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Part II -- "Chosen" to Belong to the Bride

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This post is a continuation to Part I:
"Invited" and "Chosen" at the "Marriage Feast"

In Part I, scriptural evidence was presented to explain that Matt.22:14 is referring to the many secondary invitees from off the Greek: "broadway leading out of the city", "both bad and good" (Matt.22:9,10), and how from among these, "few are chosen" (Matt.22:14).
   In this Part II, scriptures will be presented to clarify, that the choosing which occurs within the marriage feast, is not the same as the choosing which occurs when God inducts another anointed member into the body of Christ.

Both Part I and Part II have been written in response to the following comment:

" said, "Chosen ones will either pass or fail Satan's sifting".
Please don't take this as picking, but "many are Invited but few are chosen". 
"Chosen" are those who have passed all tests. 
Pearl, you should say, "Invited ones will either pass or fail Satan's sifting".
After that sifting, then they are "Chosen", and thus then fit to be Yhwh's Witnesses ---not before. 
Otherwise, all Invited could be called "Chosen", 
and they are not. :-) "

  This comment relays the idea, that the chosen of Matt.22:14 are interpreted, as not only "invited" to the marriage feast, but have also been invited by God into the Body of Christ as his Bride.

The sealed Bride is not one of the invited guests at her own marriage feast. Those elected to become her, are expected and obligated to attend. They are the initial ones invited (Matt.22:3,5,6,8) to partake of the newly presented provisions (Rev.5:5,7; 20:12; 10:8; John 15:15; Rev.1:1; John 16:13;  1Cor. 13:10; Rev.10:7; 19:9; 21:6,7; 22:17; Dan.12:9,4,10). 
The first priests to be fed by Christ, are his apostles and prophets (1Cor. 12:28; Eph.2:20,21; Amos 3:7; Rev.10:7) because they are the foundation of all God's Temple servants  ("servants" -Matt.22:3,4,5,6; 21:34,35,36; 24:49; Zech.2:11; 4:9; Jer.26:15). The 7 stars/angels/messengers/prophets herald the battle (Hosea 8:1; Jer.4:5,19; Joel 2:1; Eze.33:3; Rev.8:2,6), to call together and feed his body of priests/7 congregations (Matt.24:31; Rev.10:7; Amos 3:7; Mark 10:43; Eph.4:11,12;  1Cor. 4:1; 3:10; Eph.2:20,21; Prov.9:1; Rev.1:20;  1Cor. 14:33; Rev.3:12) so that all priests/virgins/7 congregations of the Lord's people (1Pet. 2:10,9;  1Cor. 14:33; Rev.1:20), may distribute to all attending the Feast, as is their priestly duty (Matt.22:9,10) (Matt.25:4; 5:15) (Zech.8:23; Rom.2:28,29; Col.2:11) 
(2Chron. 31:4; Mal.2:7;  2Cor. 5:20; Lev.10:11; Neh.8:7; Haggai 2:11; Matt.14:15,16,19; John 21:17; Rev.5:10; 22:2; Matt.7:20; John 15:8)

The comment also relays the idea, that the members of Christ's Bride are not to be preachers of truth ("witnesses") until they "pass" "Satan's sifting" and are thus at that point, "chosen". Both these assertions are not correct.

