Thursday, May 26, 2016

Satan's completed "fall"

Addition to: ("What is God waiting for?")
as follows...

"Once all the co-heirs prove faithful, Satan will then lose this long standing war against God's Will. How do they prove faithful?
By dying for truth, thereby, losing all their power in this world
(Dan.12:6-7; Rev.6:9-11; Isa.6:11; Eze.14:22-23; 1Pet.5:6,10; James 4:10; Matt.23:12; Eze.17:24).
Ironically, it is when the power of all the faithful Holy Ones is "brought to nothing" (through a death for faithfulness), that
Satan will finally lose all his authority and power (Rev.12:10-11).
Then all God's enemies are subdued, and creation is returned to God by means of Christ,
working through "Zion" (Ps.110:1,2; 1Cor.15:24,25; Eph.1:10) (Rev.14:1; 2:26-27).
God then gives the New Creation, to the second Adam, Jesus Christ,
along with all those who have proven to be His children (1Cor.15:45; Gal.3:29; 1Cor.3:23; 2Cor.5:17)."

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  1. Revelation 12:7.

    Once all Anointed are sealed as either Anointed Angel/messengers for Christ or satan,the "war in heaven" of Anointed is over!

    THIS IS WHEN satan is kicked out of ANOINTED Heaven,because he no longer has any representatives within those of the heavenly hope. When Armageddon is over within Anointed,those taking sides with satan AGAINST CHRIST,have lost out on their heavenly hope. Their invitation is lost through their being Angel/messengers for satan.

    Because he no longer has representatives with that Heavenly Hope,he no longer is part of Heavenly Anointed who had that hope. He is thus kicked out of Heaven/Anointed.

    Satans Angel/messengers of LIES were defeated by Christs Angel/messengers with TRUTH.

    Rev 12:8 "and there was no longer a place found for them in heaven."..because liars will not inherit Gods Kingdom. Liars...and satan who supplied the lies to those unfaithful Anointed Angels...cannot be part of "heaven",which is now Gods Kingdom.

    This means 1Cor 15:24 is fulfilled.
    1Cor 15:24 "Then the end will come,when he hands over the kingdom to God the Father after he has destroyed all dominion,authority and power."

    The dual world power and its backer satan are the "dominion,authority and power" that exist through lies. When those Anointed who have proved they will stay loyal to Truth,have proved that,then Gods Kingdom of "heavenly" Anointed can begin.

    Anointed "heaven" will be cleansed of satan through his Anointed representatives,who will be removed through Truth. Rev 12:7.


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