Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Heavens

Here are my notes to a Bible student who is doing well.
Good job!

Very little to add to what you express.
I will put your words "in quotes"...

"Christ pulled the Temple down by dying for the world, but then start to rebuild it when He rises in in three days!"

Yes...he pulled down the material temple of Jewish worship (symbol of the Old Covenant -John2:19) and replaced it with the reality....the New Temple 1Pet.2:5,9 (raising up his "body" -- 1Cor.12:27; Rom.12:5; Eph.2:6), which is also the "New Heavens" (2Pet.3:13,7,17) which worship with spirit and truth (John4:21,23) under the New Covenant mother (Gal.4:26).

"Matt 19v28. Jesus said to them, "I tell you the truth: In the age when all things are renewed, when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. -Matthew 19:28
This is the ones chosen who Christ has with Him, able to judge."

To add a little more which I myself have recently learned...
"Twelve thrones" is an authority, based upon truth. Truth is symbolized by the number 12. The way that those who "have followed" Jesus (Luke22:28), judge those who have not followed in his footsteps (Heb.10:29), is based upon the truth of those who followed (Rev.14:5), making evident those who have not (Rev.13:11) (Rev.12:7,8,11); just as Noah "condemned a world" merely by his own righteousness (Heb.11:7); so too, the faithful anointed (Rev.19:8; 20:4) judge those who are not (Rev.13:8). The wheat and weeds have been growing to maturity and have been identified and separated, all throughout this world (Gen.3:15; 1John3:10,11,12,14). This culminates with the final remnant of chosen ones. The last ones to be judged, finish the "harvest of the earth" (Rev.14:14,16), which is the "dried out" harvest of anointed wheat (not the "vine of the earth" Rev.14:18).
(see )

Then you ask:
"Do the chosen take part in the 2nd resurrection ?"

Yes. (Matt.11:4,5; John14:12; Matt.10:8; Rev.21:2,4,7; 22:2)

Then you say:
"Those who have stayed faithful in the Truth.
 Will reign over the New Jerusalem.
 The Bride of Christ."
Yes, but just to make clearer...
those who stayed faithful in the truth will BECOME New Jerusalem,
and BECOME members of the them being everlasting servants of that Bride Covenant (Rev.3:12).
That kingdom covenant to come (the reality), is for all obedient creation;
not just the firstborn 144000.

You did very well.
But my question is, 
 why are the glorified 144000 able to be both spirit and flesh, as Jesus was able to be, upon his resurrection? (Rom.6:5)...
(1Pet.3:18; 1Cor.15:6)
...AND, why do the 144000 go up to heaven before "coming down"??

Here is a hint:

Good job!

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