Tuesday, March 26, 2013

English Memorial 3/26/13

MEMORIAL 2013  (3/26/13)
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Opening prayer: John Wilhelm

Heavenly father we approach you this evening with joy in our hearts and thankfulness in our voices. The joy is because of the many ways you have blessed us with  kindness and mercy,   so far beyond what we deserve. You have given us your word of pure truth, you’ve given us  comfort and protection from our adversaries, you have given us one another as gifts of your love, and most of all you have given us your son, our Lord and Savior. Beloved father there are not enough words to adequately express the thanks we owe you for these and the many other kindnesses you have showered upon us.  Please accept our humble heartfelt expressions as we attempt in human terms to describe what is sublime beyond our abilities.

We ask now that you grant us the wisdom and humility to reflect the love you have shown to us individually and as brothers and sisters, to one another. We also ask for your help so that we may reflect your love in ways that show all others we appreciate the love and blessings we have received from you. Father, we are mindful of the great examples of love you and our Lord and savior have set before us. We ask that these be our guiding light as we continue to serve you, and our brothers and sisters. We are mindful also of those sheep who have become lost, have strayed, or have been detoured from the pasture of your intention. We ask for your help and guidance to our efforts in sharing your word and your thoughts with them. And now as we commence this evening as a memorial of your love and sacrifice, we ask for your spirit to be upon us so that we may adequately honor both you and our Lord Jesus in a way that gladdens your hearts. . . .  Amen

May we now lift the voices of our hearts in a song of praise for you . . . .

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Opening song:
The words and music were each written by one of the anointed in attendance.
Also performed by an anointed attendee.

"All Day and Each Night"

1.  Your  kindness  and  mercies  exceed all  our  thought
With  love  and  your son . . our  lives  have  been bought

 You’ve  given us  hope . . . . in  Christ  our  dear  Lord
And  granted  us  spirit  . . . .by means  of  your  sword

 Please  hear  O God. . . we  raise  our  voices  in praise
In  a song  of  thanksgiving . . . . . for all  of your ways


Our Father. . . our God , . . . .in your glory. . . we delight
We’ll sing you our praises . . . all day and each night

2. You've  heard  all  our  prayers  and  you've granted  our  needs
    and  helped  us  to endure,  amid  thorns  and  weeds.

 We  ask  for  your  help. . . for  we  know we  are  weak
Please  grant  us  the  strength. . . . and help  us  stay  meek

 Help  us  our  God . . .  to be courageous and strong,
to  sing  in your kingdom. . . . with  love in  our song


Our Father. . . our God , . . . .in your glory. . . we delight
We’ll sing you our praises . . . all day and each night
All day, and each night. (1Pet.2:9; Rev.7:15; 5:10)


 Introduction: Pearl

(Now we will hear an expression from our brother Paulo)

A song, by Paulo. (He played his classical guitar)

(Paulo...introduce a prayer by brother Del Underwood)

Prayer by brother Del Underwood

"We thank you father, through your son Jesus Christ our "High priest" for allowing us to have this share with you in this communal meal. It is through the love and obedience of your son, the acceptance of his sacrifice, and the pouring out of your holy spirit at "Pentecost" (2000 years ago) that you have made it possible for us to partake of your sons body and blood through the emblems that are placed before us. With your son as our "High Priest", we present ourselves as sanctified and obedient servants of you and your son. We thank you for answering your sons prayer on that fateful night of Nissan 14 to accept us as being in union with you and your son. We realize that although our sins have been forgiven, by a new and lasting covenant, we do not want to miss it's purpose. It was for Christ to offer himself without blemish to God to cleanse our consciences from dead-works, that we may render "sacred service" to you our "Heavenly father". As anointed who are created in union with your Son through his sacrifice and good works in order to walk in his foot-steps always we ask that you bless this arrangement."

