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Where is Hades?


This is a comment which was left after: (what-is-sheole-hades.html)
First, I will quote the comment, and afterward, is my reply.
"If Hades means the ‘darkened condition’ of living in ‘spiritual darkness’ while being
physically ‘conscious,’ as you claim, then Jesus by going to Hades lost ‘the light of
the knowledge of God’ and His ‘spiritual sight’ for three days without being actually
dead - do you realize what you are proposing here?

People can be spiritually dead while being physically alive, but that mental condition
is never equated with being in Sheol or Hades in scripture.

According to Acts 2, Jesus’ soul was not left in Hades, but if Hades was just a synonym
for spiritual blindness of those physically alive, it follows that the soul does not
actually die when people stop breathing, which contradicts scripture."

I see that you have concluded that Jesus going into Hades, meant that he had to take on the condition of those who are consigned to that place. When Jesus came into the world (which is ruled, controlled, and dominated by Satan -1John5:19) did that also mean that he had to come under Satanic control? (John14:30) Jesus indeed, came into dark places--- both the world, and those under it's spiritual control (Hades) (Eph.6:12; John1:9,5). He came to those who were spiritually blind (John9:39; 8:12) and dead (John10:9-10; 3:17; Luke19:10; 1Tim.1:15). See-- why Jesus went into Hades (1Pet.3:18-19) (Jude 1:6). Are you saying that the powers of darkness, are stronger than the Lord of light? (John1:5,4) Do you realize, what you are saying?
  There is no hope of spiritual enlightenment or life for anyone, if Christ cannot enter those places and subject them, to himself (1Cor.15:24-26,57; John14:30; 16:33; Matt.28:18; 1Pet.3:22) (1Pet.3:18; Rev.1:18; 3:7-8; Luke24:45; 2Cor.4:6; John17:3). He comes to guide those being rescued, from captivity to Hades (Matt.16:18; 1Pet.2:9; Isa.42:7; 51:14; John6:35,51,55; 14:6).
Not only has Christ entered and conquered the dark realm where Satan is king,
those whom Christ has sent forth, also enter (Matt.10:16,20; Luke21:15; 12:12; John17:18) and conquer those powers (Eph.6:12-13; 5:11; 2Cor.10:5; Luke10:17-19) in order to release those captive there (Luke4:18; Matt.5:14-16).
Your assumption, that spiritual light, which enters spiritual darkness, is over come by it,  condemns the God of Light as impotent and overcome by His adversary.
On the contrary, the spirit of our God empowers  all His sons,
to gain the victory over the forces of darkness and death, and to offer that light and life, to all exposed to it (1Pet.2:9; 1Cor.2:10,12-13; Ps.119:105; 13:3; 1Thess.5:7,4-6; Rev.22:5).
("Light of the Daystar")

When you say;
"People can be spiritually dead while being physically alive, but that mental condition
is never equated with being in Sheol or Hades in scripture."...
it is plainly clear that you do not perceive the spirit realm, which co-exists alongside the physical,
nor how those who are overcome by this world, are depicted in the spirit realm.
If you can consider the spirit realm, and it's accurate depiction of everyone's spiritual condition...
Can you not conceive of the place, where those who are blind and lost, reside in captivity?
I have seen it. I was shown it. The scriptures cited above are reliable when referring to that realm.
The truth about blindness and captivity is now due to be revealed, and I must uncover what I was shown,
whether men have eyes to see, or not.
Please consider Job 33:15-21,22-24,28-30 (contrasting the mental grasp of the "light of life" to the "bottomless pit"/Hades).
Verse 4 reads; "who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion,".
That crown, is life (James1:12). It is gained through an enlightened mental and spiritual condition which "redeems"/ rescues, "from the pit".
(John8:12; 1:4; 12:46; 1John1:1; 5:11; 2Cor.4:6; Prov.4:18; Matt.16:18; Eph.2:20).

