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Symbolic Earthquakes

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( Luke21:11; Rev.6:12 )

"Regarding the prophecy of Luke23:30, see it's association to earthquakes, at Isa.2:19,21. This literally says, "shake the earth".
Regarding that, also see Heb.12:26; Isa.13:13; 24:19; Hosea10:8; Haggai2:6,7.
There is great change afoot. God is allowing a sifting and shaking, to separate and sift out, those who are fit for life. These tremors will unearth the truth about the present heavens and earth, and the evil work being done and hidden within them (2Pet.3:10,7). This quaking is being caused by the voice (decrees/judgments) of God (Heb.12:26; Dan.7:7,8,21,26,9,22,18,27; Joel3:16; Jer.25:30; Eze.38:19; Hosea11:10; Amos1:2; 3:8,7; Eze.29:21; Ps.132:17; 75:10; 112:9; Rev.22:6,16; Zech.4:9; Nahum1:7; Prov.18:10).
He will cause what is low, to be raised up, and what is high, to be brought down to the dust, just as a great literal earthquake does.
(See Isa.45:2; 40:4; Zech.4:7; Ps.113:7,8; Eze.21:26; Luke14:11; 3:6,5; Isa.43:19,20,21; 
Jer.31:22 -literally: woman [daughter who was elusive/backsliding/shrunk back -see context] will [come forward to] defend/shield/protect/guard, her master. In doing so, this defies the usual scenario of a master defending his maidservant. In her doing so, streams of water are produced in the wilderness for God's people. -Isa.43:19; Jer.31:22; Isa.52:2,1,3; Rev.12:6,14).

The reason there was an earthquake upon Jesus death (Matt.27:50,51,54), was also a meaningful manifestation of God's release of anger, when He upturned His covenant with Israel (Matt.21:43,42; Matt.21:37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45). It caused the curtain which enclosed God's abode within the Most Holy, to be torn apart, (Mark15:37,38; Luke23:45), exposing that the ark of God's covenant was gone. The armies of Titus found the Holy of Holies quite empty in 70 A.D. Just as Jesus said, "Your house is left to you abandoned" 
(Eze.8:6; Matt.23:37,38; Jer.22:5; Matt.24:2).
So will the wayward Temple members today, be upturned, debased, and abandoned. 
(Rom.11:19,20,21,22; Matt.24:15,16; 2Thess.2:4; Rev.11:2; Matt.5:13; Isa.51:23; Rev.9:10; 20:7,8,9; 13:7; Jer.51:7; Zech.12:2; Luke21:24; Rev.13:10,7; 11:3,5; 20:9) 
("Fire From Heaven").
The day of reckoning rushes upon them, when these Harlotrous representative agents of their mother Covenant of Death ("Babylon the Great" -Rev.17:5)
(Harlot and Beast) (Harlot and Beast -2)
will have to face the writing on the wall (Dan.5:5,6,25,26,27,30; Luke12:20,21; Prov.13:22; Job27:8; Prov.10:2) when they will lose all their worldly treasures on earth (Matt.6:19; 1John2:15,16), given them by the god of this world (Matt.4:8; 1Pet.5:8; 2Cor.2:11; 11:3), and taken away by his Gentile sons of destruction (2Thess.2:3; Rev.13:4; 9:3,11; 17:16), with whom she also fornicates. 
(James1:27; 4:4)
The "high" "mountain" of the WT will be abased, (Zech.4:7; Rev.8:8; 18:21) 
and the despised and rejected capstone will be set in it's place...completing the Temple of God. 
(1Pet.2:5; 1Cor.3:16; Eph.2:21,22; Zech.4:7,9; 3:9; Rev.14:1; Isa.2:2,3,10,17,18,19,20,21,22) 
("Yhwh's Genuine Mountain")
Jesus told us that "earthquakes" will take place in various localities (Matt.24:7,8).
As the truths of God are brought out while the seven seals are opened and their content publicized (Rev.5:1,5,7,9; John15:15; Rev.1:1; 10:2,3,8,7; 20:12; Dan.7:10; 12:4,10,3; Matt.24:14; Rev.14:6,7,8; Isa.48:20; Rev.18:4; Isa.44:23), all the strongly entrenched falsehoods "in various places", are overturned (2Cor.10:4,5; Eph.5:11) and judged (Matt.12:36,37; 15:18). There are many such manifestations of falsehood..."various places"; because up until then, "Babylon the Great" (lit. "Great Confusion") reigns (and death reigns, through the famine she causes -Isa.28:15; Amos8:11,12). Is this not presently evident on all the forums, and even among those claiming to be anointed priests? 
(Dan.12:4; Amos8:12,11; Rev.18:8; 6:6; Matt.24:7,8)
All the end time powerful lying signs, powerful demonic portents, and the false prophets who teach them (1Tim.4:1; Rev.12:9,15,17; 20:7,8; 16:13,14,15,16; 19:20; 13:4; 2Thess.2:8,9,10; Matt.24:4,5,24,25), will become mire in the streets (Hab.2:16; Jer.13:13; Rev.14:8; Micah7:10; Isa.51:22,23) when compared to the beaming revelations of God (John1:5; Acts26:18; John3:19; 2Thess.2:11,12; Rev.20:10; Isa.24:6; Hosea6:5; Rev.11:5; Jer.5:14; Zech.1:6).

