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How is the Kingdom like fish caught in a net?



47 “Once again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish. 48 When it was full, the fishermen pulled it up on the shore. Then they sat down and collected the good fish in baskets, but threw the bad away. 49 This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous 50 and throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The "net" is the means by which all sorts are gathered together.
This net is meant to "catch", ensnare (Job 18:8; Ps.9:15; 10:9; 35:8; 140:5; Ec.9:12; Isa.19:8; Isa.51:20).
God allows it...these Gentile agents of Satan (net) are being used to catch, ensnare and discipline the "invited ones". (Lam.1:13; Hab.1:15,16; Eze.29:4; 38:4; Rev.9:7,3; Jer.51:14; Deut.28:42; Rev.13:7). As a result, those chosen ones who learn from it are refined, so that those who pass this test may become sealed. 
The net is Satanic. The fishermen who haul up the fish are Satan's "Gentile" servants (Jer.16:16,17,18,15; 5:26; Hab.1:14,15,16,17). Those who rescue them, are servants of Christ (Matt.4:19).
By their preaching, all fish still under Satan's power (net), are forced to be sorted by means of their response 
to the truth (which the fishermen preach).

Today, this net/captivity/ensnaring/catching, is being accomplished by means of organized religion, prominently being "Jehovah's Witnesses", due to having a steward over God's Chosen, who was genuinely assigned by Christ (Luke 12:42). Revelation describes the final snare as having a genuine Chosen leader who proves rebellious and unfaithful (Rev.8:10,11; 1:20; Jer.51:7)(Eze.26:5,14; Amos 4:2)
All the fish are under the power of Satan, who is Lord of the Sea (Leviathan) ( (Isa.27:1; Ps.74:14; Rom.16:20).
His final deceptions are like a net (Ec.9:12). This also is symbolized by Leviathan's barbed scales (Eze.29:4).

Unknowingly, while mankind (anointed and others) believe Satan's lies (Rev.12:9,15,16; 16:14; 2Cor.11:3; Matt.24:24,25; Rev.13:11; 2Cor.11:20), they are like fish stuck to Leviathan's barbed scales (see Ezekiel 29:4; 38:4; Job 41:1,2; Isa.43:16,17).
All invited anointed must go through this captivity, in order to be tested by Satan.
Satan demands it (Luke 22:31).
God allows it as He did with Job (Job 1:8,12), because it is justice to test those who are invited to inherit the Kingdom (1Pet.5:8,9,10; 1Pet.4:1,13; 2Cor.4:17; Jer.17:10; Luke16:10,11; Heb.5:8; Phil.3:10; Rom.8:17).
If they fall like Adam, Eve, and Satan, they are proven unfit (fish that are "thrown away").
Since God is allowing this just testing, He asks Prov.27:11 of his chosen "sons" (Gal.3:26).

The time arrives for all these "fish" to be "hauled up" by fishermen, to face a sorting harvest.

The invited anointed are subjected to this testing according to perfect justice...
to prove that they are legally entitled to strip Satan of his dominion and rule (Rev.12:10,11; Dan.4:17; 2:21; 7:18,22,26,27).
Yet for a time, they are engulfed in Satan's deceptions (Rev.13:7; 11:2; 6:10; Dan.8:12,13; 11:31; Luke 21:20,24; Dan.12:7). 
(This corresponds to their time in the abyss/Babylon, under the power of the covenant with death (Babylon the Great) Psalm18:3-19 (click on to read)
and the period of "5 months" when they are subject to the agents of the abyss (the locust-scorpion elders -Rev.9).
This is the testing/net/Great Tribulation/being hooked, by Satan.
What will they do? Will they overcome it and prove victorious?
Will they emerge from it, due to a desire to worship God alone,
and hold up an uncompromising loyalty to Truth?

Their only hope is to follow exactly the example of Christ.
He too was subjected to this test. It was symbolized by his 40 days in the wilderness,
being tempted by the devil
without "food" or "water" (Matt.4:1) ("righteousness" Matt.5:6)
just after his anointing.
(Yet we know his trials continued until his death).

In following the exact path of Christ, the chosen perfect their faith (1Pet.2:21; Heb.12:2; Luke 22:28; Matt.16:24; Rev.14:4).
They are tested under the affliction of Satan, and if they prove loyal to God through it, they are washed clean and refined...accepted as sons and daughters to God (Isa.48:10; 1Cor.6:11; John 13:10; Eph.5:25,26,27; 2Cor.6:17,18; 7:1; 2Thess.1:5; Isa.48:10).
These are the fish which are "suitable" for their inheritance, and are "taken" and not "abandoned".

These are the same ones who are considered "eagles" and as belonging to the sealed "woman" (Rev.12:14; Luke 17:37; Matt.24:28),
who is now seen "in the wilderness" on earth...[no longer a promise/symbol in heaven (Rev.12:1,2)].
This transformation represents the change in those becoming sealed.