(Del...please introduce a talk by our Romanian brother, Sas Gavril)

Gavril Sas' talk:

Both the great act of liberation from the bondage of the remnant, the man of sin '(the slave ... ") and the working of,, the body of Christ" (Isaiah 11:2-4), they will sanctify and justify JEHOVAH in a special way. Speaking on this,, flesh ", so says Jehovah, 'I'll show you wonderful things, - says the Lord, that the day when you came out of Egypt." Micah 7:15.
The Holy Spirit inspired the prophet Isaiah, saying, 'You get out before they turn the joy of righteousness, those who walk in your ways, and they remember you. But you angry, because I have sinned, we have November forever, or can be saved? "Isaiah 64:5. If you subscribe to this word, it is time to pray like Daniel, who spoke these words, asking Him Jehovah even begging Him for deliverance from the bondage in which he found his people (slavery Babylon), 'Now Lord our God, you who brought up the people of Egypt by thy mighty hand, and hast made a name as it is today: we have sinned, we have committed iniquity. But, Lord, after all mercy thy wrath and thy wrath from thy city Jerusalem, thy holy Mount for because of our pa-unions and iniquities of our fathers, Jerusalem and Your people are a reproach of all those around us. ", Listen Now therefore, our God, prayer and thy servant, and to love the Lord thy face to shine above thy holy shrine devastated," give ear, O God, and hear; Open your eyes, and behold our desolation and the city which is called by thy name! Do not our righteousness because we bring our petitions, but for thy great mercies.", Listen, Lord, Forgive, Lord, Behold, Lord! Work defer not, for the love of Thee, my God! Because your name is called by thy city and thy people over "- Daniel 9:15-19. If we truly think it's time to make our own the words of this prayer, begging Him Jehovah as we did and Daniel, then Jehovah will bless us to see this great achievement of liberation, the full benefit of it (so the ,, anointed "and, other sheep" - Ezekiel 16:61)!
We must understand that Jehovah do so, as shown in Word. This is what the prophet Amos says, inspired by the Holy Spirit, 'Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. "-Amos 3:7. Scripture says, Friendship Lord is with them that fear him, and covenant with him to give them education. "Psalm 25:14. In that covenant was the,, anointed, "which even the grease teaches all things (1 John 2:20, 27). These anointed still follows the model outlined by Jesus regarding the commemoration of His death. It is for them Redeemer and Savior. With His coming, the wine'' gets a new meaning. Jesus said that he would drink again in the company of his disciples, the kingdom of God (Matthew 26:29). Expression, new wine "symbolize or signify redemption and salvation action of those who really expected Jesus, this double quality was. Scripture referring to these things says (Isaiah 59:20; Hebrew 9:28).
The bread symbolizes the body perfect, sinless, Jesus. Preumbreste bread, unleavened food ', given by Jehovah, by the body or body' of Christ. Given those forming the body "of Christ, Apostle Paul says, whisk the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, since you truly are unleavened: for Christ our Passover has been sacrificed.", praznium to the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth. "1 Corinthians 5:7, 8. Of course, this means that all participants sharing must be clean so in the spirit of their minds (about teaching) and in the flesh 'them (on practices flesh)! Do not forget that the Lord told us to guard, leaven of the Pharisees'! If learning about faith is wrong, so is the practice of faith! -Referring to the bread, and its significance, we should use them with dignity symbol. Read Matthew 26:26. (Prayer of blessing the bread).
Wine symbolizes shed blood of Jesus, a pure blood, a perfect man. It signifies purity of doctrine on the application ransom sacrifice of Jesus. Clear teaching of the truth, says Jesus' sacrifice is not for those who sin willfully administer. Those who administer sin willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth,,, profaned the blood of the covenant "(Hebrew 10:26-29)! So I really appreciate the true anointed shed blood of Jesus, and as such is the symbol corresponding share wine. On the come, Jesus said (Matthew 26:27, 28). (Prayer of thanksgiving for wine). Those who share the Remembrance legitimate symbols are ready to give their lives to defend the truth, and that is located in a covenant of sacrifice with the Most High. Today we live in a time when you hear the voice of Jehovah, he cried, 'Squeeze Me on My believers, who have made a covenant with me by sacrifice. "- Psalm 50:5.
Blessed be Jehovah for ever and ever, and his beloved son Jesus Christ.

