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Getting "killed" / Disfellowshipping

disfellowship  disfellowshipping
There are those who wonder if my expulsion is really necessary. I have posted the comment of one with such concerns for me.

His comments:

 The verse in Revelation about the beast killing the sealed true annointed (Rev.11:7),well,isnt that initiated by them..and not the annointed ? What Im saying is,they kill the annointed and instigate this,not the anointed getting themselves DFed by taking a certain far as i can tell.
I know when i decided to not go back,it was because i couldnt handle certain lies anymore. It was ripping me apart inside and couldnt bear the thought of hearing them again ! SO,i understand why you are leaving.

My Reply:

 I think it may help you to read and think about the following verses...

Rev.13:15 And there was granted it to give breath to the image of the wild beast, so that the image of the wild beast should both speak and cause to be killed all those who would not in any way worship the image of the wild beast.
16 And it puts under compulsion all persons, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the slaves, that they should give these a mark in their right hand or upon their forehead, 17 and that nobody might be able to buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name."

Can you see that if you do NOT worship the idolatrous image of the wild beast (but instead "buy" spiritual food from Christ -Rev.3:18  "What do 'Buying' and 'Selling' mean?"), it will kill you?
See one is able to speak truth there (Jer.9:2,3,4,5,6,7,8; 7:28; Isa.1:21; 5:7; 59:4,14; Deut.11:18). Only teaching "marked" by the beast, is allowed.
See Rev.13:16 ...we are "under compulsion" to have our thinking and actions/will/faith, "marked" as slaves to the beast.
Any who do not give the organization this worship, are "killed" (Dan.3:1,4,5,6; Rev.13:13; Dan.3:7; Rev.13:8,15; Dan.3:15; Rev.13:4; Dan.3:17,18; Rev.20:4).
We are told in Rev.11:7, that those who are sealed, have been killed in this way (Rev.20:4; 6:9,11; Rom.6:5; Mark 8:35). We are told that they were "witnessing" to truth (Rev.12:17,11). This is why the "beast" "kills" you. Truth does not have the mark of the Beast on it (Dan.8:12). It is contraband. 
Only silence would save you (that would be accepting the "mark" of subjection to the beast on your "hand", since your deeds would be enslaved to the "beast", and not Christ.)
The "two witnesses", would have to "witness" (Rev.19:10; 11:3). Prophesying Truth is a violation of compulsory subjection to the spiritual commerce of the beast (Rev.13:15,16,17), which results in "death"/expulsion.
In Rev.6:9,10,11...can you see that the end of all the world's suffering, is waiting on the last of the anointed to get sealed, by being killed?
I have taken my stand, NOT to worship the beast and it's lies (666). This is the reason I am being "killed". I have been put in the situation BY THE BEAST (not myself), to either submit to it's lies and teach only those lies, or get thrown out. [Just as Daniel's three companions were put in the situation, to worship the "Image" or be thrown into the "furnace". (Rev.9:2; Isa.38:17; Jonah 2:6; Job 33:24,28; Psalm 30:3; 9:13; 86:13; 107:20)] 
If you doubt that the WT demands that all are under compulsion to worship the "spirit-directed" "Image" of the Organization, by not learning or teaching (buying and selling) any spiritual food not marked as it's own brand....
test this out. (Rev.13:15,16,17)
Teach Truth openly, and see what happens to you. I am witnessing the consequences of this personally.

Anointed are commanded to "speak truth" (Eph.4:25; 5:11). When we do this while in the "beast", we are spotted as different...singled out, interrogated, and expelled 
(2Tim. 4:3;  1Tim. 4:1; Rev.16:14,13,15,16; John 16:2).
Rev. 13:15 makes clear, that ANYONE who does not "in any way" worship the image of the beast, will be killed....based upon their lack of submission.
This is the only reason for my expulsion.
(1John 4:1; John 16:2)
The elders are pressing me for submission. They want me to follow men, and be silent about the truth.
Jesus has shown me that the people bearing his name, (and yet are worshiping the "beast") are condemned to "Destruction" ( ). 
I have been shown this in order to give a warning. Should I be silent? Should I not warn my Congregation? (Eze.33:6) If you think I can be found faithful before Yhvh by being silent there, and by submitting myself to obedience to the organization, and by condoning the teachings of lies at the meetings (Ps.26:4; Eph.4:25) (if I sit there, I am setting an example and saying I agree); then I will try to find a way to continue there.....but you will have to show me scriptures for me to see that this idea is coming from Yhvh's counsel.

