Tuesday, June 7, 2022


Question received:
What do "wings" in the Bible, symbolize?

Spiritual wings are two abilities that holy spirit gives the bearer of those wings, to ascend above the events on earth, so that they can perceive the whole picture. 
The other ability, is mobility and access, to declare what they are seeing (perceiving). 
We are helped to understand this when we read Rev.4:6,8. The four living creatures are "WATCHmen" (Matt.14:25; Isa.62:6; Rev.4:8). As we read at Rev.4:8, they have wings, covered with eyes.

Breath, wind, and air, symbolizes spirit (Eph.2:2; John 20:22; 3:8). 
After being given the ability to "fly"... to arise and to be lifted up in order to perceive and reach preaching territory; It is the spirit that lifts the winged one. It is spirit that the winged one can maneuver through. Spirit carries that one along, in order to direct them to see, perceive and understand (just as the air/wind, carries a winged bird) (Acts 8:39;  2Pet. 1:21; Rev.21:10). In these ways, spirit can work through the one given wings.

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