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Example of Armageddon / Great Tribulation / Trinity

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I wanted to know why you don't agree with JWs. Do you endorse the NWT? Are you a trinitarian? Which group of believers do you fellowship with?
I also disagree with you that JW worship an organization. I render devotion to Jah Jehovah alone-and so do my brothers and sisters. Our baptism is not idolatrous. 
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  There are mis-translations in the NWT, and I believe they are on purpose, because of the effect they have on how one worships.  This post contains two examples:

The reasons why I don't agree with so many of the doctrines of "JW's", is because the scriptures don't agree with their doctrines. I do not believe that I have a right to agree or disagree, on my own.

You may be familiar with the scripture that depicts Satan's release from the Abyss (Rev.20:7-8).
The result is a "misleading of the entire inhabited home" (Rev.12:9,16)
("world", is not an accurate translation of Rev.12:9. The original Greek word, is "oikoumenhn G3625 n_ Acc Sg f one-beING-HOMED inhabited-earth" NOT "Cosmos"/world...  LINK)... 
This post examines Satan's misleading: (Earth Swallows River
What results from his release, is the releasing of demonic inspired teachings (Rev.16:13-16; 1Tim.4:1), and a gathering of God's chosen priests and kings into a battle between Satan's lies ("demonic spirits/"exhalations" Rev.16:13-14) and the truth of Christ (Rev.17:14; 12:10-11; 19:11,14-15; Eph.6:17; Heb.4:12).
Humans are no contest against the devil and his demons, when those powerful spirits work to deceive mere humans (Luke18:26-27).
When an organization is backed by Satan (Rev.13:1,4,8) it can even deceive and dominate God's chosen ones/Temple (Rev.13:7; Matt.24:24-25). This was prophesied to happen in many scriptures. 
Here are some:
 (1Tim.4:1; 2Thess.2:1-4; Dan.8:11-12, 24; 11:36; 12:7; Luke21:24; Matt.24:15-16; Rev.11:2).
Those prophesies have now come to pass. 
The only deliverance from this final deception of Satan/Great Tribulation, is by means of God and His Spirit (Luke10:19), channeled (Phil.2:13; 1Cor.12:6; 2Pet.1:21; Matt.10:20) through his chosen and faithful prophets (Rev.17:14; 11:3-4; Zech.4:11-14,6-7; Rev.22:6; 1Cor.4:1)

The biggest reason why I must contend with the teachings of the WT, is because of my own calling to his priesthood (1Pet.2:9), and my obligation before God to expose the darkness/falsehood (Eph.5:11; 2Cor.10:3-5). 
Holy Spirit makes the truth quite clear to a chosen and anointed servant of Christ, when they refuse to continue their idolatry (Isa.43:10-12). 
If I do not trumpet what I know to be true (Isa.58:1; Rev.10:7), I would be deemed unfaithful by my Lord (Rev.3:2-3,18; Matt.25:25-26).  
I must declare what I know to be true, especially since I know that so many lives are at stake, forever (Eze.33:6-9; 3:18; 1Cor.14:8; Rev.16:14).

Regarding your other questions...

Do you endorse the NWT?
As I have stated, I have found mis-translations within it. Yet I tell you that this is the case in all translations, which is why I often resort to the interlinear translations of the Hebrew and Greek. In doing so, verses can be read more free of interpretive liberty, taken by translators. (LINK)
Are you a trinitarian?
No. I am a chosen priest and prophet of Yhwh (Num.12:6; Joel 2:25-32), and an anointed member of the Body of Christ (Prophets).
Which group of believers do you fellowship with?
I belong to the Body of Christ (1Cor.12:4-31), and associate with those faithful believers, as Christ directed (Eph.4:11-13; Heb.10:24-25).
Here is a link to the Forum, where some of the association takes place: (FORUM)
I also disagree with you that JW worship an organization.
You are a free moral agent. You will choose who you listen to and who you obey.
I have seen those who follow the false prophet and adore the organization, in visions of God. 
They were on the line to God's winepress of wrath. 
It matters not what you or I think. It matters only what God thinks.  
The Bible tells us what God considers worship, and who He considers idolators.

