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The Fourth Beast / Armageddon

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The "Watchtower" teaches that Mankind has tried every possible form of government, and that this was necessary for the reality of Jer.10:23; and Ec.8:9 to be proven. They assert that since each form of government has been proven a failure, the judicial basis was set for the arrival of Christ's "Thousand Year" kingdom, in 1914 
("Thousand Years", When?). 
Not so.
Ps.110:1-2 reveals that Christ rules "in the midst of his enemies". He has been ruling since his ascension into heaven 
(1Cor.15:25; Mark16:19; Ps.110:1; 1Cor.15:25; Matt.28:18). 
Through the kings of Zion...
 (Ps.110:2; 2Cor.10:3-5; 6:7; Rom.13:12; Isa.2:3; Mal.2:7; Eph.6:10-17; 2Tim.2:12; Rev.5:9-10), 
...Christ has been "subduing his enemies" of truth, by the truth (Gal.4:16; John8:40; Mark 8:35; 2Thess.2:8; Rev.19:14-15; Prov.2:6; Eph.6:17; Heb.4:12; Rev.19:15), which is also spoken through his ambassadors (Phil.3:20-21; 2Cor.5:19-20,15; 3:6; 6:1-2; Mal.2:7; 1Cor.4:1; 1Pet.4:10; Titus 2:11; 1Tim.2:4). 

All forms of man-rule under Satan 
(John 8:44; Rev.12:7; Heb.1:7,14; 2:16; 1:7; Rev.11:5; Jer.5:14; Luke 21:15; 10:19; 1John2:13; Rev.12:11), 
must be subjugated under Christ's feet (1Cor.15:24-25), after which, he hands his own kingdom, over to God
Only then, does God's eternal Kingdom, commence (1Cor.15:27-28). 
God entrusts His eternal Kingdom, into the hands of Christ and his chosen and faithful kings (Luke 22:29; Rev.3:21; Matt.28:18; Dan.7:13-14,22), including those who have fought and won the last of Christs battles, Armageddon (Rev.17:14; 19:11,14,16; Luke10:19; Matt.23:33).

Which is the last kingdom to fight against Christ at Armageddon... his last enemy?
There is one more form of government Satan is now empowering, that is "different" from those prior to it. 
It is able to "trample" and cause spiritual death, to God's own people 
(Dan.7:23; Luke 21:24,22) 
(1Cor.15:26,55; Rev.9:10,7; Eze.2:6; 1Cor.15:55-58; Rev.12:11). 
The "difference" within that last lethal kingdom, is depicted, at Dan.2:33,41-42. 
All the previous kingdoms which persecuted God's people, symbolically consisted only of metal (Dan.2:32).
The "difference" which the last kingdom possesses, is that the fourth kingdom/Beast, also contains "clay", along with the metal, iron. 
It is only after this final type of kingdom meets with failure, that the eternal Kingdom of God, arrives (Dan.2:34,44; 7:14,18,22).

The fourth spiritually lethal kingdom arises, after Satan's release from the Abyss.....
(Rev.20:7-8; 16:13-14; 17:14; 12:7,11; 11:7; 6:9-11; Rom.6:5).
Through the fourth and last kingdom, Satan successfully tramples God's Chosen people. They are trampled into submissive captivity and slavery to the Beast. They need to repent, slave for the truth of Christ, and join him in righteous Battle.
(Col.2:8; Rev.13:7-8,10; 11:2; Matt.5:13; Luke18:8; 17:26-27; Rev.12:15; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13-14) 
(Eze.22:30; 13:5; Jer.5:1; Isa.59:16; 64:7; Job 14:6-9; Eze.17:21-24,23; Mark 4:30-32; Zech.4:10; Eze.36:8; Dan.2:34,45; Zech.4:7) 
(Dan.8:25; 2Thess.2:8; Rev.17:14; Matt.10:20), 
<<(In response to Satan's release and successful deceptions; 
Christ, and then his faithful "woman"/"two witnesses"/angel messengers/faithful witnesses to follow, 
will also arise 
Rev.11:3-4; 12:15-17,6,14,7; 17:14) (earth-swallows-satans-river)
[For understanding about the woman being in the wilderness, please see 
Part A, paragraph 4, at this link: LINK ]

It is the fourth kingdom, initially consisting of Iron (Dan.2:33), that tramples the holy ones into subjection, in the time of the end (Dan.2:40). The fourth kingdom develops into a combination, within it's feet and "toes", iron and clay (Dan.2:33,42). 
The ten "toes" of it's feet, is a parallel to the "ten kings"/"horns", belonging to the symbolic Beast of Revelation (Rev.17:12-14). 
The "kings of the earth" (Greek meaning "Earth") are kings which should belong to Christ (Rev.1:5; 5:10; 19:16; John18:36; 17:16) (kings-of-earth), but they have rebelliously surrendered their royal authority, to the Beast (Rev.17:12-13; Jer.9:25-26; Amos 9:7; 1Cor.10:11).

By these things, we begin to learn why this Beast is "different" (Dan.7:23).
It's horns, are the ten "kings of the earth"/clay (Rev.16:15-16; Dan.2:44), some of whom have accepted official position as commanders within the Iron/Gentile Beast, supporting it's blasphemies 
(Rev.13:1,5-6; Rom.2:24; Isa.52:5; 2Pet.2:1-3).

Both terms.... "clay", and "kings of earth", reveal the "difference" which the last kingdom power possesses (which power, successfully tramples God's people, causing them to become dead in their sins (Eph.2:1-2,4-5; Col.2:13; Rev.3:1-3; 11:11-12; 4:1; Eze.37:3-8,9-10; Rev.7:9; Matt.5:19).
   After God's refining discipline (Zech.13:9; Mal.3:1-3), "one-third" of them repent 
(and are killed for their faithfulness Rev.11:7)...
 (Rev.7:3; 9:4; 3:19; 14:1; 22:3) (Zech.13:9; Rev.9:18,20), 
The repentant and victorious over the mark of the Beast, 
then battle along with Christ at Armageddon Rev.17:14; 19:11,14,8; 7:14) 

When that decisive battle that is now being fought is won, the final foe of Christ will be "brought to nothing" (1Cor.15:24-26,54-58).
The final powers of death will themselves be consigned to the "second death", the "lake of fire" (Rev.20:10,14-15). The last four entities of power who resist God's Kingdom, will be destroyed forever (1Cor.15:24-26).


So, how do the terms, "kings of the earth", and "Clay"
reveal what is unique to the last kingdom?
Please consider the following links to find out.

and (
and (


ADDITION to ("What is God Waiting For?"):
as follows:


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