(Pearl will introduce a talk by John)

John's Talk

MEMORIAL TALK Tues 3/26 /2013
 (approx. 20 minutes)


Please turn with me to Matt. 26:28 : In NWT of the Holy Bible it says;
Jesus words were "TAKE, eat. This means my body."

In most other versions it reads: Take, eat; this is My body. AMP

Likewise At Matthew 26:28 in NWT we read :  for this means my 'blood of the covenant,

Other versions read :  For this is My blood of the new covenant,

In both these instances the NWT translators got it right.  They were able to see clearly that Jesus did not mean the bread was literally his body.  Nor was he equating the wine with his literal blood.  In this case, they understood the bread was a symbol for his body and the wine was symbol for his blood.

In the Bible, symbols always represent far greater or deeper meaning than the literal words themselves convey.

For example the word “Angel “is a symbol in that it has a primary meaning of “a messenger” . .Yet when we encounter the word we are also aware of it as a spirit being,  a direct servant of God,  one having  superhuman powers and being invisible.  That’s a whole lot more than just being a messenger.

Likewise, The single word “Passover”; . . . .

To the people of Jehovah’s ancient nation of Israel it was also a symbol , representing a greater and far more complex meaning than the word itself possessed.

It was not only that Jehovah’s angel of destruction “passed over” their houses,  it also meant that he had acted on their behalf,  that his favor
was upon them and that he was going to liberate them from their slavery.

Later, as a memorial celebration,  the Passover was to remind them of the many miracles in their delivery from Egypt and of the covenant he had entered into with them.

On another level, it was also to serve as a symbol of a future hope for an even greater liberation, liberation from Sin and Death.   It showed them that their God, Jehovah,  not only had supernatural ability to deliver them and power greater than any foreign God, but that what he had done for them before, he could do again in the future.

The original Passover celebration included symbolically prophetic features pointing to a later fulfillment. There was the sacrificial lamb, unleavened bread, blood on the door post and the Mosaic Covenant among others.  Many of those features were to play a role almost 500 years later in a Passover celebration that turned into what we know today as the Lords Evening Meal.

On that momentous evening on Nissan 14 of 33 CE, three of the symbols from the old Passover which came to take on a new and expanded meaning to those present, are of special significance to us:

Two of them were mentioned earlier: That is the unleavened bread,
(which symbolized the Body) and the Wine (which symbolized the blood ).

That night, the expressions “BODY” and “BLOOD” became symbols again in their own right with meanings far beyond what the words themselves imply.

What Christ’s body meant goes way beyond a common  dictionary, where we find a BODY defined as:

“The physical structure and material substance of a human being, a corpse; carcass, or the trunk or main mass of a thing:

Christ’s sacrifice was not only his physical body but also implied giving up everything Jehovah had designed into humans that made them unique and afforded them pleasure.  It especially meant giving up the pleasure of having a wife and children.

So when he said "This means my body which is to be given in YOUR behalf. Luke 22:19 NWT

He was telling them that he was giving up everything that was important, meaningful and beneficial to humans. Every blessing connected to his human existence . . . . . What an act of self sacrificing love this was.

Likewise the Wine, whereas it was a symbol for his blood, his own blood represented a far more important symbol in its own right according to Leviticus 17:11  - there we see written  “ For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one's life.” NIV

Thus, Jesus blood represented not only his life in this case, but the atonement it could make for their sinful lives and the sinful lives of others.