Perfect imitation of Christ is the only path that leads them out of Satan's dominion and power, and on to life.
This corresponds to the "sorting" of fish. It also corresponds to Luke 17:34 and Matt.24:40.
Those who endure this Tribulation/sorting and prove "suitable", will be taken by God to a place prepared for them (Rev.12:6; John14:2,3)...
a place in the wilderness to be "fed" by truth, coming from the "two witnesses", for a symbolic 1,260 days (Rev.11:3; 12:6).

The "fishermen" pull the net up onto the shore (Matt.4:19; Eze.47:10; 29:5; Matt.9:37,38).
Those caught will no longer feel false peace and security (Eze.30:9,10,11,12,20-26)
        (all these verses are very symbolic as to their fulfillment. 
          I do realize that many things need to be explained in these scriptures).

The "fishermen" are those who have already proven obedient (2Cor.10:6; Eph.4:20,21). These are used by God to gather together any others who may "hear what the spirit says to the congregation" of anointed invited (as yet unsealed) (Rev.9:13,14; Mark 4:8,20; Matt.28:19,20; Luke 22:32.) and "sort" them by means of their response to declarations of Truth (Matt.13:41,42,49,50). Those who receive the initial message of these representatives of Christ, are taken to these further provisions (Matt.13:12; Luke 8:18; 12:37).

Here is an interpretation by means of scripture:
47 “Once again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net (Ps.124:7; 25:15; 91:3; Prov.6:5) that was let down into the lake (sea/deep/abyss, belonging to Satan/Leviathan --Eze.32:2; 34:18,19,22 and caught all kinds of fish (Eze.29:4; 38:4; 47:8,9,12; Rev.22:2). 48 When it was full (Gal.4:4; Acts 3:20,21; Eph.1:9-14; Rev.14:15,18; Matt.13:39), the fishermen (Matt.4:19) pulled it up on the shore (the "border" between earth and sea -Rev.13:1; Rev.10:2,5). Then they sat down and collected the good fish in baskets (John6:9,11,12; Eze.39:28), but threw the bad away (Matt.25:41; 7:23; Rev.22:15). 49 This is how it will be at the end of the age ("harvest"/conclusion). The angels ("messengers" Rev.12:7; Eph.6:12; 2Cor.10:4; Rev.1:20 -human sealed anointed(same as "fishermen"), will come and separate the wicked from the righteous (John4:35-38; 2Cor.2:15,16) 50 and throw them into the blazing furnace (Matt.7:19; Jer.23:29; 20:9; Eze.30:8; Luke 12:49; Rev.8:7; 18:8; 11:5; Deut.32:22; Amos 7:4; 2:5; Isa.66:15,16; Rev.2:16  ETC.) , where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth." (Matt.24:51; Hosea 6:5)

I know this is incomplete. It is hard to know where to slice the truth, since every piece of it belongs to a larger picture.
I hope this answers for you, at least in part,  the meaning of this illustration.

The kingdom of heaven (meaning those who inherit it, and the reason behind those who don't)
is due to the testing (net). By means of allowing this testing tribulation, God draws up from these (those who reside amidst Satan's testing/sea), all sorts of men (unsealed good and bad). When the full limit of time arrives (net full)(harvest), Christ's ambassadors cause a decision to be thrust upon them...a decision "on the shore" (border between "earth" and "sea")(valley of the decision) (Joel 3:2,12,14; Eze.36:5). All good fish will be collected into "baskets" ("saved"/"salvation"--just as Moses was saved from the Nile by a basket.) (the "Nile" is Satan's river of lies -Rev.12:15; Eze.29:3) *(LINK)*. Those unsuitable to reign in the kingdom, will be thrown back to the sea...Satan's abyss of darkness and death, unsaved, unrescued. (Matt.24:40)
This segregation/harvest, will be done by means of the faithful bearing witness (messenger "angels") to Jesus and prophesying (Rev.11:3; 8:6; Joshua 6:13; Rev.1:20; Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3).
Those who do not respond to the "fire" (Jer.5:14; Luke 12:49; Rev.2:16), will be condemned and judged by means of it (Matt.3:12; 25:41; John15:16  --"fruit that will LAST"/"inextinguishable eternal fire").
Those who do respond will be refined by it, and it will not suffer permanent harm (Isa.48:10; Mal.3:3; Prov.3:11,12; Heb.12:10; Jer.31:2,10,11,16,28; Eze.11:17; Jer.16:15,16; Isa.54:7; 10:20,21,22,23; 1Pet.5:10).
Those who reject the cleansing fire of God's mouth, will suffer condemnation and shame (Matt.24:51; Hosea 6:5; Isa.26:5; 25:12; Isa.40:4; Zech.4:7,6; 2Pet.3:10; Nahum 3:5; Jer.13:26; Rev.17:16).



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