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Satan's seed by harlots / Spirit and Truth / Wicked Steward

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"Hello Pearl,
Thanks again for your well thought out reply, I am glad that we both speak in agreement as regards 144,000 being a symbolic number.
Also, we agree that anointed ones should not have been numbered but as it stands the partakers in WTBTS still are and it is a good thing for now that partakers are seen to increase as it, God willing, will be a major factor in the GB coming to their senses and realizing that they need to reconsider the view of a literal 144.

I believe the man of lawlessness, disgusting thing and beast to be the GB. They are the most reprehensible as no foreigner would have a position of authority if it were not for them. Those of earthly group are only doing what supposed to do in following instruction of priestly jews.

The GB are at present like Saul of Tarsus, they
have a zeal according to a literal 144 and they have a zeal according to us as only domestics. At present they and all who follow them are on the road to destruction. However, once the GB see the light, as Saul did, they will have the opportunity of repentance.

I believe these things as I believe I was taught by the spirit concerning these matters -that God does not desire any to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance."


Hello A-1,
My replies are not "well thought out". I do not prepare the meals...I only strive to serve them.
Faithful prophets and teachers must imitate Christ (John12:49,50; 7:18; 1Cor.2:13; 1Pet.4:11; Matt.10:20).
Regarding any benefit you esteem by means of the WT counting partakers;
I don't believe it is ever a "good thing" to disobey God, nor to make use of information that He forbade partaking of. It can only lead us astray in our thinking.
(1Chron.21:1) (Gen.3:3,4; Matt.12:33,34,37; 7:20; 2Cor.11:3,4).

The GB does not have a record of conceding their doctrines, so I would not deduce that they will concede to the 144000 as being symbolic. After all, even if the tally of partakers should continue to rise, it is not likely that it will exceed 144000. They already have a doctrine which states that the genuine are only gathered from the first century, combined with modern day, and none in between.
They also know that there is an emerging trend of non-anointed partaking. The rise could also be explained in this way, which they are much more likely to exploit as backing for their doctrine.

The record is, that the GB always finds a seamless explanation for their errors (Isa.28:15; Rom.16:18). Let's remember that "Wormwood" is given a key to Satan's abyss of darkness (Rev.8:10,11; 9:1). Satan empowers that fallen star with all his power and authority to deceive ("key"), and to release him from the abyss (Rev.20:3,7,8,10; 12:9; 16:13,14,15).

The last harlot does not "come to her senses", but rather commits spiritual adultery with Satan himself (Rev.14:8), to produce seed of destruction, which includes the "son of destruction". (2Thess.2:3,4; Prov.16:18; Job41:34; Rev.9:11,3,7) (Hosea2:4; 4:5,6; Rev.2:23,21).
     [Being a harlot, she also fornicates with the "kings of the earth",
     to produce seed fit for destruction. (Rev.2:22; 17:2; 1Cor.6:15,16,17,19,20)
     (Hosea2:2,3; Rev.17:16,17; Isa.50:1)]

Prophecy tells us that "the power of the Holy Ones must be totally brought to nothing" (Dan.12:7; Rev.6:11) before the end can finally arrive.
That is not in harmony with the GB making things easier for those Called, by validating them.

If you examine how the image of the beast acquires it's power, it is just as you say...
"no foreigner would have a position without them".
Yet that does not make the GB the foreigner themselves...It makes them the benefactor of the foreigner.
   If you read Rev.13:11,12,14,15; and Rev.19:20 you will see that there is a second wild beast/"false prophet", who enables the first.
They are two separate beasts....not the same beast....
just as the "fallen star" who empowers the individual "locust-scorpions" (that comprise the Beast),
is not itself, the "locust-scorpions"
(Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,2,3; Luke10:19; Eze.2:6; Joel2:25; Rev.9:7).

The two-horned wild beast/false prophet (from the "earth" -Rev.13:11), is not the wild beast from the "sea" (Rev.13:1).
The GB is not both beasts, but rather, is the dominant beast of Rev.13:11, who empowers the Gentile Beast of Rev.13:1 (from the sea), and gives it the "image" of being spirit-directed (Rev.13:15) (given spirit -John20:22; Rev.11:11), so that all the "earth" (Isa.66:1; Ps.132:13,14,8; Eze43:7), worship that Beast and it's image of divinity (Rev.13:8), by allowing their forehead and hand to be slave-marked to it's decrees (Rev.13:16; Deut.6:8,6; Rev.7:3).

It is true that invited priests can prove unfaithful, obviously
(Hosea4:6; 5:4; Luke16:1,2; 12:42,45,46) (Hosea6:5; Jer.5:14; Rev.11:5).