What if we have the opposite mental condition?
2Cor.4:4,3; (Isa.25:7-8; Rev.20:14); John3:19-21; Prov.2:13; 1John1:6; Deut.28:28-29; 2Thess.2:9-10; 2Pet.2:4; Rom.1:21
Eph.4:18 reads;
"They are darkened in their understanding, being alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardness of their hearts.".
Can you see from the foregoing scriptures, that "light" means salvation and life?
Can  you see that "darkness" means captivity and death?
Is the bottomless pit/abyss of Hades... light or darkness... life or death... freedom or captivity?
I don't know upon what you base your conclusion... that a darkened "mental condition
is never equated with being in Sheol or Hades in scripture."; but I see such correlations, profusely throughout the scriptures.
Do you have any scripture which directs an alternate conclusion?...
    ...that a mental state of spiritual darkness, is exclusive from belonging to Hades?
       What do you believe Hades, to be? If it is death;
       Do you not see a connection between spiritual darkness and death?
Satan, is king of the symbolic abyss [Rev.9:11; ("Abaddon/Apollyon" = "Destroyer" Isa.33:1].
To be under the powers of Satan's realm, is to be under deception, "darkness", destruction, and death (John8:44; 10:10; Heb.2:14; 2Cor.4:4). (Who is the Destroyer?)

Then you say;
"According to Acts 2, Jesus’ soul was not left in Hades, but if Hades was just a synonym
for spiritual blindness of those physically alive, it follows that the soul does not
actually die when people stop breathing, which contradicts scripture."

Again you make false presumptions, based upon limited sight and overconfidence.
I did not say that Hades only contained those physically alive. I said it contained those consigned to spiritual darkness and death... which is all mankind since Adam. Some are physically dead, and some are still physically alive (John8:24; 3:18; Eph.2:1,2,12).
You also seem to miss the point, that all souls under Satan, are dead.
They have lost the "breath of life", which is the spirit from God (John20:22; 6:63; Gen.2:7,17).
If one gains that spirit, they do not die (John6:50; 11:26; 1John3:14; Rom.8:9-11; Col.2:13; John3:6), but they are still surrounded by the realm of the dead (in Hades) (John17:15). As long as we are in the world under Satan, we are surrounded by his realm (Hades), whether we are walking about among those still dead, or walking over those unconscious, and buried under the ground. Those who have not come to life in spirit and have died physically, cannot be in a darkened mental state, because their consciousness, is gone. They are however, also in Sheole/Hades... the place of those spiritually dead (Ec.9:5-6,10). Spiritual death does not regard our physical status, and our physical status does not impact, our spiritual consignment.
I do not "contradict scripture" when saying that there are souls that do not die. I am professing the teaching of Christ (John5:24-25; 6:47,51,58,63; 11:25-26; 12:48; Rev.20:12) (1John3:14; Rom.8:9; Titus 3:5; John3:6; Eph.2:5-6; Col.1:13; 2:13; Heb.12:22-23; Luke10:20-21; Rev.5:9-10)... and contradicting the dark wormwood doctrines of the "Watchtower", whose captives, ARE in Hades (Rev.2:9; 3:9).

The victory of light and life, occur in the mind and heart, by the grace of God (2Cor.4:6).
Those not granted, remain in darkness (Mark4:11-12). They are collectively abandoned to the overlord whom they have chosen, in imitation of our original parents. Like them, they remain in the depths of Hades... whether physically dead, or awaiting physical death.
I pray that you also, will be given eyes and ears (Luke7:21-23; John14:12; Rev.22:17).

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  1. Hi Pearl,

    Jesus did not preach to anyone while in Hades, because neither He nor
    anyone else would be alive while in there.

    Peter says that Jesus was MADE ALIVE in the Spirit BEFORE He went to
    preach to the fallen angels in prison, and He could not have been thus
    made alive BEFORE His resurrection on the third day, according to

    Jesus preached not to spiritually unresponsive humans but to the
    fallen angels who sinned in Noah’s day who were kept in Tartarus,
    a restrictive condition, but only AFTER He was made alive in the
    Spirit; and Tartarus has got nothing to do with Hades, which is
    a place or condition of lifelessness for human beings, just as
    Ec 9:5,10 also points out that the dead in Sheol, or Hades, are
    conscious of NOTHING AT ALL, and are therefore not consciously
    existing in spiritual darkness, as you wrongly claim.

    Like I said before: yes, spiritual blindness exists among the
    living of the human race, but that condition is NEVER referred
    to as Sheol or Hades in scripture.

    The best you can say is that ‘spiritual darkness’ and ‘spiritual
    death’ will lead to Hades or even Gehenna if not repented of
    before the coming of Christ.

    You need to be precise where the word of God is precise, otherwise
    you only obscure truth and confuse people unnecessarily.


    1. Thank you for your comment.
      My reply is here:


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