Turn please to Matt. 26:28 where several literal translations read as follows: “For this is My blood of the New Covenant which concerning many is being poured out for remission of sins LITV

In this verse we see a third important symbol in connection with The Lords Evening . That is the “covenant” which his blood being poured out validated legally.

This was not the Law covenant under Moses. It was a new one.

The Jews understood that the Law Covenant instituted at the foot of Mount Sinai was an agreement, a contract between Jehovah and themselves which God had presented to them through Moses.  And,  they had agreed to it three times, one of which is recorded at  (Ex. 24:7) where it says:

“Finally he took the book of the covenant and read it in the ears of the people. Then they said: "All that Jehovah has spoken, we are willing to do and be obedient." NWT

 On that occasion the agreement needed to be validated by Blood which was poured out in sacrifice . . . . . we read at

Exodus 24:8 Then Moses sprinkled the blood from the basins over the people and said, "This blood confirms the covenant the LORD has made with you in giving you these laws."  NLT

The covenant became a symbol in that what it represented was not merely about ‘covenant” as a word, but about the full meaning attached to their relationship with Jehovah as his chosen people.

Covenant agreements have terms by which their parties are bound and the Mosaic covenant had such terms:

For one, the covenant was conditional.  It depended on both parties continuing to honor their agreement.  If either broke it it could become invalid.  While Jehovah would always uphold his part of the agreement, its remaining in effect depended on the people upholding their part of the agreement as well . . . . .

As we know, they did not, and so Jeremiah was to write the following words nine centuries after the Mosaic covenant was instituted

At Jeremiah 31:31  we read : "Look! There are days coming," is the utterance of Jehovah, "and I will conclude with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah a new covenant”;

With those words Jeremiah implied that the current covenant would be replaced.

And it was.  For on the night of Nissan 14 in the year 33CE, when Jesus had his last supper with His apostles, He said, . . ."This cup is the new covenant in my blood"

 Since a covenant was confirmed by blood and death Jesus' shed blood and death less than 24 hours later established the new covenant just as he had spoken.

Paul was to confirm this under inspiration some years later when he wrote at Hebrews 9:12:

“Once for all time he took blood into that Most Holy Place, but not the blood of goats and calves. He took his own blood, and with it he secured our salvation forever”. NLT
Thus we have the “New Covenant “made not with the fleshly nation of Israel as the old one had been, but with a Spiritual nation of Israel, represented that night by the eleven apostles who were present on that momentous occasion.

With it comes a whole new set of meaning based on exactly what the “New Covenant symbolized.  It was not merely “NEW”  . . .Its meaning went way beyond that.  We are introduced to some of its features at Lu 22:29 where Jesus said;

Luke 22:29 and I make a covenant with YOU, just as my Father has made a covenant with me, for a kingdom, 30 that YOU may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom, and sit on thrones to judge the twelve tribes of Israel

This promise is further corroborated at Rev.5th chapter when John visualizes it’s fulfillment in heaven in a future time. . . . .We read at:

Revelation 5:9, 10 “ And they sing a new song, saying: "You are worthy to take the scroll and open its seals, because you were slaughtered and with your blood you bought persons for God out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation,:10 and you made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God, and they are to rule as kings over the earth." NWT

In the Revelation the apostle John received, we are given that these “kings” would constitute 144,000 in number.

At Revelation “7:4  we read; And I heard the number of those who were sealed, a hundred and forty-four thousand, sealed out of every tribe of the sons of Israel:”

Whether we view this as a literal number as some bible scholars do or as a symbolic one, this proves to us that the covenant that was made that night by Jesus was not exclusive to the eleven apostles present.  It also proves that it was not applicable to everyone who professes to be a Christian either.
It remains for certainty a small fraction compared to the billions who claim to have been Christians or the uncountable number at  Rev. 7:9.  who also stand before the Lamb.  It is this undetermined number that represents those who would be ruled by Jesus Christ and his joint heirs who he included in the covenant he entered into with that night of Nissan 14 in 33 CE.