One may not belong to Christ's body at all, unless chosen by God and Christ, to be so (John 15:16; Eph.1:3,4; 2:10;  2Thess. 2:13;  2Cor. 1:21,22)(1Cor. 12:18,28). Once chosen as a member, they have already received their priestly assignment to bear witness (Isa.43:10,21;  1Pet. 2:9; Heb.13:15; John 15:8; Luke 6:44,45; Isa.51:16; 50:4;  1Cor. 2:10; Mal.2:7), along with all the resources they need, to equip them to fulfill it (Matt.25:14,15,19,20,21; Rev.3:18; Ps.12:6;  2Tim. 4:2). They will prove either faithful with their witnessing assignment, or not (Rom.12:6; Heb.10:38;  1Cor. 9:16; Acts 4:20; Titus 1:3; Rom.10:14;  2Cor. 9:6; Luke 8:11; Ps.126:5; Matt.25:23,24,25,26,28,29,30). 
Those who squander the resources given them, will have all they were given, taken back (Luke 8:18). Those who are diligent, will be given more to work with (Luke 16:10,11; 19:17)....
up to and including, the final treasures/revelations, served within the marriage feast (1Cor. 13:9,10; Eph.4:13; Rev.10:7; 1:1; 19:9; 5:5; John 15:15; Rev.1:1,20; John 16:12,13,14,15),
when the Bride of Christ/Temple, reaches completion (Rev.22:17; Zech.4:9,10,14; Rev.11:4;  1Pet. 2:5; Zech.4:9; Rev.22:6).


(For making and reading comments in language other than English)

The five wise virgins who enter the feast with the Bridegroom, were found ready (Luke 12:37; Matt.24:42; Mark 13:37). Due to being faithful with least, they are granted much, by being given more "gold" within the feast
While they faithfully dispense what they are given within the feast (to all guests, "both bad and good"), they are then, the sealed Bride.

  In Part I, scriptures were presented to shed light on what it means to be "invited" and "chosen" within the context of the marriage feast parable. (Part I)

  In this Part II, scriptures will be presented to show that when selected to become a member of Christ's Body, it is not the "invitation" to the marriage feast, but rather, an irrevocable calling by the choice of God. Once called, the one selected is obligated to fulfill their priestly duties, including preaching ("witnessing"), despite Satanic persecution. IF FAITHFUL WITH PRIESTLY WITNESSING, while enduring Satanic opposition; that member of the elect is not then "chosen", but rather, is "SEALED" as a faithful slave of God and Christ. 
  By means of these two posts, I hope to clarify the difference between being "chosen" at the marriage feast,
and being chosen as a member of Christ's Bride.
  Those chosen to belong to the Body of Christ are described as "called" and "chosen".
Those who fulfill the divine purpose of their calling and choosing, are described as "faithful" and "sealed".
Scriptural evidence presented in Part I, partly established that the previous four terms which refer to the Elect, are not the same experiences as being "invited and chosen" within the marriage feast. In Part I, the invitation and choosing within the marriage feast, was explained.
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When using such words as "our" and "we", the following article is written from the perspective of a Chosen One.

It is difficult to translate an explanation and description of such spiritual concepts and experiences, into written word. I will try my best. If questions arise, please use the contact form.

Jesus described what his Bride members would need to experience, in order to advance and fulfill their divine purpose, successfully. Their unfolding destiny is never described as an "invitation".

The path of the Elect may seem mysterious and circular, as partially described in the next two scriptures. One path is described as being drawn to Christ by the Father. They other is described as going to the Father, by means of Christ. How can both be simultaneously true?
Drawn to Christ / Come to the Father
John 6:44
John 14:6

As a first step in understanding the "called, chosen, and faithful" of Rev.17:14 (and it's distinctive contrast to the "chosen" described at Matt.22:14);

it helps to look at the first step in this progression, which the scriptures describe as...
being drawn/"called" to Christ, by God (John 6:37,39,44; Rom.8:30).
Christ is the "way, truth, and life" toward which those elected are originally drawn to, by God. As the "Word of God" (John 1:14,4,9;  1Tim. 2:5), Christ is found within the scriptures ("way" -Ps.119:105; "truth" -John 17:17; "life" - 1Pet. 1:23; John 6:63). God's spirit, draws those of complete heart, to the scriptures (which IS Christ/God's Word -"I am bread from heaven/man does not live by bread alone"). There they are helped to discover Christ as the way, the truth, and the life. By means of that knowledge (seed of life/heavenly bread/living water), such ones can progress in spiritual growth and move forward on the path of knowledge in the person of God (John 14:9 B). If the example left by Christ is fully imitated (leaving you a model. pick up torture stake.follow lamb wherever he goes.share in suffering/glory.where lord also killed.finish race) at the end of that course, one finds God (the knowledge of God, see his face, make our home, bring you to god, filled with knowledge of God, be my people, god with them.).

