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Eighth King / Punishment of the Great Harlot

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"You said, 'The GB/last harlot, will soon be undone by it's own pet, as the wild beast from the "sea" itself becomes the eighth king without her. (Rev.17:11,12)'
In another blog, you point out that when the GB is removed, then no-one can then "flee" anymore, as this is like the final attack on Jerusalem. What would be the purpose of the 8th King, if you haven't escaped? What could he accomplish that already hasn't happened? If Anointed are sealed at this point, is the 8th King the time for non anointed to wake up? Thanks!"

My Reply:
The Beast itself could not remove the harlot, unless it usurped her authority.
This makes the Beast the eighth king, along with all anointed left inside who rule "with the Beast".
If we look back to the example the scriptures left us of the last covenant age to end;
we know that the Jewish religious leaders used the Romans to kill Christ,
and the present day harlot uses the Gentile elders to "kill" the Christs.
Both sets of religious leaders being divorced from their favor with God,
are then destroyed by those same killers.

I would not definitively assert that God will not accept repentant ones, 
no matter when it is that they awaken to their sin, as long as their motive for sorrow is not self-serving 
(2Cor.7:9,10; Ezra9:6; 2Tim.2:25,26).
Many that leave the Org. today, do not do so out of a love of truth. Most reasons are selfish ones.

But we should take note that Rev.18:4 tells us to get out of the covenant of death ("Babylon the Great") and her present harlot daughter, if we do not want to share in her sins and receive part of her plagues.
Getting out of her would no longer be possible, if she is already gone.

   (It should also be noted, that God is telling His own people to get out ("my people" Rev.18:4). 
    He is addressing His own priests (1Pet.2:10,9; Eze.37:23,27; 2Cor.6:16; Rev.21:3)
    This is a conundrum for the WT. They teach that "Babylon the Great" is "Christendom".
    Yet they also teach that there are no anointed in "Christendom". So how is it that
    the anointed would be commanded to come out of "Christendom"? 
    No...God's chosen priests are being commanded to come out of what was God's City,
    which has now turned their back on God, under the wicked steward's leadership.)

Once the Org./Beast turns on "her", the punishment of her plagues is already released.
It is no longer possible to escape sharing in her punishment. 
So, it is not that it is too late to repent, 
but it is too late to repent as a means to avoid the harlot's punishment.
What is "part of her plagues"? 
The Beast turning on her is one. The very Gentiles she used on her brothers 
(Rev.13:15; 11:7; 6:9; 18:24; Jer.51:49; Matt.23:35,37; Rev.11:7,8),
come around to her (Rev.17:16; Eze.16:37,39; 23:9,17,22,28,35; Hosea2:3,10; Nahum3:5,6). 
This is the plague of the locust-scorpions (members of the Gentile Wild Beast).
For a time, that plague is only on the unsealed who are dominated by the Org. (Rev.9:3,4,5,10; 13:7)
Only "a third" who are disciplined, repent (Rev.9:18,20; 8:7,8,9,10,11,12; Zech.13:8,9) 
(Jer.3:3; Amos4:4,5,9,11,12; Rev.6:1,2,8,16,17).
During that time of discipline for unfaithfulness, the "rest" are protected (Rev.7:1,3; 9:4).
But after all are sealed (and the eighth king installs itself);
All inside the Beast will be plagued by these, especially as these locust-scorpions become so arrogant and puffed up so as to usurp all the genuine priests. That plague has already started, as we await the final harlot's demise when it finally reaches her. Examples abound of those who share in the misery that this plague is causing, as their prideful disposition matures in preparation for the harlot's punishment.
Her lies and sins will also catch up with her (Isa.28:15,17,18,19,20), which is part of why the Beast turns on her.

Once the Org. becomes the eighth king (Rev.17:11,12);
all still inside are no longer worshiping the image of the Wild Beast because of the false prophet/wicked steward's priestly directive (Rev.13:14,15; 19:20).
They are then simply worshiping directly, a Gentile god 
(Ex.23:24; Deut.29:25,26,27; Jer.44:3; Dan.11:37,38,39,30,31). 
When the wayward kings in ancient Israel became apostate, they set up "high places" of false worship, and expected the people to worship these false gods. All the land was guilty of sin, but the kings were blamed, because they were responsible as the leaders of God's people.
If the people worship directly, with no leader directing them to do so,
then they bear the complete responsibility for their sin before God. 
This was demonstrated in the wilderness,
while Moses went up the mountain to receive God's commands.
All those insistent on worshiping the golden calf, perished (Ex.32:35,2,27,28).
Perhaps within God's justice, this exclusive idolatry to the Gentile Idol must reach this point of full and free choice, 
before all still inside bear their own guilt, and are fully judged as condemned 
(Rev.14:18,19; 16:7; Joel3:13).