Where they come from is revealed in at least two places;

One, at  Revelation 7:14 tells us . . . "These are the ones who have survived the time of great distress; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. NAB

So part of those symbolic 144,000 who would have ruler ship consist of survivors of the great tribulation in connection with Gods great day of destruction at the time of the end.

Clues as to who constitute a second and likely greater part are found at Acts 24:15 and at John 5:29

At Acts 24:15 , It tells us “that there will be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and the unjust”. NKJ

John 5:29 elaborates further on this : “and they shall come forth; those who did the good things to a rising again of life, and those who practised the evil things to a rising again of judgment. YLT

These verses imply the resurrection of dead individuals who have died all the way back to the beginning of Bible history. It is these individuals along with the survivors of the great tribulation who constitute those who will be ruled by Christ Jesus and his kingdom heirs for a thousand years. During this time the earth will be returned to its paradise like condition which Jehovah God originally intended.

Now we need to be careful as to how we envision the kind ruler ship Jesus will grant those who are heirs to the new covenant.

We can’t allow ourselves to be jaded by manmade ideas of rulership, where a ruling class is established as an over class to an underclass made up of those being ruled.

Jesus gives us a picture of the kind of rulership we might expect to see from them at Luke 22:25, 26.  “But he said to them: "The kings of the nations lord it over them, and those having authority over them are called Benefactors. YOU, though, are not to be that way. But let him that is the greatest among YOU become as the youngest, and the one acting as chief as the one ministering.

From this we see their ruler ship is not one of domination as we know to be the case with manmade rule on the earth today. Rather it will be one of service and ministry toward others, as was demonstrated by the example of our Lord Jesus himself . . . . .

So far, we have only touched on what Christ said what his part of the agreement was and what we can expect from him.  But how about our part of the agreement do we have any indication of what he expects from us as our part of the covenant.

We are not given a clear explicit one verse statement as Israel was at Deuteronomy 32: 46 and 47.

There in reference to the covenant they had entered into, Moses said to them: "Apply YOUR hearts to all the words that I am speaking in warning to YOU today, that YOU may command YOUR sons to take care to do all the words of this law.:47 For it is no valueless word for YOU, but it means. . . YOUR life, NWT

That explicit statement is impossible to mis- understand. . .

For us,  because Jehovah has written the terms of our side of the covenant in our hearts, a concise statement such as Israel had is not necessary.  Perhaps what it all boils down to for us is summed up in the symbolism of the words a starving Jesus spoke to Satan on a day of test early in his earthly course found at . Matt. 4:4

There we read:
 Matthew 4:4 But He answered and said, "It is written, 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.' " NKJ . . . . . . .

Surely, for us this means more than just hearing words and seeing symbols.  It means discerning the deeper thoughts and intentions behind those words.  It means living accordingly, with whole souled devotion to our lord and master Jesus Christ, for our almighty God Jehovah . . has placed . . all authority in him.

So, now as we gather here tonight to celebrate the meaning behind the symbolism of the bread, the wine and the New Covenant, . . . let us keep uppermost in our minds and hearts, . . . not the symbols themselves, . . . but the deep and profound reality behind them.

(Please introduce Pearl)

Pearl: The Bread

As we partake of the bread and wine, we are reminded of our dependence upon Christ. He directs us in the way of life and truth. By accepting from him the greatest gift ever given, we become one with him, in his sufferings and in his glory. Once Christ arrives, we are the first ones raised to perfect life...sharing with him in his divine nature (Rev.20:6). Then the promises symbolized by the bread and wine, will be fulfilled (1Cor.11:26). We will then share in the joy of our master (Matt.25:23)...that of raising the rest of Creation into reconciliation with God (John14:12). We ourselves will become  the Tent of God, the Covenant, the New Jerusalem above (which comes down from Heaven- Rev.21:2; John1:51)...as we slave for God and Christ...bringing their healing love to every living thing on earth
(Rev.21:3; Heb.9:11,15; Rev.21:2; 22:3,4; Heb.1:6,14; 2:16).
Until that Glorious Day dawns, may we continue to keep close in heart our unity with the Ones who love us, and who have saved us from our sins.
Eph.2:4,5,6; Rev.1:5,6; 5:9,10

