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Is "leaving the city", enough?

Many who were associated with the "Watchtower" organization, have lost cherished things, due to being cast off as wicked by their local congregation. The spiritual path each one has chosen afterward, has varied. Which of those post-"Watchtower" paths, leads to eternal life?
What follows, are excerpts from my reply to someone who asked such questions, after his rejection of the wicked steward's wormwood waters, and his exodus from the "City" of apostate Jerusalem. He wants to know how God views these decisions, and what reward he can expect for his discernment and decisive action to cease his association with God's rebellious and idolatrous nation.
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(2Cor.6:16-18; Eph.4:24-25; 5:11; Ps.26:4; Rev.18:4; Jer.51:6,9,45; Isa.48:20; Matt.24:14-16)
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My reply:
You rightly feel that your resistance to the false doctrines of the WT, was accurate and proper (1Tim.6:20; Gal.1:7-8; Eph.5:11; 4:25; Col.2:8; 1John4:1; Matt.24:4-5); and your refusal to submit and conform to their demands, was the right action to take (Rom.8:15; Gal.1:10) (LINK).
According to Christ's illustration of the marriage feast (Matt.22:1-14) (LINK), many such perceptive ones are seen, "leaving the city" (LINK).
They are leaving, because they no longer desire to be in it, due to what they perceive about it. Many are leaving in obedience to Rev.18:4 (Luke17:26-37) (LINK).
Is that enough to receive life?
Our situation today is patterned after the situation in first-century Jerusalem. They too had to flee the City in order to survive God's wrath upon Jerusalem after it had rejected His son (John3:36; 8:37; Acts 4:10-12; Matt.23:31-34; John16:2; Rev.11:7,9; Mark13:13; 8:35; Rev.17:6; 18:24; Matt.23:35-38; 21:43). God's wrath against His unfaithful city was expressed through a removal of protection, so that their enemies (Romans) could overtake and destroy them.

There were Christians who kept close in mind, Christ's warning to flee when they saw the Romans surround the City (Luke21:20-21). Did others, who were not Christians, also flee? Those who wished to avoid the mounting tensions and conflict, likely did. Was it just a fleeing the city, that ensured the salvation of eternal life, and divine approval? No. Life comes from acceptance of Christ's teachings (John5:24; 8:51), and a doing of God's will (1John2:17).  Fleeing Jerusalem afforded a physical salvation, and was done by some to obey Christ, and done by others due to prudence. Neither ensured eternal life. Those who fled, still needed to learn about Christ and obey him, in order to attain eternal life. It is the same today. Our reason for fleeing, matters. Many flee only to avoid submission to others. Some flee, due to submission to Christ. Do both motives please God?

Christ himself appoints the steward over his household, to feed them spiritual food/teachings/doctrine (Luke12:42-46). If we are obedient to Christ, we accept his appointment of the steward he has selected, and we submit ourselves to the steward Christ has put in charge over us, even if we are anointed heirs (Gal.4:1-8; Heb.13:17). That appointment does not guarantee that this steward will be faithful (Luke12:45-46). Prophecy reveals that the final steward over all the anointed household (Heb.3:6; 1Tim.3:15; Eph.2:20-22; 1Pet.2:5,9-10; 1Cor.3:16,9), is wicked (Luke16:1-3) (2Thess.2:1-3; Matt.24:24-25; Rev.2:20; 13:11, 14; 19:20; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13-16; 1:5) (LINK). Does that excuse us from submission to the one Christ appointed? If it did, how then would that steward be able to hate and "beat his fellow slaves" through a spiritual death (1John3:15; Mark13:13; John16:2), which is the requirement for the remnant (remaining/last) of anointed, to become sealed? (Rev.6:9-11; Mark8:35; Rev.12:10-11; 11:7). Although you have been shunned by those in the Org., the official spiritual death is not possible for you, because you never attained to a life in the Beast/baptism into it. This lack of submission helps to clarify you, as excluded from the anointed flock. This is not to say that your lack of submission is wrong... only that it clarifies that you are not a member of the anointed household, under the steward ("great star" Rev.1:20) who was appointed by Christ himself, who also became unfaithful (Rev.8:10-11; Jer.51:7; Rev.17:5; Isa.1:21).
Is it not true, that your exclusion and shunning by the Congregation, was a result of your refusal to submit and conform to all "suggestions"/requirements, so that you were unable to be baptized into "Jehovah's Witnesses"?

