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Those perceiving truth, and wishing to draw away from the apostasy; are being confronted by their JW relatives. This is typically followed by a visit from the elders/locust-scorpions/representatives of the Wild Beast....followed by a judicial committee and expulsion (Rev.13:15,7,8). In response to one of these letters, I wrote the following letter. The scriptures it contains are good for us to keep in mind, when we are under such circumstances.
My Reply:

What you are experiencing in your family was prophesied...(Luke12:52,53).

Remember that Jesus warned us, that if we do not have our forehead or hand marked by the beast, it will search us out and "kill" us (Rev.13:15; John16:2). Jesus knew that the Beast/Organization/elders, would not allow any middle ground. You must submit to the Beast or be killed. No one can get the upper hand or "win" in a battle against them (Rev.13:4). We do not expect to win them over to truth, because Jesus also tells us that the hearts of the elders are beyond reach (Rev.9:9).

I wanted to make known to you some things you may already know.
Please consider all these scriptural viewpoints...

1. You do not have to submit a "dissociation letter" or submit to a "judicial hearing" the way that the elders expect, due to "Organizational protocol".
They feel obliged to do things according to "organizational arrangements", but you are not under obligation to obey the beast. This obeying the beast is represented by the symbolic mark on the "right hand"....something we must avoid. If you decide to meet with them to give a witness, let it be your own choice.
2. Before you are disfellowshipped ("killed") you may want to take advantage of your present freeness of speech with the rest of the congregation, by giving a witness before you are shunned.
3. We may decide to imitate Jesus, by giving a witness, even though those who are blind (likely all who hear you) may never receive the truth you speak (Eze.2:7).
When Jesus said "he who confesses me/acknowledges me, before men", he was referring to what he said at John14:6...
 "I am the way and the truth and the life."
When we acknowledge the Bible's truth before men (John17:17)....the accurate way to God (Prov.14:12)...and the only means of survival through this great tribulation (the life) (Luke21:36; Matt.24:24,25); we acknowledge Jesus Christ, who taught us these things.

I believe that the most important witness we give before our disfellowshipping "death", is not to the elders, but to the rest of those we know who are yet held captive (Rev.13:10,8; 12:9,16; Luke21:35)
Yet Jesus gave a witness to all. This requires tremendous courage. We are given a warning when we consider doing this....
(Eze.2:6; Jer.1:8,17; Phil.1:28; Isa.8:18).  We should not be afraid of the rebellious who are facing God's judgment while they judge us (Rom.14:4; John16:2; Matt.10:26; 2Pet.3:10). If we give in to fear, God will allow us to be terrified (Jer.1:17). We need to have strong faith that God will rid his creation of these resisters soon....that we are safe in his approval, and that our reward (treasures in heaven) is secure with God. Why should we fear what they can do? (Psalm56:11; 118:6; Heb.13:6; Luke12:4; Isa.2:22) Our reward is so close, and it is forever. Not so for enemies of God. Their shame and punishment is forever (Dan.12:2; Matt.25:46; Isa.66:24). This is why we pity and pray for them (Matt.5:44; Rom.12:14).

When we face such men of lies, who have presumed to take power and authority away from God and His chosen ones (1Cor.6:1,2,3; Rev.5:9,10; 2Chron.13:9; Eze.44:6,7,8,9; Rev.11:2; Dan.8:12);
we tend to get indignant and angry at what they do to the truth. Even Jesus felt this way (Matt.23). Despite these emotions, we try to do our best to "adorn the teaching". Even if our witness does not help to prevent the adverse judgment of any who hear us (Eze.3:5,6,7,8); they will know later, that God provided a fine witness to them through us (Jer.44:4; Eze.2:5,6; 33:33).

What I am saying is that you are not obligated to meet with them as they request, if you feel fearful.
If you decline, still find a way to give a witness, perhaps by means of a letter to as many as possible.
And by all means, DO NOT write a "dissociation letter" as the elders request of those who are "causing divisions".


Make your "death" count for something!
To see why this lack of compliance is best,
please consider these links:

If you meet with the elders, a good scripture to keep in mind is Luke12:51, where Jesus himself said:
"Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division." ("a sword" Matt.10:34; Heb.4:12) (John7:43; 9:16; 10:19) This "division" is a natural consequence, when falsehood faces truth. Being exposed to the truth will reveal each one's heart, and separate them based upon their love, or lack of love for truth (2Thess.2:9,10,11,12,13,14; Rev.2:4; 3:16). Division in itself is not sin. But when there is division, scriptural discernment must be applied. God's Word equips us to determine which side is falsehood/sin, and which is the truth (Matt.7:20; John16:13,8; Mal.3:18).

