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The "Good News"

How can Matt.24:14 have a spiritual fulfillment?
How are these "nations" the same as Matt.24:6,7?

First, let me state that I do not know this answer completely, but I will give you what I now have.

"All the inhabited earth"...
[literal Greek "being homed" (John14:23; Rom.8:9; Ps.27:4; 1Cor.3:16; 6:19; Ps.23:6; 26:8; Eph.2:19). Some translate as Matt.24:14 as "world" ("cosmos" in Greek) which is not the Greek word used there)]
The "inhabited home" refers to those who are unsealed, but are God's chosen people. Please read Jer.25:29,30. When God is referring to His whole People, He refers to them as His "filled home"/ translated, "all the inhabited earth". When He performs His will against this group, it is always His people...not Satan's entire "world" which are totally under Satan's control (1John5:19). When Jer.25:29,30 was fulfilled, it was fulfilled only with the Jews...not with the whole world.

A brief comparison of three scriptures also helps to show what is meant by Rev.14:3
"They sang as it were a new song before the throne, before the four living creatures, and the elders; and no one could learn that song except the hundred and forty-four thousand who were redeemed from the earth."
If "earth" really is Revelation's symbol for the home of God....His spiritual Temple, then we can expect that there would be a scripture to tell us, that not only were the 144000 "redeemed"/bought/sealed from the "earth"...
there would also be a scripture to tell us that they were taken from God's chosen people specifically.
We find this comparison, at Rev.7:4
"And I heard the number of those who were sealed. One hundred and forty-four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel were sealed."

Regarding Matt.24:6,7;
When I read "nation against nation"; I think of 1Cor.1:12 and 1Cor.3:3,4,5.
False Prophets usually have a following, even if only within the thinking of those who are writing their opinions, and adding to all the chatter and confusion on all the forums.
Without judging true from false prophets...
The "nation" of Robert King, the GB, and "Perimeno" are very distinct. If their "following" is not based upon the scriptures and truth of Christ, their followers do not belong to Christ,
but rather they are a nation, under a king.
At least, this is the possible application I suspect.
Note again, that Matt.24:6 says that these "wars" "must take place".
Spiritual war, is necessary (1Cor.11:18,19; Matt.18:7)

I also think about JW's as a spiritual "nation", contending with who they think is "Babylon the Great"...all other religions. All these creeds are not united into one, because their doctrines conflict ("nation against nation").
God's chosen and faithful priesthood, is even called a spiritual "nation" (1Pet.2:9; Phil.3:20).

I know from experience, that "kingdom against kingdom" may more aptly describe what occurs when two anointed of differing views contend directly with one another, such as happened multiple times with me. During such "discussions" there are those who are observing what transpires and what results. A sort of, "Who won?" sort of interest.

There is also the possibility, that "all the Nations" actually could refer to the physical nature of the Chosen, if Rev.5:9,10; 7:9,14; Gen.17:4; Gal.3:29 and Acts 10:35 are considered. I am sure that this good news, is primarily for the Chosen to hear, so that they can have their opportunity to repent and become sealed under the right Master (2Cor.11:2,3,4; Rom.7:23; 6:16; 1Cor.7:23; Gal.1:10; 1Pet.3:15; 2Pet.2:20). God has promised to give the captive Chosen ones this opportunity to be gathered and receive life, and that promise will be kept (Eze.36:24; 20:34; Jer.32:37,38; 24:7; Deut.30:3; Ps.106:47; Matt.24:31,28; Isa.1:9,26; 10:20; 62:1; 46:13; 26:2; Rev.22:14; Matt.7:14; Isa.52:10; 49:24,26,25; Rev.13:10,7; 9:13,14). This gathering is illustrated as the "harvest" (Matt.13:39). Although this harvest for life culminates at the end of the age, chosen "wheat" have been gathered into Christ's "storehouse" since the first century (John4:35,36).

I have observed repeatedly, that when the scriptures are teaching about the Chosen, their role as spiritual "Jews" (God's chosen nation) is always balanced with their physical source as being all nations (Acts15:14,17; Gen.17:4; Gal.3:29). (Most obvious at Rev.7:4,9; Gal.3:28,29; Rom.2:28,29). This impresses upon us that God is no longer partial to a particular physical nationality (Acts10:34,35,45).

Stating this trait of spiritual "Jew", as physical Gentile, serves to emphasize God's mercy to, and acceptance of all people as equal, and the opportunity of proving a faithful Chosen slave, to all...regardless of their fleshly nationality.

Yet at the same time, the distinction of spiritual nationality (Chosen Jew/priest, from spiritual Gentile/foreigner -Rev.11:2; Luke21:24) must be emphasized, because this distinguishes those who have God's calling, from those who don't.
This can be very confusing, because of the same groups having different meanings, depending upon whether they are being referred to physically, or spiritually.
(More info:

Now to attempt to make my reply clear...

To clarify, God's people (1Pet.2:9,10; Jer.32:37,38; 31:33; Eze.37:27,23; 2Cor.6:16; Heb.8:10,12; Jer.31:10,11) are His priesthood. I believe that the "earth" are God's people (Jer.25:29,30)...the unsealed Chosen ones, the "inhabited earth"/Jew/Israel, according to many scriptures, including this previous list. The inhabited earth are the "tribes of Israel" mentioned at Rev.7:4, where God has made His earthly abode (John14:23).