Summary: The Word of God provides truth that leads to life. Christ embodies that way, truth and life. If faithfully followed as Exemplar, teacher, and master; Christ leads us to God, that we become His children forever, and members of His New Creation.

- - - - - - -

These descriptive terms (called, chosen, faithful) must not be oversimplified or compartmentalized, or we will wrongly conceive their meaning. 
All three aspects of the heavenly calling are pursued continually by those proving worthy of God's selection.

Note that even those "called" were already Chosen...(Rom.8:27,28,29,30; 9:23,24) and expected to be faithful in their witnessing activities (2Tim. 1:8,9; 4:15,16).

God's calling should not be confused with an invitation, which one may decline. God's calling may not be refused (Rom.11:29). To refuse (one who speaks) is to resist (holy spirit) His spirit, break ones vow, and enter judgment (once taste to be revived)

The "calling", is to embark upon an ongoing association with Christ (1Cor. 1:9; Gal.1:6;  2Thess. 2:14; Heb.9:15;  1Pet. 2:9; 3:9)... not a checklist in a sequence of accomplished tasks. After being chosen, we continue to be called and drawn to Christ, as we progress in knowledge of Truth and continue to act in faithfulness.

Our calling is to be holy, even as Christ is Holy (1Pet. 1:15; John 15:5; Rom.11:16; 1:7;  1John 3:3;  2Cor. 7:1; Isa.35:8;  1Thess. 4:7; 3:13;  1Cor. 1:2;  2Tim. 1:9). It is a calling that continues forever (Rom.1:7; Rev.22:11), as long as the holy ones have free choice.
Through their purification in Christ (wash word/bloodwash robes), these holy ones are enabled to go to the Father (John 14:6), just as Jesus did (John 14:28,4,3,2; Eph.2:22; Rom.8:9,11;  1Cor. 6:19; John 12:26). Those proving faithful as chosen priests, become established members of God's "dwelling"/Temple/"abode" (Acts 7:49; Ps.132:7; 99:5; Isa.60:13; Eze.47:7; 37:27; Rev.21:3; 22:2).
The divine calling to be God's Holy Dwelling, never ends. Our reply to it is a personal choice that must continue forever.

 we continue to go to the father (see his face...keep eye on things above) throughout the growth toward spiritual maturation, which results in the stature of Christ.  (may be one as we are)
Chosen-1Thess. 1:4
Faithful in least (Luke 16:10)according to ability Matt.25:14,15
Assignments given (1Cor. 12:18)
Can lose union with the Head...becoming unfaithful after being part of the functioning body. Therefore, was working as witness while Chosen. Priests are wtinesses who declare God's glory (Isa.43:10,21;  1Pet. 2:9. Such priests can also prove unfaithful (eze.44; Jer.33:21; 5:31; Mal.2:1,2,4,8; Rev.2:20; Mal.3:3; Neh.13:29; Matt.7:
They are a part of Christ's branches, who can be "lopped off" (Rom.11:18-21; John 15:5,6; Matt.7:19,18,15,16,20,21,22,23; 25:11,12,13). Throughout the previous illustrations, Jesus makes clear that those already chosen and proving faithful in their witnessing, can fall (Eze.18:24; Matt.10:22; Rev.3:11; Col.2:8; Gal.6:9;  1Cor. 15:58;  2Thess. 3:13; Heb.12:3,5).
The Holy ones must continue to prove their calling, their choosing, and their faithfulness.
At the point of being chosen, we are already expected to "bear fruit", or, witness (John 15:16)
Paul was not finished being called to holiness when Chosen (Acts 9:15; 22:13-16; 26:15,16; Phil.3:12,13,14)
Eph.1:4,11;  2Thess. 2:13;  2Pet. 1:10