Jesus wanted to divide truth from lies, so that the truth could be clearly discerned and followed. He never espoused unity with leadership, at the cost of Truth; but Truth over unity, and unity through truth.
For this (Matt.22:16; 23:13), Jesus suffered the condemnation of men, as an apostate (Matt.26:65). The Jewish leaders in covenant with God, looked to the Gentiles for support in dealing with Jesus (Matt.27:2; Isa.36:6; 31:1,3; Rev.11:8; Jer.17:5), just as the Ram/false prophet (Rev.13:11; Dan.8:4), relies on it's Gentile Beast (Rev.13:15; 11:7; 6:9). The first century Jewish leaders told Pilate that Jesus was perverting the nation from the true doctrine of Moses and the prophets (Luke23:2); by spreading among them new notions, and false principles of religion; whereby he was a trouble maker of God's Israel, as Ahab charged Elijah (1Kings18:17).
But in order to interest the Romans in executing Christ, they also accused him of "forbidding the giving of tribute to Caesar", which was a lie (Matt.22:21; 17:24,25,26,27). We too, are falsely slandered, shamed, and "killed" (Eze.22:8,9; Lev.19:16; Hosea6:9; Rev.11:7,8,9,10; 6:9,11)...accused of refusing to give due tribute to the Image of the Gentile beast Organization (Rev.13:15,8; 19:20). The false prophet ("two horned" wild beast) uses it's power ("key"/"realm"), to sanction the "ten-horned" wild beast to "kill" on it's behalf (Rev.13:15 A; Rev.8:10,11; 9:1; Isa.28:15).
The authority and power of the false prophet/"two-horned beast", is symbolized as "fire from heaven" -Rev.13:13 (divine judgment)
("Fire from Heaven").
The two-horned false prophet empowers the Gentile Wild Beast with "breath" ("spirit-directed" Image) to be it's own instrument of judgment  and capital punishment.
(Rev.13:15 A; Dan.11:31; 8:11,12,24; Rev.13:7).
By imbuing the image of the Beast with spirit, it appears to be "spirit directed" by God's Holy Spirit, but it is not.  This Beast kills the faithful followers of Jesus.

Only Jesus Christ can breathe Holy Spirit into his faithful chosen followers (John20:22,23), giving them the power to judge (Rev.20:4; Matt.16:19; 18:18; 1Cor.6:2,3).

The faithful anointed are expected to follow in Christ's footsteps, including his shameful condemnation by the religious leaders of God's people (John16:1,2,3,4; Heb.13:13; Rom.6:5; Phil.3:10; 1Cor.4:13; 2Cor.6:8 C; Rev.6:9,10,11; 11:8,9,10) and "execution" at the hands of Gentiles (Rev.11:7,10; 20:4).
("What is 'Jew'?. What is 'Gentile'?")
Do not expect Satan to let any faithful disciple (anointed or non-anointed), to slip by without being persecuted (2Tim.3:12; Luke22:31). As with Job (Job 1:9,11,12), God allows this testing/sifting/cleansing/discipline (Amos 9:9; Haggai 2:7; 1Cor.3:13; Mal.3:1,2,3; Rev.3:18,19; Matt.3:11; 1Pet.4:1; Heb.5:8), to a responsive, symbolic "one-third" (Rev.2:9,10; Zech.13:9; Rev.9:15,20).

You are correct. Although it seems we face Satan's wrath alone (as Jesus felt while he was dying -Matt.27:46; 26:31); in truth, we are proving who we are, without any support or cheating (Matt.4:1; John14:30; 16:33; 17:15). God's spirit does help us where needed, but the test is for us, and the reward is for our own faithfulness under test (1Cor.3:13; James1:14; 1Cor.10:13; Rev.3:12,21). God can not do this for us. In choosing to take a righteous stand in our own heart and actions, for the God of Truth;
we prove whom and what we love, and which Master we choose to belong to, despite the adversity this brings. Nothing less is expected of those who will be found faithful by Christ.

(Another helpful link pertaining to current false charges:

My point is that while we feel alone, we have in spirit, the company of all those who have proven faithful, from Abel forward (Heb.12:1; 1Pet.5:9). When we enter the new world, we will joyfully see how many loyal ones of strong faith, belong to our new family.
Please keep in touch throughout your trial.
Love and prayers in your behalf,
May all readers pray for those enduring the great tribulation....that they may have courage and strong faith to please our heavenly Father's face. (Luke21:28; 2Cor.4:17)



  1. Dear Pearl
    I have just finished translating this wonderful article. I sent you an email asking you to pray for me as I was having tremendous muscular pain in my body and neck and this interfered with my translation. Well, I am sure you prayed for me because the pain suddenly disappeared and I was able to finish the translation. This article is so encouraging. It left me in tears that I could hardly see the words. May Jah our heavenly father be praised. Thank you

    1. Our Father permits Satan to test our resolve while we are doing God's will (Job 1:9,12; Prov.27:11). Yet after proving our faithfulness despite persecution and threats (Rev.12:10-11), Satan leaves us (James 4:7; 1Cor.10:13; Matt.4:10-11). If we are faithful, obedient, and diligently slave for our God, we will see His purposes and will come to pass (Zech.6:15; 2Pet.3:11-14).
      I too must contend with chronic pain and other challenges. But the power of Christ is made perfect, in our frailties and weaknesses (2Cor.12:9).
      Love in Christ,

  2. Thanks for loving dear sister for such wonderful words of encouragment. It´s so comforting when we allow Christ to speak to our hearts through the Scriptures you cited. Thank you. May Jah keep on blessing you so you can encourage others the way you have encouraged me.


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