You may notice that after the Beast and ten kings destroy the last harlot,
they actually regret it. The ten kings fear her torment...not wanting to provoke the beast to similarly turn on them (Rev.18:9,10).
The "merchants" who dispensed her "riches" and carried on her spiritual "trade";
regret her collapse (Rev.18:11,15; Eze.27:27). They can no longer carry on the commerce of her exposed lies, and the power it gave them. But they are also forced to see that their form of godly devotion is impotent without God's priesthood and designated leadership. 
This is why the Beast will decide to co-rule with the "ten kings" who have not yet received their kingdom. Those ten will continue to try to build up this organizational "mountain", in direct opposition to God's incoming kingdom of Zion (Rev.17:12,13,14).
This is the reason why those seeking reform of the Beast are blinded, and stand to make the error of identifying themselves with the fulfillment of the "ten kings".

Already, "Jehovah's Witnesses" are losing sight of the fact that the only thing that distinguishes their religion from the rest of "Christendom", is their being lead by those genuinely invited and called priests of God. This was the foundation of their religion, without which, they will realize they themselves are undone.
This bleak consequence is a part of the burden of guilt they deserve, and are due to experience,
for their treatment to the Israel of God. 

The ten kings that rule with the beast, will give their priesthood and royal position, over to the Beast Org.
They never take executive control as the harlot had, but remain subject to the Beast as co-rulers, giving credit to the Beast for their position (Rev.17:17).
This stands in contrast to the 24 elders, who attribute and relinquish their "crowns", to God (Rev.4:10,11).

I am not, at this time, fully qualified by means of scripture to say when and if genuine repentance is ever futile. It would seem not (Eze.18:27).
We know that when these things took place physically, escape became impossible.
Yet when referring to the final fulfillment, Jesus said that with God, such escape was made possible for those who find favor with God (Luke18:26,27; Eze.14:14).
Most of the deaths inside Jerusalem, were not by direct Roman warfare. The siege caused famine and thirst, yes, but many of the deaths also resulted from against brother (Eze.38:21).
When the Romans finally did enter the City, they took live captives (over 100,000), which were then dispersed and made impotent among the Gentile nations. In a spiritual sense, this is already a reality for God's chosen ones 
(2Chron.16:9; 1Cor.11:17,18; Gal.5:15,26; Eze.22:15; Matt.24:7,8).
The priests are already dominated by the Gentiles (Luke21:20,21,22,24; Rev.11:2; 13:10).
Revelation should not be viewed as a physical calendar, but as a book of symbolic illustrations to shed light on circumstances.

We do know that Christ warns us to flee when we, as individuals, catch sight of the disgusting thing. (Matt.24:15,16)
For those who are abandoned to the final deceptions, due to an unrighteous heart, escape is impossible 
(2Thess.2:11,10,12; 2Cor.4:3; Eze.14:16,20; Matt.10:36,21,35,37).

Although the unsealed are disciplined as they suffer the plague of locust-scorpions,
some are refined, repent, and are saved. They remove the slave-yoke of the Beast and are set free from their captivity to it, and as a result of their insurrection, are "killed" by it.

God is interested in more than just the anointed. When the invited ones prove unworthy of the wedding banquet because of their preoccupation (Matt.22:5; Luke17:31) with existing spiritual commerce (Rev.13:17; Matt.25:10); 
God commands that everyone fleeing the City of apostate "Jerusalem" be invited to attend to partake of the readied provisions (Matt.22:8,9,10; 24:28; Rev.19:9; 22:17) .
For those who remain inside after the Beast has become their god,
it will be exceedingly difficult for those who accept this idolatry and are spiritually asleep,
to wake up and flee. 

I tend to conclude that the end of the period of escape...the end to seeking God's favor and protection,
will not end due to God shutting the door. "Anyone that wishes" can "partake of life's waters for free" (Rev.22:17; James1:5). I tend to think that it is Satan who will bring the end of the opportune time. God will allow it, when He reads all hearts, and sees that all have made their definite choice of worship.
The harvest will reach it's end.
Yet these conclusions and thoughts are my own, based upon what I now see in the scriptures.
Perhaps some things about the finale will remain unknown, until they are taking place (Rev.10:4).
Afterward, we will understand the justice of God, and the reason for all that happened.

I'm sorry I couldn' this time, provide a fuller answer.
I hope something of what I said addresses your need.
If a fuller answer to your questions is revealed in the future,
I will release it. I suspect that as Holy Spirit helps me to write the book about Revelation;
there will be much more insight provided about these things by means of scripture.
As I work on it, I am experiencing that this is the case.

Thank you for your good thoughts,

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