These events happen in the spiritual realm, and are perceived with spiritual eyes that are open and awake. These events will eventually change the surface of the "earth", removing rebellious kings, and installing faithful kings 
(Dan.2:21; 4:17; Rev.10:11; Ps.82:1; 75:7; Jer.1:10; 31:28). 
These are spiritual earthquakes, and concern the removal of the wicked powers that exist ("heavens"), and the installation of the powers that were not....a new heavens and earth in which righteousness dwells.
(Dan.2:21; Ps.75:7; Eze.21:26; 1Sam.2:8; Luke14:11; 1:52; Prov.29:23; 1Pet.5:6) (2Pet.3:7,10,12,13; Isa.60:21; 65:17; 66:22; Rev.21:1,27; Dan.7:9,18,22)."


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  1. Micah 7:10 “Then my enemy will see, And shame will cover her who said to me, “Where is the LORD your God?” My eyes will look on her; At that time she will be trampled down
    Like mire of the streets.”

    As The Governing Body “Trampled” Jah's true and Faithful Priests and encouraged and backed the Beast to accomplish this,now its Her turn! As the Beast “Trampled” Christ Brothers with The Governing Body's unequivocal blessing,now the Beast will “trample” The Harlot Governing Body. Not because She was faithful like the Ones she approved of being Disfellowshipped,but because Jah put it into their heads to turn on the Governing Body,for the same reason She “Trampled” upon Christ's Brothers:Lust for power.

    Her Trampling Faithful Anointed will now be reversed upon the Harlot Governing Body!

    Part of how the Trampling is carried out is alluded to by the “Mire”. Mire is a combination of Water and filth,particularly clay. The Waters of Truth have shown they will not allow themselves to be moulded as clay by the Great Potter. They would not be faithful to their Spirit Anointing. Instead,The Harlot sank to lower and Lower depths of Filth to keep Her position in the Organisation, Jah's Water of Truth could have purified them,but they chose to ignore and rebel against the Water/Truth. This led them to become the opposite of purifying Water/Truth: The epitome of spiritual Mire and filth,thus fit to be called a Harlot.

    Being trampled is not just one blow. If a horse tramples something,its many blows from all four hooves that do the damage. The many New Truths being revealed by the Ones She has “Trampled”,are like so many blows that expose more and more filth within The Governing Body. Each blow or “Trample of Truth”,confirms the judgement The Harlot will receive is Divinely just.


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