Believe me when I tell you that I would gladly relieve myself and my family of this terrible distress being orchestrated by the steward (Luke 12:45; Matt.24:48-49; Isa.5:22-23), by stopping what the elders are planning concerning me, if  there was a way to be found faithful before Yhvh in doing so (Mark 8:35). 
But I tell you, that even if I were willing to compromise and to placate them, this situation is not heal-able. All in the Congregation are against me now, for not worshiping the image of the Organization as they do (Rev.13:8). This is partly due to the slander (untrue) of the elders...and the slander (untrue) of my daughter (accusing me of being insane and unsubmissive to men -Acts 5:29; Gal.1:10; Rom.2:29), and the slander of other publishers because of my truthful comments at meetings (Eze.22:9), and the fact that some are listening to me ("causing divisions") Luke 12:51. Jesus caused divisions for the sake of Truth (Matt.10:34,35,36,37,38,39; Mark 8:35; John 7:43), as do his faithful slaves (Acts 4:19,20; 5:29;  1John 4:6; Mark 6:11; John 13:20; Matt.25:45,46) Such dividing is the working of the "Harvest" (Matt.13:30,38,39,40,41,42,43)

Can my relationship with the Organization/Elders/Congregation, be healed? No, not even with the declaration they demand; that of unconditional subjection to the Organization, it's current doctrines, and it's leaders.
But I am unable to make such a declaration. I belong to Christ. I am his slave. I already have an owner. I do not belong to myself, that I could give my life to men.
Those who receive the mark of the beast on their forehead (Rev.13:16), can not receive the mark of Yhvh and Christ (Deut.11:18; Rev.7:3; 14:1). We can not slave for two masters.

The Letter:





  1. Pearl, it is with mixed emotion that I read these recent posts of your departure from your congregation. I can only imagine the tribulation. So on one hand sorry for the distress you are enduring and on the other the encouraging example of remaining "faithful" to YHWH and Christ.
    As I read this installment however I could not help but notice the words "all persons" in Rev 13:16 and similar references in surrounding verses. How inclusive is this and does this further identify/eliminate/clarify candidates for this beast in question? May Jehovah help, guide and sustain you in the days ahead.

  2. I appreciate very much your expressions.
    Regarding Rev.13:16...I believe "all" is clarified in verse 8...Rev.13:8.
    It is "all the earth" that worship the Beast. This is defined in the scriptures as those claiming to worship God. It is different than "world", "sea", "islands", "air" etc. Remember that the book of Revelation is written in poetic, symbolic illustrations. "Earth" is home to the "green things" and "trees". None of this is literal, but symbolic....just as the "olive trees" and "lamp stands" are. Even Jesus himself is spoken of as a "lamb" with "seven horns" and "seven eyes". The meaning of "earth" is clarified in the "winepress" article (compare Rev.14:19 to Isa.5:7. Can you see that the "vine of the earth"/"all the earth" are lead by those in Covenant with God? Jer.25:29,30; 2:21 also helps to see what this symbol refers to.) The "earth", and the "world", are not the same thing. The "earth" is separate from the "sea". Jesus always taught by illustrations. This is especially so in Revelation. As Christ himself said, it is so that those granted, will understand. Those not granted, won't.

  3. Another interesting point, is that "all the earth" worships the beast (see Rev.13:8). This can not mean all persons on the literal planet earth, because we are also told that there are those who "come off victorious from the beast" (Rev.15:2), and "did not worship the wild beast or it's image" or received it's mark (Rev.20:4)
    Therefore, "all the earth" who worship the beast (Rev.13:8) are not ALL mankind.

    1. It occurs to me also, that Adam's name means "earthling" or, "of the earth" in Hebrew. "All the earth" refers to all mankind that exist within the scope of what God is focusing on. All those of mankind within that scope, are also "all the earth" within that same scope.
      For a simple might refer to "all the oranges" in a bowl. Yet, not all oranges that exist, are in that one bowl.
      According to the scriptures I gave you in the last comment, the scope being spoken of, are those called "God's land" "the city upon which God's name is called" and "God's vine"....God's "people" and God's "servants" (see Jer.25:29; Deut.32:32,33,34,35,36; Rev.14:18,19; 1Pet.4:17; Isa.10:12; Jer.13:13; 49:12; Rev.14:8; Jer.25:28; Rev.18:6,20; Ps.137:8; Jer.16:18; 50:29; Eze.38:21; Rev.20:7,8,9; 13:7,10; 11:7,10; Eze.3:5,7; Rev.20:9; 11:5; Matt.10:20)

  4. This is for the most part what I was reflecting on. So thank you for the quick follow-up. I truly pray you continue to help us appropriately "test inspired expressions" and your zeal for truth and letting light shine not be dampened by these trials.

  5. Thank you. I will continue to "exert myself vigorously" to be a vessel of Truth (2Cor.4:7; Luke13:24). But know is Jehovah, His Word, and His Spirit which helps us to "test out" inspired expression. This is ever more urgent now, as we are aware that demons are hard at work dispensing their own inspired expressions; and they are successfully misleading God's "land", and it's anointed kings (Rev.16:13,14).

  6. John S.,
    If you would like to have an in depth conversation with me, please give me your email and I will write you. You can email me at, or message me on Facebook under "Pearl Doxsey". You bring up many subjects, and I would like to answer you; but Blog "comments" is not the place to do this. Thank you for your thoughts, and I look forward to writing you,


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