I render devotion to Jah Jehovah alone-and so do my brothers and sisters. Our baptism is not idolatrous.
Perhaps if you learned how God defines worship, and how He defines idolatry, 
you would perceive genuine occurrences of them.
God gives us the explanation in concise terms.
If we are only directed by God's word, we are marked as his slaves (Deut.11:18; Rev.14:1).
If we are directed by, and obey men; we are marked as their slaves (Rev.13:16,8) (Obey Men?).
I tell you truly,
I am in the company of many, who were expelled/"killed" because we were of the first group (Rev.12:10-11; 6:9-11) (symbolic-death).
If you do become baptized as one of "JW's", you will learn that they tolerate no rivalry to whatever their current doctrines are, even if that rivalry comes from God's Word. You will learn this personally, if you use scripture to challenge anything they teach.
I only hope that if you proceed with that course, it will not be too late for you to get out when you finally see it.
Once the Organization gets rid of the governing body/Harlot, it will be too late for you to manifest your repentance.
The Organization/Beast, and it's "ten kings" (anointed inside), are already posturing themselves to go forward with this act (Jer.13:26,21-22; Isa.47:11; Rev.18:5-6,8; 17:1-2,12-13,16-17; 18:4) (Who are kings of earth?).
When God says, "Get out of her my people" (Rev.18:4), he is talking to his own people (1Pet.2:9-10). Can you see that?
Even JW's do not believe that God's anointed priests/people, are in any religion, other than in "JW's". That is the place then, from which God's people must exit.
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More Questions:
Please give me a short explanation about your beliefs about YHWH and his relationship with Jesus.
I just want to know whether JWs are right or wrong on this essential truth.
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My Reply:
Yhwh is the Father of everyone and everything (Rev.14:7; Acts17:24; Heb.3:4).
Jesus is that Father's only directly-begotten son 
(Col.1:15,18; Rev.3:14; John1:2,14,18; 3:16,18; Rom.11:16; John15:4-5; 1John4:9; etc.....).
Those who belong to the body of Christ, are also "firstborn" sons 
(Luke2:23; Rom.8:29,23; Heb.12:23; 2Thess.2:13; James1:18; Rev.14:4).
They become a part of Christ (John17:21; 1Cor.12:13,27; Eph.5:30,23), 
as a "one spirit" bride (1Cor.6:17; 2Cor.11:2; Rev.14:4-5), 
just as a husband and wife become one flesh (Matt.19:6).
Through them, eternal life is offered to mankind (Rev.22:17; 19:9).

All those faithful to God, will eventually become sons of God, when God's corrupted creation is restored under Christ (Rom.8:19-21; Eph.1:10; Col.1:19-20; Acts3:21; Isa.58:8)...

but those will not be "firstborn" sons. That position in God's family belongs to those faithful and Chosen by God [anointed priests of God's Temple (1Cor.3:16-17)].

I must tell you now, that in the minds of JW's today, God's anointed "firstborn"/Chosen/Temple, is insignificant. The only exception to this, is the governing body (slaves?). The GB [touted as Christ's only slaves (Isa.47:7-8,10; Rev.18:7)], has appointed "Gentile" (non-anointed, **not "kings") "priests"/Elders, to rule over God's chosen priests, just as was prophesied (2Thess.2:4; **Dan.11:21-22) (2Chron.13:9; 23:6; Eze.44:6-9; Num.3:10). 

Christ's headship over his Bride group, has been stolen. The headship over Christ's Bride members, is now usurped by the elders (within the WT Org.).
The Chosen are prevented from acting as God's priests, among JW congregations (Rev.5:9-10; Mal.2:7) (Rev.11:2; Dan.12:7; etc.). The Body of Christ goes unrecognized, is subjugated under spiritual Gentiles ("Jew"/"Gentile"), and it's relevance is dismissed.
 ("Trample" - How?)(Great Tribulation - Why?)(pearl-disgustingthing.blogspot.com)
So although JW's may agree that Christ is God's son, 
they have no respect for the rulership belonging to Christ, over his anointed kings/Bride (Rev.1:5; 5:10; 19:16).
Defiling God's Temple with Gentile priests (Matt.24:15), and setting them up to usurp Christ's headship over his bride/Temple, (Dan.8:11; 12:11; 11:31; 8:25; 9:27; 2Thess.2:8,4) are not the only sins of the WT leaders. (worst sin of WT)