This post follows PART I about being invited and chosen within the "Marriage Feast" of Matt.22:1-14.
As branches in association with Christ, his called, chosen and faithful followers are given the nourishing sap of Holy Spirit, through which they also receive understanding of God's deep things. They are then expected to bear fruit, offering that knowledge to yet others. If they fail to bear this fruit of lips by witnessing, they are "lazy" slaves who have buried what the master gave them. As soon as a called one is brought into the Body of Christ and into the true vine, they are expected to be fruitful. There is no other way to prove faithful.
How then, can they only become witnesses, after proving faithful?
Faithful with what?
Jesus makes very clear what previous deeds his slaves performed, previous to being declared by him as faithful.
They made good use of what he left them with (Matt.28; bags of gold Rev.3:18) sow bountifully reap bountifully will reap if do not tire out.
Those who prove faithful with their initial assignment, are given more. If they continue faithful, what they are given grows. Jesus gives his slaves from what he himself receives from God. In the time of the end, scrolls are opened. Jesus receives more from his father, and he gives more, to those proving faithful at that time.
When the sacred secrets of God come to a finish and are fully opened, this is the marriage feast. Who are invited to this divine knowledge, first? It is god and Christ's intention that all Christ's branches receive it. They are the first to receive of Gods messages and knowledge Mal.2:7;  1John 2:20,27; John 16:15,16; spirit taught words. They are the first ones who were invited to the marriage feast. But according to prophecy, the holy ones are then being trampled, taken captive, and scattered among the Gentiles. They are overcome by the Wild Beast and it's spiritual commerce, just as the foolish virgins demonstrate. They are weighed down with the anxieties of that religious system and it's fear of pleasing men. They do not respond to God's call to the marriage feast, by attending. They prove unworthy to enter, just as the five foolish virgins did.
These are "branches" that prove fruitless, because they have lost their union with Christ. This is why God condemns them for declining the final sacred secrets, by their preference for the table of demons.
As the parable tells us,
God then decides to make the wedding feast available to all. This does not mean that all are now invited to be anointed priests. They are invited to the spiritual feast that God has given Christ, and Christ has given to those who prove ready. The virgins that entered the feast with Christ, will all be fed. Anyone hearing can partake of the living water, and invite yet others to partake.
Many are and will be invited to the opened scroll of Revelation. They are not all Chosen ones. Of all those secondarily invited, of both spiritual Jew and Gentile, not all will be chosen to understand. There will be anointed ones who will sample the feast, not understand, and reject it.
There will be "bad" off the streets who will be chosen to understand what they are reading, though not anointed.
Yet all who are given understanding and have appreciation,
will receive life.
, whether the anointed prophet, or the one who receives him.


Being invited and chosen within the parable of the marriage feast, is not the same being chosen to become the Bride of Christ.
Each member of Christ's body, has been called and chosen to be so, and positioned within that Body, according to God.

That calling is not negotiable, nor can it be refused. It is not an invitation. If God's calling is refused, it results in condemnation. It is not a choice. (Rom.11:29;  2Pet. 1:10; Heb.2:3) True, we can refuse God, but what happened to those who refused to attend the marriage feast? (Matt.22:8,5,6,7) The marriage feast and God's heavenly calling are not the same, but refusing Him under any circumstances, is.

After being called and chosen to belong to Christ, they can prove unfaithful, or faithful; become perfect and Holy, or not; become sealed, or not. Yet they were always chosen, right from when God chose them to be His priest and witness.

You have the invitation to the marriage feast, and the choosing which follows for those graced with grasping that feast....

confused with the anointed choosing.
All called to join the body of Christ, have been chosen. As His priests, they must immediately and consistently be God's witnesses. This is the test of becoming sealed. If they do not witness previous to being sealed, they never will be.

The ones who prove faithful, are SEALED as God's obedient slaves...not chosen.

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