But the history of scriptural record tells us,
that the "disgusting thing"/"abomination", has always been Gentiles who are not priests,
but who trespass into and trample God's Temple
(2Thess.2:4; Rev.11:2; Num.18:7; Eze.44:6,7,8,9; 22:26; 2Chron.13:9; Matt.24:15; Dan.11:31,32,33; Luke21:24; Rev.13:10,7).
The GB cannot be the disgusting thing, because she becomes sealed as the "mother of the disgusting things of the earth" (Rev.17:5), after she is sealed into representing her "mother" covenant of death (Isa.28:15; Rev.17:5; Gal.4:24).
Satan's seed by means of the "harlots", are the opposite of God's seed by means of the sealed virgins/Jerusalem above
(Matt.1:23; Rev.12:5; Rom.8:29; Gal.4:26; Rev.14:4,5), which is the covenant of life.
  The second beast "breathes life/spirit" into the first beast (Rev.13:15) (Gen.2:7). This is a parallel to being it's mother.
Clearly, there are two beast entities in Revelation chapter 13 (Rev.13:1,11).
The GB is not both of them.

There are also "ten kings", which are the horns of the beast (Rev.17:12),
and at the same time,
there are "seven kings", which are the heads of the beast (Rev.17:9,10).
The Heads and Horns are not the same thing.
If we lump everything together as one identity,
the truth is blurred, and our perception of truth will not be sharp.

Scripture gives the many details we need to discern these fine points,
but we have to be willing to make use of them.
If we fail to discern by means of scripture, the fine details of these identities;
we will also fail to apply the information in a way that protects us from acting in error.
(Heb.5:12,13,14; 1Cor.14:20; 2Tim.3:16,17).

If we fail to see that the "disgusting thing" is Gentiles replacing the priests (Eze.44:9) (the GB "Jews" are genuine priests),
("What is 'Jew' / 'Gentile'"?)
("Disgusting Thing")
then we fail to see that the organization based upon the "elders" (who are spiritual Gentiles) actually "trample" and have replaced the Chosen, as the Temple priesthood (2Chron.13:9; 2Thess.2:4; Eze.28:9; Gal.4:8,6,7; 2Cor.11:20,4,2,3; Col.2:8; Rev.13:10,7; 9:3,10).
They are a counterfeit Temple, touted as possessing Holy Spirit (Rev.19:20; 13:15),
which only the chosen priests do  (John20:22; Rev.11:11)
(1Cor.3:16; 6:19; 1Pet.2:5; Eph.2:21,22; Rom.2:28,29).
If we believe that it is possible for the Gentile Organization to be directed by God's spirit....
 then we do not recognize that this god-like "image"/Idol, is merely inspired by the spirit of the false prophet, just as Rev.13:15 depicts.
That "breath" is one of the "unclean exhalations" ("impure spirits") inspired by demons (Rev.16:13).
(Rom.1:25; Rev.13:8)

By accepting the Image of the Wild Beast Organization as directed by God's spirit,
we join in with the mentality of those described in Rev.13:8, who are not written in the Lamb's scroll of life.
Many such errors are many as there are misconceptions and misinterpretations of Revelation.
Life depends upon accurate knowledge, and acting accordingly.
(John17:3,17; James1:22; Hosea4:6; Prov.10:21; 5:23)

When you speak of the "earthly group", you expose that your thinking is still directed by WT doctrine.
The "meek/righteous inherit the earth"
         (Ps.37:11,29; Rev.19:8; Rom.2:13; Matt.7:21; 22:14; 2Pet.1:10)
because they are the heirs of the promises to Abraham
(Gal.3:16,29; Gen.17:6,7; 28:12,13,14; Heb.2:5,16,8; Ps.110:1,2; Isa.2:3; Rev.5:10).

We all start from that place of faith based on false doctrines (Matt.7:26,27; Rev.3:3,19);
but Mal.3:1,2,3 indicates that we need to be refined, by removing those false understandings from our mind and heart. Jesus said not to take anything with us when we flee apostate Jerusalem (Luke17:31,32,33). If we wish to partake of the "new wine" at the wedding feast, we need a "new wine skin" to hold it.
(Mark2:22; Luke5:39)
(Rev.5:5; 20:12; 10:2,8; 22:16; Dan.12:9,10,3)

Jesus said to "buy gold refined in the fire".
We must skim off the dross that arises when "fire" is applied.
The "fire" is the Word of God (Jer.23:29).
ALL our beliefs, perspectives, and interpretations must be derived of scripture...not what we deduce. (Gen.40:8; Rom.11:34)

If you have scriptures that indicate that the GB is the disgusting thing, the man of lawlessness, and the first wild beast, please send them to me.
Remember...the last world power to persecute God's people, is a duel power of iron and clay (Dan.2:34,41,42,43,40; 7:23).
The iron and clay are not the same thing.