"As a witness to all the nations" may mean that while "God's people" ("earth") are receiving the final witness, those in their company...
("all nations" See Rev.11:8,9,10 -Only JW's can fulfill this prophecy of "viewing" the disfellowshipped faithful and sharing in their condemnation)
...also are given this witness.
When all JW's know that there is a campaign to reach the Chosen inside; they will have received a witness that God indeed did do this, and that those invited were indeed warned and invited to repent and accept redemption.
This also gives "all the nations" in the company of "Jews" ("inhabited earth"), a choice;
once they understand the idea that there is an issue of unfaithfulness among the chosen, and that they must choose who to accept and learn from; according to all the many prophecies which describe the existence of both faithful and unfaithful slaves
(and the possibility of a faithful or wicked steward -Luke12:42,45,46).

"Inhabited" earth, means that the spiritual "earth" (2Pet.3:7; 1Pet.4:17) is then filled with inhabitants (Gen.1:28; 1Cor.15:45; 1Pet.1:23; 2Pet.3:13).
So the preaching is directed to the unsealed Chosen (filled earth -Eph.1:10); but as a result, all their companions (the nations -Zech.8:22,23; 3:19; 1Cor.14:24,25) will also be made witnesses of this testimony and opportunity.

The "Good news", is that God has made provision to finally establish the kingdom, through Christ's ransom redemption (Rev.18:4; Isa.48:20; 44:23; 43:1,2,4; Rev.12:15,16; Jer.31:11,12; 17:8; Rev.22:1,2,3; Isa.51:11; Jer.50:34; 15:21; Rev.9:5,6,10), and the forgiveness this provides those who were imprisoned in Satan's dark abyss of deception and death (Rev.2:10; 13:10,7; 9:2,3; Ps.18:16,17; 30:3; Isa.38:17; Ps.86:13,14; 2Thess.2:4; Isa.49:14,15,16,17,18,19,20; Rev.20:10), which scattered the Chosen to a foreign land among spiritual Gentiles (Jer.9:16; Eze.22:15; 5:12; Rev.9:18; Zech.13:9; Mal.3:3; Rev.3:18) and isolated them from their spirit brothers, and from their spirit fathers (Christ and YHWH -Isa.9:6; Mal.1:6; Phil.2:15). God demands that this breach be remedied (Mal.4:5,6; Luke1:17; Matt.17:11,3)
Due to the Great Tribulation of Satan's deceptions (via the false prophet and it's Gentile wild beast -Rev.13:11,14,7,8; 16:13,14,15; 1Tim.4:1; Matt.24:21,22,23,24,25,9; Luke13:23,24; Matt.7:14; Rom.9:27; Jer.44:14; Joel2:32; Isa.10:20; Rev.11:7; John16:2) "Jacob"/Israel has fallen into idolatry and spiritual fornication (Rev.1:20; 3:1,2; 2:14,20,21,22; 1:5; 17:2; 1Tim.4:1; Luke21:36; Matt.24:22,13). They need redemption, cleansing, discipline, and refinement. Only a few will accept redemption and be saved, because God will cut the days of deception short, for those who have found favor with Him (Isa.42:7,8; Rev.20:12; Isa.29:18; 49:9; Acts26:18; Isa.42:15,16,17; Luke1:78,79; 2Pet.1:19; Rev.22:16; Zech.4:9,7).

God will gather them again (rescuing them from the power of the Abyss), through this good news... which declares that God has made provision to forgive the repentant of their idolatry and spiritual fornication, if only they accept the provision to make their scarlet sins, as white as snow (Isa.1:18; Micah4:3; Rev.17:3,4; 6:9,11).
Those who are beyond repentance and refuse, will be abandoned (Matt.24:40; 1Chron.28:9; Jer.3:3; 5:24; 6:15; 9:12; 23:10,16,22; Eze.16:29,30; Isa.3:9), just as the physical Temple in Jerusalem was (Matt.23:37,38; 1Cor.6:19,20,15,16; Rev.17:1,2; Rom.6:13). Symbolic "Sodom" exists in the time of the end also (Rev.11:8).

Satan's world does not have to be given a witness. They are not in association with the Christ or his chosen branches, nor do they care to be or care to know (John6:37,65; 3:27; 2Thess.1:8). They are already in the realm of the dead (Rom.5:12,17). God is judge of these (1Cor.5:12,13). Those who teeter on the boundary of life and death are the ones God is warning...those "leaving the City" (Matt.22:8,9,10; Rev.19:9)
            (For fuller understanding of Matt.22:9; see last comment below this post)
as well as those who claim dedication to YHWH in association with his chosen priests.

Should these heed the final herald, repent, choose and receive the faithful priests and true prophets, they will receive a reward (Matt.10:40,41,42; John13:20; Matt.10:16; John15:16; Matt.7:20). If they choose the wicked and false (Matt.7:15,16; 24:4,5,24,25; Jer.23:32,21), they will suffer the consequences, which the Bible defines as "perishing" (2Cor.4:2,3,4; 2Thess.2:10). We are forewarned in prophecy that few accept God's final provision of life.

So in conclusion, I think you are accurate to state that JW's are included in the "Nations" that receive a witness (Also included are those who witness this testimony to the Chosen, who have left JW's).
But the testimony is still primarily directed toward the unsealed Chosen (Matt.25:1,6) who are central to, if not completely, "the inhabited earth" (Jer.25:29,30).

Matt.24:14 [Not literally the "world" (Greek-kosmos), but "filled home" (Greek used -oikoumenē),
                    meaning as in Acts17:6; Rom.10:18; 8:9; John14:23; Rev.3:10; (Luke22:31)
                    Rev.6:10; 11:10; 13:8,14; 17:8]
"And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed in the whole inhabited earth for a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come." (DARBY; LEB; NWT)

 Isa.48:20; Rev.18:4; Isa.43:1; 44:22; Jer.51:6,45; Isa.52:11; 2Cor.6:17

( See: "'World', 'Earth', 'Home'" )

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