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Not anointed observing the Memorial -- How?

Dear Pearl,
 I too, very much wish to acknowledge this occasion, & remember Christ. Obviously I used to do this at my local kingdom hall but now this is not an option as I am no part of the organization & feel it would not be right to go back there for this reason especially now that I know that Jesus is personal to each of us.
I am at a loss what to do, I still have that urge to partake which I discussed with you a few months back & you kindly explained that only the bride class/chosen are the ones to partake, which I fully understand. 
That being said I feel I must acknowledge this very special event, so I want to arrange something for my family & to remember this observance, sharing some scriptures & watching a movie about Jesus or something. I would very much appreciate anything you can add.

Hello Darren,
I understand your desire to show respect by acknowledging the meaning the Memorial has, for all who are disciples of Christ.
Through Christ and the New Covenant members, all can receive benefit from these new creation "living" spiritual parents, including eternal life 
(John 6:63; Matt.10:40,41,42; Rev.19:9; 21:6; 22:14,17; John 7:38,39;  1Cor. 15:45; Gal.4:26; John 10:10).
Both parents have sacrificed their lives, for the sake of their potential children (John 10:11,17) (Acts 20:24;  2Cor. 1:5,6; 12:15; Phil.2:17;  1Thess. 2:7,8;  2Tim. 2:10; Mark 8:35; Rev.6:9,11). 
Life is received through the Word of God (Luke 8:11;  1Pet. 1:23; James 1:21; Luke 8:15), and that seed is provided by those who have already died for the sake of it (John 12:24,25;  1Cor. 15:36; Rev.6:9,11; Gal.6:9; Ec.11:1 (
This was necessary, because all are under a death sentence (Rom.5:12;  1Cor. 15:22;  1John 2:2), and must be ransomed from Satan's dominion over humanity (1John 5:19).
Satan does not allow any to be freed from his power over death (Heb.2:14; Rev.9:11; Job 38:17) (Matt.16:18; John 1:5; Luke 10:19;  1Cor. 15:55-57; Rev.2:26-27; 3:9), without a ransom (Heb.9:22; Job 33:23,24; Rev.5:9-10; Luke 10:19;  2Cor. 10:4-5).
Just as Satan had the "key" to open death (Gen.3:1,2,3,4,19; John 8:44; 10:10; Heb.2:14; Rev.9:1-3,10;  1Cor. 15:56; Rev.9:11; John 10:10)
Christ and his Bride have the key to release those held captive there, having the "keys" to life. 
("Key" = power and authority
(Rev.1:18; John 11:25; Matt.13:11,12,13,14,15;  1Sam. 2:6) 
(Matt.16:19; Rev.22:17; John 20:21,22,23)
I suggest a review of all these cited scriptures, and an explanation of them suited to the comprehension of your children.
You may also wish to draw an age appropriate summary of the articles I wrote about the occasion and the emblems. 
I  have linked them, below.

If you do make use of a movie, I'll tell you that I have tuned in to some of those advertised during this week, and most of their portrayals of Christ are grossly inaccurate. The producer's lack of faith is often evident. I suggest reviewing any film, previous to showing it.
Here is one that I have enjoyed many times:

Here are some additional links, where you may draw some information to include in your teaching them about the night:

If you read these yourself (I know it's plenty, but perhaps just the first four), 
you will be equipped to talk to your wife and children. I'm sure what comes to your mind then, with prayer, will be of benefit to them. 
Most of the beneficial truth they contain, is in the scriptures cited.

My prayer is with you, that all may derive permanent spiritual benefit from what you accomplish.

(For making and reading comments in language other than English)

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