If you wish to consider the scriptures which indicate that the GB is the "two-horned" false prophet of Rev.13:11 [which gives power and authority to the first wild beast of Rev.13:1
                     (Gentile "elders")/(locust-scorpions of Rev.9)];
then you will find ample scriptural backing if you continue to read the work I have accomplished thus far, with the help of God's spirit,
expressed through vision and scripture.
Regarding the "two horns", you may wish to consider how God views their "zeal".
"Horns" symbolize kings (Rev.17:12). The beast from the "earth" has a symbolic "two horns".
Dan.11:27 refers to "them".

Please send me the scriptures that lead you to believe that the GB (wicked steward) will be called to the light as Paul was upon his conversion. I do hope they are awoken, but I see no scriptural indication that they join the repentant. In fact, "while still alive"/functioning/not slain for the sake of truth (Rev.6:9,11; Mark8:35);
they are thrown into the lake of fire to be "tormented forever". (Rev.19:20; 20:10,14,15)

There is ample evidence concerning the GB's object of zeal.
They have a record of knowingly rejecting truth in preference to printing known lies.
This has been witnessed many times by those who spoke up (even among their rank),
and were expelled for it.

If you desire to base your beliefs upon your own reasoning and deductions about human nature,
you are free to do so.
If you are indeed being taught by Holy Spirit,
then that spirit will also provide you with all of the scriptural backing you need,
to prove that you do not speak of your own originality (John7:16,17,18; 16:13).
The spirit of truth only speaks in harmony with scripture.
Spirit and God's Word of Truth, are always in agreement (1John5:7,8; John4:23,24).

If your cardinal goal is not to be consistently guided by scripture in everything you accept as a part of your faith, I cannot serve you, and our conversing is a waste of both our time.

The GB/last harlot, will soon be undone by it's own pet,
as the wild beast from the "sea" itself becomes the eighth king without her.
Any that still have regard for this abomination/counterfeit kingdom/Idol,
will be shut out of the kingdom, and the life it offers through truth
(John17:17; 4:10,14; 7:38,39; Rev.22:17; James1:21; 1Pet.1:23; Luke8:8,15; John4:36; Matt.13:38,39)
(Rom.8:11,9; Mark12:25; Eph.2:6; John5:24; Rev.1:20; Matt.13:39).

While God desires all to live by means of repentance, few actually will repent.
(Eze.18:31,32; Isa.10:22,23,24,25; 28:21,22; Jer.25:28,29,30; Rev.14:19)
Have you not read Luke13:24 and Matt.7:14?
The weeds will be thrown in the fire...
because it is not up to God...
it is up to they themselves.
(Deut.30:19; Isa.1:28; Rev.18:5,4; Matt.25:46; 2Thess.1:8,9; 2:11,10,12; 1Thess.5:3; Eze.33:11)
(Isa.55:6; 2Cor.6:2; Luke19:44,46; Jer.29:13; Amos5:6; 1Chron.28:9)

If you believe that the Man of lawlessness is the GB,
then you must accept that he is going to be destroyed (see 2Thess.2:8).

That destruction will not come from God's hand, but by means of His just permission,
God will allow the Destroyer to act (Isa.33:1),
who is the owner and  father, which the unfaithful have chosen.
(Exodus12:23; Heb.11:28; 1Cor.10:10; 5:5; Rev.9:11; John10:10; 8:44; Heb.2:14)

If your mind is already made up without scriptural backing,
why have you contacted me?
If you have scriptural backing for your perspectives,
why do you not provide it?

If you decide to write to me again,
please do not send me your opinions or anymore questions,
unless it is accompanied by ample scriptural backing.
My time is devoted to God's Word, not man's. (John5:34; Rom.3:4; Isa.29:13)

Matt.13:38,39,30; Rev.8:6; Matt.12:36,37,33; John7:18; Matt.7:15,19,20,24,25



  1. Can I just say, I think all those waking up to the wrongness of the wtbts find it daunting to throw off those once trusted shackles - their reputation for indoctrination is well earnt. Don't fear researching those clay feet - they have a long history of association with many things they condemn for all their adherents. The only safe way to jemmy the blinkers off so as to identify who, if anyone, is speaking truth, is to thoroughly reaquaint yourself with your bible without the wtbts filter. Otherwise you will fall back into the same trap of abdicating responsibility for ascertaining truth to someone else.