By the time Jesus gave up his life for the sins of many (Matt.26:28), he had brought the purpose of his own human existence to full maturity and perfection (John18:37; 19:28,30; Phil.2:7,8,9). The seeds of Truth and Light that had been given him by the Father, became fully dispensed, fulfilled, and brought to mature perfection by Nisan 14, 33 C.E. (John12:35,36; 17:1,4,26)
Therefore, matured seeds of grain are used to prepare this symbol of Jesus' body. Within Jesus' own life, those wheat seeds of truth were brought to complete ripeness, maturity, and perfection (Mark4:28; John17:4).
His obedience through all the tribulation he was about to endure, would finish his preparations for sacrifice (Heb.2:10; 5:8,9). At the moment he expired, his offering to God was perfectly depicted, in the unleavened bread Jesus presented to his brothers (John6:35,51,58).

 Jesus knew that in order to bestow his future joy and inheritance of the earth upon his brothers (Luke 22:29), these ones would also need to cultivate and bring to perfection, the very same harvest of Truth (Luke 8:8; Mark 4:29; Matt.10:32; Rev.14:4,5; John15:16). They would need to become sharers with him, in the same course of faithfulness and sacrifice (1Pet.2:21; Luke 22:28,31; Rev.6:9,11; 14:4; 11:8; Rom.6:5; Phil.3:10; Mark 8:35). For those who were hand chosen by Christ (John15:16), and who succeed in accomplishing these things (Luke 21:36; Matt.24:13), Jesus' sacrifice can righteously apply (Rev.19:7,8; 22:14; 5:9,10; 14:3; Eph.5:25).
These become one with Christ in their rejection of the sinful flesh (1Cor.9:27; Gal.5:16). These accept the persecutions of not belonging to this world (John15:18,19; 16:33), or to established religious mountains (Phil.3:10; Rom.6:5; Matt.10:22,23; 23:34,35,36,37,38; John16:2; Rev.11:7; 18:24; 17:6,9; 6:14; 1Cor.15:24). These faithful who endure, are taken into Christ's body (Eph.5:30; Rom.12:4,5; 1Cor.12:12; 10:17; Gal.3:27)...becoming "one" with him as a man and his wife would become (Eph.5:28,32; 2Cor.11:2; John6:56; 17:21,23,26; 15:4,7,9; 14:18; 1Cor.6:17). They accept Jesus as their Lord, Master, King, and Head (Eph.1:22,23; 5:23; Col.3:24). These are fed spiritually by means of Jesus (Eph.4:21; 5:29; John16:7; 15:26,4,5; 1John2:20,24,27), and his sinless body...the "Word" of Truth made manifest (John1:14; 14:6). All these things are symbolized, in the loaf which he presented...the perfect representation of Christ himself...the True food (John6:55; Matt.4:4).
(Brother Paulo will offer a prayer of thanks for the bread)

Prayer by Paulo

Paulo...Please ask all to partake of the Bread. (make sure it's 11:10)

Partake of the Bread

Pearl: The Wine:

Jesus described his heavenly Father as the "cultivator" of a vineyard (John15:1). Jesus described himself as the true vine, and his anointed disciples as the branches of that vine (John15:5a). This illustration amply describes the dependent relationship the anointed must have with Christ alone...that of being fed exclusively and directly by him (John15:4,6; Heb.12:25; 2:13,14). The vital sustenance that is channeled by means of The Vine, Christ, is Holy Spirit (John16:7,13; 14:16,17,26; Zech.4:2,3,12,6,14; 1John2:20,28). By means of this gift through Christ; the anointed receive life, truth,
and the ability to produce much "fruit" (John14:6; 15:5,8).
When we partake of the symbol of Christ's blood, we agree to partake of the fruit of the vine of Truth, which was the meaning of his lifeblood (John6:53,55,56,57; 14:6). The wine symbolizes all at once...Jesus' ransom sacrifice (Matt.26:28), his teachings of Truth which also cleanses and saves us (Eph.5:26,27; Titus3:4,5,6,7) and our acceptance to imitate his example (Rom.6:3,5; Rev.6:9,11; Luke 9:23; Rom.8:18)....To also be producing the fruit of Truth, even at the cost of our own blood being shed (Rev.11:7; 17:6; 12:11).
Jesus shed his blood to seal his promises to his Bride (John15:13,15,16; Eph.5:2,25,32; Rom.8:23). He gave his life for her, that he might one day bring her home to him (John14:2,3,18,28; Mark13:26,27). Together, they will restore the rest of Creation (Gen.22:18; Gal.3:28,29; Matt.17:11; Acts3:20,21; Rev.22:1,2,17). These depend upon the blood of Christ to cleanse them, qualifying them for their inheritance (Rev.5:9,10; 1Cor.15:50,53,57; Heb.2:11; 9:22). Only through loyalty, endurance, and the sacrificing of their own lifeblood, can these inherit the joyful promises...To become the channel of the great reconciliation, the means by which our heavenly Father and Jesus will restore peace and life, to all the earth
(Rev.6:9,11; 2Cor.5:20; Rom.8:20,19,21; 2Pet.3:13; Rev.21:5).
Paulo will give thanks to God for the wine.

Prayer by Paulo

(Paulo...please ask all to partake of the wine)

Partake of the Wine

Paulo, please introduce the final song from Pearl

Closing song: Pearl

This is a song from the fifth century about the return of Christ. The author is unknown. Because of how profound and accurate his words are, I think it was written by an anointed one during the dark ages. This melody was used during pagan holidays, but it's origin is not pagan. I feel that the words of this song are very relevant to today's elect, and the circumstances under which they now are. The words are close to my heart, especially concerning the chosen who yet need to awaken, arise, and fight for truth at Christ's side. May God answer this prayer for the salvation and release of all those still in captivity!

O Come O Come Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel, (Matt.1:23; Isa.61:1; Rev.9:14; 13:10)
That mourns in lonely exile here, until the sons of God appear (Rom.8:19).
Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel. He comes to you, O Israel! (Acts 3:20,21)

O come, the branch of Jesse's tree. Free us from Satan's tyranny.
(Isa.11:1,2; Heb.2:14,15,16; Rom.16:20; Luke 10:19)
From depths Abyss your people save, and give them victory over the grave.
(Hosea 13:14; Ps.49:15; 1Cor.15:26,51; John5:24; 1John3:14)
Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel. He comes to you, O Israel! (Heb.1:6)

O come, our dayspring, come and cheer our spirits by your drawing near.
(Rev.22:16; 2:28; Isa.60:1)
And drive away the shades of night. And pierce the smoke and bring us light.
(Rom.13:12; 1John2:8; Rev.9:2,3; Eze.2:6; 1Pet.2:9; 1Thess.5:5,8)
Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel. He comes to you, O Israel!

O come the key of David come, and open wide our heavenly home.
(Rev.3:7; 1:18; 1Sam.2:6; Phil.3:20; Col.3:1,2; Eph.2:6,19)
Make safe the way that leads to thee.
(Isa.35:8; 30:21; 40:3; 49:11; 51:10; 62:10; Matt.7:14; Ps.118:20)
And close the path to misery
(Isa.51:17; 63:6; Jer.4:9; Hab.1:5; Eze.14:21; 5:12,17; (Zech.13:9; Mal.3:3);
Rev.6:8,9,10,11; 13:1,7; 11:2; Luke 21:22,24).
Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel. He comes to you, O Israel!
(Ps.119:123-149; 106:46,47; Eze.28:25; Mark 13:27)