It is best now, to return to Christ's illustration about those "leaving the City" in the time of the end.
The prophecies that depict our own exodus from apostate Jerusalem, extend far beyond the exodus from first century Jerusalem [as is proven at Rev.18:4 (Rev.17:2; 16:14; 5:10; 1:5), which was recorded by John after the fall of Jerusalem].
According to the rest of Christ's illustration of the marriage feast...
    ("the true words of God"/"hidden manna" IS the "marriage feast")
    (Matt.22:1-2; 4:4; Rev.19:9; 22:6; 1:1; 2:17; 5:1,5,7; 20:12; John12:48; Dan.12:4,10)
..."Leaving the city" is only an opportunity.
The invitation to the "marriage feast", must also be accepted (Matt.22:8-10).
Not only must one "flee" the "city". One must "flee to the mountains" (Matt.24:15-16; Eze.36:1,8)
Just as eternal life did not result from leaving Jerusalem in the first century;
eternal life today does not result only from rejecting apostate Jerusalem today (as you did).
Just as eternal life in the first century resulted from learning from and obeying the teachings of Christ, through his appointed priests
(2Cor.5:20; Rev.5:10; Mal.2:7; Zech.8:23; John13:20; Matt.10:40-42), the same is true today. However, a prophet's "fruit" must be tested by the Word of God (1John4:1; 2Cor.13:5; 1Thess.5:20-21; Matt.7:15-20), before being accepted as from God
(2Pet.1:20-21; John16:13; Matt.10:27; Isa.50:4; Amos 3:7; Num.12:6; Rev.10:7; 22:6) (LINK).
Today, those teachings of life are found inside the marriage feast, where Christ is feeding his completed Bride, among which, are the faithful and wise "5 virgins" from the time of the end (Matt.25:1-2, 10-13) whose lamps burn with the light of Holy Spirit.
[If you need proof that Matt.22:9 literally reads, 'leaving the city', and that these are the ones invited to the marriage feast, this link should help:

Regarding your question about your "position"...after having left the "city"...
it is just as Jesus depicted within his illustration of the marriage feast, which feast is the source of truth and life in the time of the end
(Rev.19:7,9; 22:6-7,17; 10:7; 5:1-2,5,7; 20:12; John15:15; Rev.22:6; Dan.7:13; 12:1,4,3,9-10).

You have rejected the City. You have left it. Now what?
God assures us through Christ's illustration, that you will receive an invitation to the marriage feast, due to your prudence (shown by your rejection of it's "wormwood" doctrines) (Matt.22:9-10).
Do you not see many on the various forums, also rejecting the false teachings of the WT, criticizing the GB and elders, and leaving the Org.? This does not result in divine approval, nor eternal life. In fact, they are the "hated birds" (Isa.34:11; Jer.51:37; Rev.18:2), that tear at the flesh (Gal.5:17; Rom.8:5) of the prominent (Rev.19:17-18). Those who eat the sins of others as sustenance, are "hated" and "unclean" before God (Prov.24:17-18; Ob.1:12). To recognize, criticize, and reject the faults of the WT leaders/Harlot, and their minion organizational Beast, does not guarantee God's approval, or eternal life.
As stated before, taking in truth, results in life (John6:63; 12:48). Today's truth of Christ (the opened scroll of Revelation -Rev.22:7, 10), is found within the marriage feast.

So, regarding your "position"...
You are "on the broadway leading out of the city" (Matt.22:9-10). You have received your invitation to the marriage feast. It would appear from your letters to me, that you are sampling some of it's prophetic provisions.
It is now up to you, whether or not you will accept them (John13:20) with loving appreciation (Matt.22:11-13; 1Pet.5:5; Col.3:14)
or not (Prov.23:9; 9:8; Matt.7:6; Rev.22:14-15).
That will depend upon your heart, and the value you place upon what is offered
(Matt.7:20; John7:17-18; 3:34; 16:13-14,8; Matt.13:44; Ps.119:11,162,14,111).
Those who accept, take in, and heed what the spirit says to the Congregation (Rev.2:29; 1:3; 22:6-7, 10) will be blessed. How? They will receive the same reward as God's prophet -- life  (Matt.10:41; James 1:12).
 The words that "puzzle" you from that (previous post), are still true...
"It is only after accepting the authority of wicked steward/false prophet/Harlot, and it's Beast, that one may be symbolically killed (disfellowshipped) by that steward's Beast (for taking a stand for the truth), 
thereby completing the course of Christ without a physical death being necessary. One can not be symbolically killed (disfellowshipped), if one was never baptized into the Beast."
That Beast is Satan's current means, to sift and test those "called"
(Luke22:31; 6:22-23; Amos 9:9; Jer.46:28; Eze.5:12; Zech.13:9; Luke21:22)
(Rom.8:17; Heb.13:13; Rev.11:9-10; 2Tim.3:12; Matt.5:10; Rev.13:7; 11:7; 2Thess.2:4; Matt.24:15; Dan.11:36; 7:25; 12:7; Luke21:24).