    1. This is true. All faith should be based upon scripture, not upon doctrine sourced with men.
      However, the role of the priesthood arranged by God Himself, should not be dismissed
      (Mal.2:7,6; Rev.14:5; 1Cor.12:18,28; Rev.5:9,10; 1Pet.2:5,9; Eph.2:20,21).
      Only those who honor God, His Word, and remain in union with Christ, are reliable
      (John15:4,5,8; Matt.7:20; Rev.22:2).
      God describes the unfaithful priests/stewards (Mal.2:1,2,4,8; Eze.44:10,12)
      and the results to His people (Rev.8:10,11; 18:3; Jer.51:7; Rev.2:5; 18:23,24).
      The genuine faithful priests will speak only with the authority of God's Word.
      Thank you for your comment,

  2. Yes, I didn't intend to dismiss the role of the priesthood, only to highlight the difficulty of identifying faithful ones if you're still trying to do this through the society's warped lens. For many it is frightening to confront all you held true in such a decisive manner, but the benefits of establishing a safe yardstick takes the fear of making the same mistake again. Ruling out or reaching out to others then ceases to be a leap into the dark

    1. Thank you for clarifying. So many dismiss the true arrangement.
      Yes...God did not leave us unable to discern the path of life. He wants all possible to find it. But He decides who does
      (Matt.16:16,17; Luke8:10; Matt.13:11).
      Jesus has equipped all his sheep to find the true path
      (John14:6; 8:32; 7:17; Isa.35:8; 11:16; 30:21; 40:3; 62:10; Matt.7:14; Ps.118:20; Prov.16:17;
      Jer.50:5; 31:21,22,23,24,25; Psalm107:9; Isa.40:29; 50:4; Jer.31:14,12; Eze.34:14; Matt.24:16).
      May God's grace bless all those searching for it.
      Love in Christ,

  3. We must be reminded that the "Wild Beast" from the "sea" with "seven heads and ten horns" on it, has the "harlot" riding it.
    This very "Beast" along with the "Ten Kings" gets tired of the "harlot"; and like a wild bull, tosses her off and eats up her flesh and burns her with fire.
    If A-1 thinks that the GB is the "Wild Beast" of Rev 13:1 ....then who does he think the "harlot" is? No one in the Organization has been riding the GB.
    For many years that GB has been the "darling" of the Organization. Most other anointed ones have been basically ignored, so they don't ride the GB.
    Soon this Beast-Organization along with the rank and file anointed ("Ten Kings") who go along with the Beast-Organization,
    are going to turn on the harlot GB. Rev 17: 16,17. The GB is the "harlot". They have substituted the true Priests of God (The genuine anointed)
    with ones that they have made out of non-anointed elders.
    Compare 2 Chronicles 13:9
    "Haven't you already driven away the LORD's priests, the descendants of Aaron and the descendants of Levi? Haven't you established your own priests like the people of other lands?"
    These non-anointed "priests" and so-called "princes" who claim to have been appointed by holy spirit, are a disgusting thing in God's eyes.
    They make up the backbone of "The Arrangement" that runs the Congregations. They are "spiritual gentiles". Compare Ezekiel Eze.44:6,7,8,9
    The GB is not at all like the Apostle Paul (Who was Saul of Tarsus). Saul sincerely felt he was doing God's will. God and Jesus could read his genuine motives (His Heart). The GB's motives have always been to protect the Organization's Image as "God-breathed", insist that this is "The Arrangement" of God, that the elders have been appointed by God, and to maintain unity at any cost, including printing errors.
    This can be clearly seen in the volumes of literature that is no longer valid, and even today they keep changing doctrines to suit their agenda. It is highly unlikely that they will change now. This Organization does not want to "throw in the towel"...They will fight in defiance of the truth. This is the war between truth and lies. It will end as the final judicial decision is made by God in the valley of the decision, when the judgment and harvest of wheat and weeds is completed.

    1. Yes, I have had "elders" express their conviction that THEY are the ones "qualified" to shepherd and judge the sheep (Ps.49:14).
      Anointed ones are viewed as "proud" and "unsubmissive" if they see themselves as responsible as shepherds and priests.
      How backwards Satan can make things appear!
      (1Cor.6:2,3; 2Cor.11:3,20; Gal.4:3; 5:1; Matt.5:14; 10:27,20,28,26,22,40; Ex.30:30,29; 2Chron.23:6; 2Cor.10:18; Rom.8:33)

  4. "The GB/last harlot, will soon be undone by it's own pet,as the wild beast from the "sea" itself becomes the eighth king without her.(Rev.17:11,12)"
    In another blog,you point out that when the GB is removed,then no-one can then "flee" anymore,as this is like the final attack on Jerusalem. What would be the purpose of the 8th King,if you havnt escaped? what could he accomplish that already hasnt happened? If Anointed are sealed at this point,is the 8th King the time for non anointed to wake up? Thanks!

    1. My reply is too lengthy for the comment box, so I will post it on the Main Page, Dated June 2, 2014.


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