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This Year's Date of Memorial


Hello All,

I noticed that "Jehovah's Witnesses" are planning to hold the Memorial, on Friday, Apr.3rd. This is also the first day of Passover (after sundown), and corresponds to Nisan 14, 5775 on the Hebrew calendar.
Jesus held his last supper with his disciples, the evening before, and he died before sundown the following afternoon, which was on "the day of Preparation" for the Passover to begin that evening.
(John19:14,31,33,42; Luke23:53,54)
As can be deduced from the previous scriptures, Jesus held the occasion a full 24 hours before the Passover began.... after sundown.
Of course we know, that he chose that evening, based upon the meaning of the Passover, and his fulfilling of all which it prophetically symbolized
(1Cor.5:7) (John1:29) (Rev.14:1) (Rev.5:9,10) (Heb.9:14,15,24) (Heb.10:1,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18).

Yet according to the facts, Jesus both performed the first Memorial of his death, and died, the Jewish day (sundown to sundown), before the Passover began.
While Jesus hung there dying, the Passover lambs were being slaughtered for the sundown to come, which sundown would begin the new day, and the beginning of the Jewish Passover. As Passover began, Jesus was already laid in his tomb.
We may either memorialize it on the day of it's meaning, or at the date and time when Christ actually did it, the evening before.
I personally believe that both days are full of sacred meaning. Yet when I think about the ways in which Jesus changed the occasion, and the unique features he added to the observance; I see new things...
   For example, Jesus said,
"And he said to them, 'I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover **with you before I suffer. For I tell you, I will not eat it again until it finds fulfillment in the kingdom of God. And when He had taken a cup and given thanks, He said, "Take this and share it among yourselves' " (Luke22:15,16,17)

What I draw from this, is that the Memorial was to be a sharing **with Christ. This was not possible to do on the Passover, when the Jews began their celebration.
Jesus desired to be with his brothers for his occasion; and so he instituted it, the night before the Jewish Passover began.

If the disciples ate the emblems on the following night when the Jewish Passover began, Jesus would not be eating with them as he stated was his desire...For just as he said, "I will not eat it again until...the kingdom of God."
Jesus wanted to be present with his disciples when they all shared in the first Memorial of his death. This was not possible on the Passover Sabbath.
He was present sharing with them, on the evening before, according to his desire.

If we were to travel back in time, to the sundown which followed Christ's death, I personally don't think we would find Christ's grieving and panicked disciples, re-doing the Jewish Passover, without Jesus. The scriptures inform us, that they were totally preoccupied with their upheaval for many days (Matt.26:31; John20:19,26).

Christ fulfilled the Law (Matt.5:17; Rom.10:4), including most especially, the meaning of the Passover. What he asks Partakers to Memorialize (1Cor.11:33), was his last meal with his Chosen Ones (Only his twelve) and his death (Matt.26:19,20; John13:18; 15:16). He asked his Chosen, to "Take this and share it among yourselves." with the thought that he was present with them, as he is today (Matt.18:20).
(Note that not all who put faith in Jesus, participated in this occasion
 -John7:31; 11:45; 12:11,42. Only his Chosen Ones did. -Matt.26:20; John6:70)

Remembering that Jesus fulfilled the Law, and it has since passed away (Heb.8:13);
I do not feel obligated to celebrate within the dictates and tradition of the Jewish Passover. I personally am inclined to observe the Memorial of Christ's death, on the date and time in which he instituted it, while he was still alive, and fulfilled his desire to "eat this Passover with you before I suffer.".

I have decided when to partake this year, based upon the scriptures I have offered you, and how they speak to my own conscience. I know that each partaker must do the same. Only God and Christ have the right to give a command. Neither Jesus nor the scriptures, have given a clear command, precisely when to memorialize his sacrifice (Luke22:19; 1Cor.11:26). But the scriptures do make clear when Jesus did it...

"I passed on to you what I received from the Lord. On the night the Lord Jesus was handed over to his enemies, he took bread. When he had given thanks, he broke it. He said, “This is my body. It is given for you. Every time you eat it, do it in memory of me.” (1Cor.11:23,24)

I will use all the foregoing scriptures as my personal guide, and state this decision, as my own (1Cor.7:6,25,40; 2Cor.8:10,8). As we mature, we must each use our conscience over matters that the scriptures do not pointedly decree (Heb.5:14; 13:18; Rom.14:1; 1Tim.1:5).
I have shared this personal decision with you (1Pet.5:3; 2Cor.1:24; Matt.23:8), so that those interested in partaking with me, are aware of my plans, and my reason for them.

I will therefore, be observing the occasion which Jesus commanded... after sundown, on Thursday, April 2nd.
It is only 12 days away. If anyone wishes to obey Christ's words at Luke22:17; I would be happy to "share it" with you.
Please contact me by means of the contact form on the right side of this page.

Love in Christ,

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