Here is where you fit in....
You have rejected the wicked steward.
You have rejected (not accepted the baptismal requirements of) citizenship in the apostate City.
You have left that "city" behind.
As a result, you have been invited to the marriage feast, just as promised by God to those who reject the apostasy (Matt.22:9).
Those who do not accept the invitation, are deemed unworthy of it's provisions (Matt.22:3, 8).
They do not receive life. It is not enough to "leave the city".
You are sampling the provisions of the marriage feast (sourced from the opened scrolls of Revelation), which provisions, afford life to those who accept and heed them.
That is where you stand... your "position".
It is up to you if you deem the provisions of the marriage feast, as valuable enough to accept and follow
(Zech.8:23; Rom.2:28-29).
If you accept the provisions that Christ's Father is providing in the time of the end (Matt.22:2; Rev.5:1,7; John16:15; Rev.1:1; 22:6-7),
you will get life, just as the prophet who provides them, does (Matt.10:41).

Love in Christ,


  1. If we reject "Judea",its because of Lies. But fleeing to the "'Mountains of Israel",is recognisiing that Jah is still using some Anointed who are listening to His Son. Thus these have the Truth. "Judea" of the GB have rejected Christ. We flee from them because they reject Truth from Christ and encourage adultery against Him.

    But the "'Mountains of Israel",are Anointed who show by the teachings they share,they are used by Christ. So fleeing the GB means recognising The GB dont have truth FROM CHRIST...but Gods prophet and other Anointed do.

    Without Anointed that Christ IS using,then we have no truth to know the GB are liars. We accept the authority of those used by Christ,because of what they teach....which proves Christ "sends" them.

    Rejecting the GB does not means rejecting all Anointed who are from jws. Gods prophet was beheaded along with other Anointed from within jws. They have proved they will die because of the truth Christ has given them to share...and died because Christ sent them.

    We may flee from the GB,but we must recognise Truth is available and submit to Christ through that truth from the "'Mountains of Israel". Truth leads to life,not just rejecting the GB. Zec 8:23 shows it will be possible to see truth from Christ through those Anointed used by Christ. "we have heard that God is with you" so truth and salvation can come through "Mountains of Israel". Eze 36:1,8.

    Jhn 13:20 NIV - 20 Very truly I tell you, whoever accepts anyone I send accepts me; and whoever accepts me accepts the one who sent me."

    Zec 8:23 NIV - 23 This is what the LORD Almighty says: "In those days ten people from all languages and nations will take firm hold of one Jew by the hem of his robe and say, 'Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.' "

    1. A mountain is an area that is raised up and visible.
      At Matt.5:14-16 Jesus said;
      14 “You are the light of the world. A CITY THAT IS SET ON A MOUNTAIN/HILL cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and IT GIVES LIGHT TO ALL who are in the house. 16 LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."

      When a "CITY" is set up upon a mountain, it becomes prominent.
      This also happens among each of the UNfaithful stewards/harlots (upon whom the mother covenant of death, rests) (Rev.17:18,9,5; 18:21; 8:8; Zech.4:7).
      Within that dark city filled with gloom, is the presence and spirit of Satan
      (Rev.2:9; 9:11; 13:4; 2Thess.2:9; Eph.2:1-2; 5:6; John8:44; 1John3:15; 2:9,11).

      But those stewards who are faithful, are also a city upon a mountain (Rev.21:2,14,10; 14:1; Heb.11:10,16; 12:22; 13:14)
      That city contains the presence and spirit of God (Rev.21:22) and is of the light
      (1Thess.5:4-7; Rev.21:23-25; 22:5; 1Pet.2:9; Eph.5:8; John12:36; Col.1:13; 2Pet.1:19; 2Cor.4:6).
      Their mother, is one of life, freedom, and light (Rev.12:1; Gal.4:26).
      That light should not be restrained or hidden, but rather, placed upon the mountain/lampstand
      (Matt.5:15; Rev.1:20; 11:4; Zech.4:2-3,5,14),
      so that all may stream to it
      (Isa.2:2-3; 60:1-3,19; 52:2; 58:8; 28:5; 24:23; Ps.87:3; Matt.4:16). We will see it!


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