   So when you ask me about my beliefs about YHWH and his relationship with Jesus,
it will not be the same as "what JW's believe".
"Please give me a short explanation about your beliefs about YHWH and his relationship with Jesus.
I just want to know whether JWs are right or wrong on this essential truth."
You have assumed that my beliefs are the same as JW's.
I have told you my beliefs, which are such, because they are what the Bible teaches.

Regarding JW beliefs...
 at this time, they do not believe in the trinity.
Yet their doctrines are always changing. 
[I know, because I was a JW between 1975-2012, and a pioneer, and I have seen how much and how often their doctrines change. True prophets teach from God (2Pet.1:21). Changes are only required if ones teachings are derived from men (Rom.3:4; James1:17; John7:16-18)] 
When "JWs" make changes, they say the "light is getting brighter", even when the change reverts to a previous teaching, or contradicts a previous doctrine. 
When authentic truth has genuine increase (Prov.4:18; 2Pet.1:19; 2Cor.4:6; 1Cor.13:9-12), it was always pure and never proves to be formerly mixed with falsehood (James 3:11-12,17; Matt.7:16-18,20; Luke 6:43-45)... anymore than increasing light is sourced in darkness (Luke11:34-36; Matt.6:23; 25:7-8; Prov.13:9). 
If what we teach is truly sourced with God, it was never darkness (1John1:5; James1:17).

If JWs are right on some things which they teach, is that proof of their being the "true religion", or proof that they are God's "spirit-directed organization"? Remember that "wormwood" appears to have mostly unpolluted "waters" (Rev.8:10-11) (only "one-third" polluted), and that Satan's ministers, can appear as ministers of what is right (2Cor.11:13-15; 2Thess2:1-3). Professed prophets must have their teachings scrutinized as to their source (1John4:1; 2Cor.13:5; John8:47; Matt.7:20) (Fine Trees). 
I hope the scriptures I have supplied, provide you with all that you need.
Thank you for your good questions, but please know, 
I am here to help those who want to know, not to argue opinions.
You are in my prayers,

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  1. There is a big difference between a mistranslation...and a DELIBERATELY changing of words..inventing words/expressions,so that doctrines taught by the GB seem to be backed by scripture. When the GB teach “bible truths” and jws read conformation of this within the NWT,its only SEEMS to come from scripture because the “bible” they use has been deliberately changed to back their fabricated lies. They are “ fabricated lies” because the original Greek meanings within the NWT have been tampered with, to reflect GB doctrines.

    Take 1914 as an example. If the “kingdom birth” actually happened in heaven in 1914,then we need not just the 'calculation” we also need the signs in satan's world AFTER the “invisible Birth”,that supposedly proves its invisible establishment. Matt 24:8 and mark 13:8 within the NWT seems to back the idea,that signs in the World “prove” The kingdom was Born then...because the signs are happening AFTER 1914.

    BUT the NWT has been deliberately changed so jws think this.

    The expression “pangs of distress” teach that the signs happen AFTER the “Birth”. But the original Greek word of “pangs of distress”IS “Birth pangs”. Birth pangs happen before a Birth,not after a Birth. The Kingdom Interlinear printed by the WTS admits that “Birth pangs” is the original Greek word,NOT an expression which teaches the opposite of “Birth-pangs.

    So the GB way back in 1960,made sure a “bible” was printed that backed their lying doctrines. Its not just mistranslation,its deliberately sabotaging the bible jws read,and inventing words/expressions that dont come from the Greek,so the lies the GB teach seem right. The NWT is riddled with many other examples of the GB's deliberately sabotaging the bible jws read.

    The "kingdom interlinear bible" printed by the GB PROVES the GB have deliberately sabotaged the bible jws read.


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