Sunday, September 16, 2012

I wanted to post this experience, because it is becoming increasingly common.
It is a letter from a reader....

"Sorry to hear you are ill. I thought maybe you were working on Mt. 24:14. (witnessing to witnesses) I also thought that I could witness better to witnesses if I wasn't disfellowshipped, but it seems this may not happen. Today 2 elders came to my door. Five of the witnesses I talked to about the real truth, went to the elders! They were really here to talk to my daughter to disfellowship her and talk to me. We had a long discussion. I only got chocked up once. It does hurt that I had much love for these people and they will throw us away like garbage. There is no witnessing to elders. They truly are beasts. They have no love of Jehovah or men. How long has it been this bad? Well, I might as well prepare to talk to an elders wife because she was my friend. I don't have much time.
Thank-you for everything and I just wanted to say I love to read other anointed sites that you linked  on your site. I enjoyed the "truth begets truth" site.
Obadiah mentioned he was a JW for 30 years. Does he attend meetings? I hope not, you would set him straight. Lol
Thank-you for your encouragement. I am truly in awe of Jehovah letting me talk personally to a prophet. Yeh(happy noise)


Hello Xxxx,
I was up...couldn't sleep.
I am so sorry to hear about the pain you are now enduring.
I do know how unloving the elders really are (Gal.6:2)...."lawless"....the "man of lawlessness" (2Thess.2:3).
Rev.9:9 says that they have "breastplates like iron breastplates". I know this points to how hard
their hearts really are.

It may comfort you to know that when those you try to save,
turn you in,
it was prophesied by Jesus (Matt.10:21,22).
My own daughter did this to me and her father (Matt.15:4).
When you feel like you are being treated "like garbage", I hope
you can recall how precious lovers of truth are to Jehovah, especially during this tribulation (John16:27).
He sees every slap and blow to our hearts (Matt.10:29-39), and will not forget...
both for our reward (Matt.6:20), and for their retribution (2Thess.1:6; Rev.6:10).

Acts5:41 reminds us that to suffer for Christ and the Truth, is an honor.
I will pray for you in your last contact with those still "in prison".
It is hard to endure while feeling "alone". Out of an entire world, only Noah and his family survived.
But I know you see, that we are not really alone. And every day, more are added to those waking up.
Xxxx...the Kingdom draws so close. "Be courageous and strong".

Just a word to be cautious about the other sites. Each one has some truth,
but also some error. Likely I may also,
but I know my place in the "body of Christ"
IS a prophet...And the prophets have direct knowledge given them in a clearer way
than the other parts of the Body (Num.12:6).
Sometimes those who have been chosen to be teachers,
forget to accept the message of the prophet, in order to teach.

The body of Christ has ranks (1Cor.15:23)
First, (after the Head, Christ) are the 12 apostles. Next, the prophets (1Cor.12:28).
Then teachers...and so on. We can not choose our position, but it is given us by Jehovah (1Cor.12:18).
It will afford you some protection, if you keep this in mind when reading.

The anointed are working on coming together in cooperation. If Jehovah blesses this effort,
it will benefit us and all. It will depend on Jehovah's timing when this prophecy is to be fulfilled.

Please write anytime. Did you say you were on the West Coast?
I am just thinking about if I can put you in contact with others who have accepted the "real truth"...
for mutual support (John14:6; Eph.4:5).
Just to let you know....I am  working on all the other projects. Please be comforted that my absence from the site
is not a sign of idleness...even if I am sick or busy. But publishing takes special time and energy set aside,
which sadly, I do not always have.
Thank you for writing me Xxxx.
Would it be okay to post your experience at 4woman?

 I think the info will help others on the fence to brace for what comes with faithfulness.
I am glad to see that you do not live too far from me. I hope one day to meet you for mutual encouragement.
We are working on renovating the house (which as you can image is slow, with all the other responsibilities).
What keeps me going is imagining showing hospitality when we are finally done.
I hope that you and your daughter will be among our first guests.
I have learned that "Obadiah" is preparing his parting letter...his final witness to his Congregation.
I'm sure that he will be expelled soon after.

I find talking to you just as refreshing to find someone who is on the path of light and life.
Please join us for the next Memorial...on Skype.
Back to work :)


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