5). Those whom God exposes as liars, are judged, and they are denied the gift of life from God (Rev.21:8; 20:15)(Eph.4:18; John3:36).

Next you say;
"For months, I have tried to reveal (to my daughter and  
sister)... the hypocrisy and corruption of the GB/WT... but this upset her,  
and was pushing her away."
I myself have had the same experience. Again we must recall to mind, that this is the greatest tribulation to ever descend upon the people of God. When God's nation commits idolatry and is mislead by wicked rulers; they must be disciplined. 
When that discipline comes, it is never pleasant, but if we let it guide us into faithfulness, we save our soul. 
The final "abomination of desolation" is so lethal, and is such a tremendous offense against God, His purpose and His Kingdom. This is hard to appreciate when we are first coming out of it and waking up from our drunken sleep, caused by the "wine" of the "Harlot's" sorcery.
Due to it's severe offenses...
     (including the spiritual slaughter of God's messengers, fornication with Satan, 
      defiling of God's Temple, poisoning millions with polluted spiritual waters, 
      causing God's sons to worship an Idol, blaspheming God's name, 
      sinning against Holy Spirit, etc. -Rev.18:5)  (LINK)
...God is unleashing not one plague (Eze.14:13-20; Isa.3:1), but all four of His plagues against this land.
When all four are released (Eze.14:21; Rev.6:7-8), did you see what the result is?...
That's exactly why Jesus foretold that families would be divided over the conflict between truth and deception (Luke 12:51-52), both due to be released in the time of the end .....
     (Dan.11:32; 12:1,10,3; Eph.5:11; 6:11-13; 2Cor.10:3-5), 
.....causing the spiritual battle of Armageddon (1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13-16; 20:7-8; 19:11,14; 17:14).
Our children are casualities of that war. But we need not be.
If we prove faithful, there may be hope for them, in the end (1Cor.7:14; Rev.21:4; Heb.13:14).

Lastly, here is a post for those seeking the Bible's direction when determining how to handle their extrication from the abomination:

I pray that God's spirit of discernment and understanding be with you,
throughout the study of this letter, and through the examination of all the scriptures it and the links, contain.
Love in Christ,

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  1. If I flee the WT,.... I will be shunned by family, by JW friends and be totally alone."

    "Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you;
    I will hold on to you with My righteous right hand." Isa 41:10

    This was a scripture I personally relied on during the transition period when leaving the Watchtower. They are “trustworthy and true” (Rev 22:6,7) I think of the time when the disciples and Jesus were crossing the lake and a storm arose. Waves spilled into the boat while Jesus slept and fear gripped the disciples. They called out to him to save them; he awoke, and by his word, the storm was abated. He remarked at their “little faith”, asking why they feared so. (Matt 8:23-27) We have been inundated by the Watchtower’s poisonous waters that overwhelmed our conscience desire for pure truth. Jesus is alert to our need of rescue, and can see us safely into the fold, if we have faith in him and the Father. They are there to strengthen and comfort us, when no other person is nearby. No longer is our faith in men who teach lies, or an image professing false salvation. They make it easy, don’t they? Their guidebook is only for the blind, not those who rely fully on the Word. How I wish they weren't so blind.

    Now is the true test of our faith.

    “Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy” 1 Pet 1:8


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