Friday, April 6, 2012

"Ears, but cannot hear"

I was sitting in my office, meditating on what Jesus was going through on this very day...1,979 years ago. At this hour, he has just been hung on the stake.
I heard a car horn blare in my driveway, and my husband went out to see to it. I heard him come back in after a moment, and he brought the mail in to me. In it was a registered letter. Here is a copy of it:

Xxxxxx Congregation of Jehovah 's Witnesses
Mailing address: 800 Red Mills Rd., Wallkill, NY J2589-3224
Kingdom Hall address: Xxxxxxxx
March 29, 2012
Dear Xxxxx,
On Sunday March 25, 2012 a judicial committee of the Congregation
decided that you should be disfellowshipped from the congregation.
if you decide to appeal this decision, you must do so in writing within seven days
from the date of this letter. Your letter of appeal should state why you believe the judicial
committee's decision is in error, and you should direct your letter to the undersigned.
Xxxx Xxxxx
Judicial committee chairman
800 Red Mills Rd.
Wallkill, NY 12589

Although the letter brought tears of grief to my eyes....not due to my proving faithful in the face of doctrines of error, nor while under the intimidation of men with power; But due to the fact that those who shepherd God's flock, are not able to be reasoned with from the scriptures. (Jer.5:21)
I then realized that addition to the extreme physical torture he endured, bore an additional burden. He also observed those who, in their blindness, choose to remain in darkness.

As I cried, my husband placed his hand upon my shoulder and said, "You have been killed on the very same day as Jesus."
Those words were of comfort, because they recalled to my heart that for anything the Chosen Ones endure....Jesus endured it first, with the greatest severity possible. Even in our tears, we should remember his loving words...

"In the world you are having tribulation. But take courage! I have conquered the world."! John16:33


  1. Now that you are set free, you will see such relief! I feel strongly the truth of 2 Cor. 6:17, to "separate yourselves, and quit touching the unclean thing, and I will take you in." You will receive an additional, proportion of the Holy Spirit. You were also, whether you knew it or not, in a compromising situation, where you were refusing to 'let go' of something nasty, and dirty, like a child's dirty blanket he holds while sucking his thumb, I've seen kids 9,and 10 years old, at home with their 'Security blankets'. It 's the best thing that could have happened to you,and I wish all JW's(that disagree with the falsehood) the same treatment. One can't expect any elders or the GB to be reasonable, at all, as they're slaves of a dark, and insidious work of Satan. I say Congratulations! You made it outside the compound! Now, just don't try to go back like a pretty pig to wallow in the mire again, the word warns. Turn your face outward bound to a new field for harvest work. You are sorely needed out here in the trenches.There is a lot of falsehood being spread to the disgruntled struggling Witness dissenters. Satan is picking them off with 1. Bible Student religion 2. Modern Bible commentaries 3. Doubts about EVERYTHING 4. No last days, no return of Christ,Trinity,and oh so many wars of words. Grab your Bible and go to work, Any, and everywhere, it's a zoo out here!

  2. I thought I would clarify to you, that any decisions I made to either stay in the Org. or the decision that it was time to take my stand publicly, and get thrown out.....was never as a result of my own feelings or thoughts. I sought Jehovah's direction in each step I took, and clearly received it. I would never dare decide such things of my own initiative.

    Remember that the "Two Witnesses" which symbolize the faithful remnant, have to be "killed" by the "beast", and they must be "dressed in sackcloth", as signifying their repentance of sharing in the spiritual adultery and idolatry which are the sins of God's end-time people. (Rev.11:3,7)

    I knew from the start that I too, needed to fulfill these signs, in order to be considered tested and faithful. I sought Jehovah's direction in all things.
    For whatever His reason, He also directed me to pioneer before taking my stand against the Beast.
    I can now see his reasons.
    I just wanted to let you know that as one of the end-time prophets...I must give the witness Jehovah directs, and was never guided by "refusing to let go of something nasty and dirty".
    I well knew the "disgusting things", but because I was among God's named people to give a concern was to do that fully, and as directed by the God of Mercy and Truth... I tried to do "just so".

    I also do not choose where to "Turn my face outward bound"...but rather continue to seek constant direction from Jehovah. I do not make such grave decisions, on my own, nor at the prompting of other human beings. Faithful genuine anointed, already understand this.
    Jehovah himself has had me preaching "outward" for years now. According to his direction, I am not nearly finished with this, in the way that I am already doing it.

    I too, appreciate what a full blown war is going on between Satan's angels and Michael's angels...between witnesses of deception, and of Truth.
    This is why those of us who have been given a clear detailed witness as to what we are to do,
    must be certain that what we preach, is what Jehovah has clearly directed us to preach...
    and that we provide scriptures for each and every detail of our assertion and it's interpretation.
    If what we teach is true, those things will be plainly given by spirit at the time we ourselves are being taught by it.



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