Thursday, April 11, 2013


A letter I received this morning:

Good morning Sister D

Please share this with Obe

I read the post he put up yesterday about "Divisions" - as i read it i could feel his pain. That is truly not an easy thing for both of you as parents - please take comfort in Jesus' words - the new world our Father promises is just almost here.

As an anointed, Satan will not make this journey an easy one for you, he will use all tactics to force you off the road to life and your inheritance.

Do keep strong.

Love you lots
My reply:

Thank you Modise,
When I keep my focus on the will of God, my heart and mind are able to be more steadfast and undeterred by the blows and missiles of Satan. As God has promised, my forehead has been hardened (Eze.3:8,9; Isa.50:7; James1:3) for the sake of his will and the meaning of his name (Isa.42:1; 54:4; 45:17; Micah1:2). With these things in mind, we are enabled to demonstrate our Faith.
I don't know if all the pain throughout my life has caused my heart to grow numb (Ps.143:4; 38:8; Job 3:24; Lam.2:11); or if it is being shielded by God's spirit so that I do not collapse and fail to endure (1Cor.10:13; Ps.109:26; 119:86; Dan.12:1; Rom.14:4; Jude1:24; 1Pet.5:10).

I realized that I did not directly answer a part of your last question.
Here is more for you. I copied it from an addition I made to the post at the site:
"As far as whether the majority of anointed will fail (when comparing 10 and 2), we know that the last of the faithful anointed can not be numbered by men (Rev.7:9). This scripture certainly indicates that the faithful are not reflected by the annual tally of partakers inside the organization.
 Although we accept this inability to read hearts, Jesus generally informed us about how many of those invited, do make it through the entire gauntlet... (Luke22:31; Matt.24:13; Luke13:23,24; Matt.7:13,14,21,22,23; Matt.19:25,26; Matt.22:8,14).
Although the numbers 10 and 2 are symbolic, they do also accurately reflect a general comparison of quantity. We are assured of this due to Matt.22:14."

Thank you for your loving support. It means more than you know. I know that you also are contending with troubles. We all have need of endurance (Heb.10:36; Luke 21:19; Heb.12:1)
With affection,
160418_WALKER_Marathon_14743xs-003.jpg (585×410) 1Cor.9:25-27,24; Gal.6:2; 1Cor.12:26



  1. "Although the numbers 10 and 2 are symbolic, they do also accurately reflect a general comparison of quantity. We are assured of this due to Matt.22:14."

    The Greek word for "few" is not literally few. Its "comparatively" few. Jesus illustration of the 10 virgins says half didnt go into the feast.

    1. If what was meant by the 5 and 5 were that exactly half of those invited were saved and half were not;
      Then it would not be "comparatively few", it would be comparatively equal.
      This choice facing the 10 virgins is 5 and 5; because there were TWO choices before the virgins. EACH VIRGIN is faced with a 50/50 choice to be one or the other....Wise, or foolish. Their choice would not be influenced by anything but their own spiritual condition. In all fairness, this is numerically depicted, as a 50/50 opportunity. Whichever side of the fence the virgins chose, was of their free will (Gal.6:4; 1Cor.3:13). There were only two choices....
      Burning a lamp based upon a personal provision of oil (holy spirit), or based upon "buying" it "from those who sell" (Matt.25:9; Rev.13:17). These numbers are all symbolic...but clearly,
      if those "invited" to the marriage feast are "not worthy" to attend (Matt.22:8), so much so that God "burns their city" (Matt.22:6,7)....and if Jesus says that "many are invited but few are chosen", and that BROAD AND SPACIOUS is the road to failure and MANY fail, while "few" remain standing...then that's the truth (Matt.22:14; 7:13,14).

  2. Well said pearl

    Praise Jah for the truth you speak well of, may he always give you comfort spite of the Shipwreck that surrounds us.


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