O come, O come, our Lord of might. Please heal us and restore our sight.
Isa.40:10; Rev.22:12; 3:18; Luke 4:18)
O bid our sad division cease. And be yourself our King of Peace.
(Nahum 2:13; Jer.51:56; Micah 4:3; 1Cor.11:18,19; 2Cor.10:3,4,5;
Rev.19:11,14; 16:13,14; 17:14; Ps.46:9; Haggai 2:22; Dan.2:40,44,45,35)
Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel. He comes to you, oh Israel!

Teach us our eyes to simplify. Our hearts and lamps to purify.
(Matt.6:22; 5:14,15,16; 25:1,4,10)
And grant that we may please your face. By spirit may we win our race.
(Luke 21:36; Rev.6:17; 11:4; Ps.147:11; 2Cor.6:7; 1Pet.4:11; 1Cor.9:24)
Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel. He comes to you, oh Israel!

Oh Lord and Master come for me (Acts 3:20,21; John14:3,18,28).
Come lift us up from Satan's sea
     (Jonah 2:2; Ps.18:4; 86:13; Job 41:31,34; Rev.9:11; 13:1; Isa.27:1; 51:10; 62:10).
Make safe the way that leads on high (Isa.35:8,9; 62:10).
And break the chains that bind us to the lie (Rev.13:10,8,11,14; 19:20; 9:5,10).
Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel. He comes to you, oh Israel!
He comes to you, oh Israel!

(Pearl: Our final prayer will be by brother John Jones)

Closing Prayer: John Jones

Our Father, Almighty God, please hear and except our prayer.  We ask High Priest, Lord Jesus to mediate in our behalf before you and that his pleadings go with ours to your ear.

We praise you Father for you holiness, glory, and might. You are our God and Father and to you we offer our exclusive devotion.

We praise our Lord and Savior, your beloved son Jesus Christ for his loyalty and devotion to you.  You have given us the most wonderful Master and Exemplar in him. Praised be the Lamb of God who now sits on the throne.


We thank you Father for your love and loving-kindness.  You loved us first and because of your love you were willing to allow your only begotten Son to suffer and die that we might have life. On this memorial occasion as in the past, we have come together to celebrate this most precious gift.

Your love is our life and source of strength.  We pray that our love for you warms your heart.  No words can adequately express our love and so through our actions we hope, by demonstration, to convey to you the depths of our feelings. Without you ours lives would mean nothing. There would be no reason to live.

We thank Lord Jesus too for everything he has done in obedience to you and all he has done and continues to do in our behalf. We also are thankful that he was willing to undergo so much suffering and sacrifice his body in order to provide the ransom for our redemption.  Thank you Lord Jesus.

We thank you for choosing us to be your children and the blessing of your Holy Spirit, Divine covering, and blessings associated.

Thank you for your protection, guidance, and teaching.

Thank you Father for your tender care, comfort, and friendship.

Petition and supplications

We ask for your continued guidance, strength, and nurture.  We ask that you help us clearly discern your will. That you will keep us united and focused on our ministry for our Lord.

We pray for your Kingdom to come and your will to be done.  That the Lord arrival is not far ahead of us.  We long to be in Heaven with you and with your Holy Family.  We long to be finished; to be fully what you have intended us to be.  We long to be in your Kingdom.  Help us to stay close to the Lord and follow him so that we too may come off victorious as he did.

Father, please answer our prayers that those who have refused to honor you and who have blasphemed against you receive the judgement you have stored up for them; foremost the renegade devil and his other spirit rebels.  That all corruption will soon be eradicated from existence and that this abomination come to its end.

Request for mercy, forgiveness, and undeserved kindness.  That you will continue to be long-suffering when we make errors due to our ignorance.

May all those you are calling, hear and become obedient to your will.


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