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"Sheep" and "Goats" AN INTRODUCTION

From the beginning, God calls our attention to two groups (Gen.3:15; Mal.3:18).
The first Biblical descriptions of these two groups (Gen.3:15; 1John3:12), reveals to us that each group is generated from and belongs to, a spiritual "father" and "mother".
We know them as those who are either faithful spirit-begotten 
(generated of God's spirit -Rom.8:14; Gal.4:6; 3:26; John3:6; Rom.8:9), 
sons of "destruction" (which is the name of the king of the abyss -Rev.9:11; John10:10; Isa.33:1; Heb.2:14).
In both cases, the mother of the seed, are covenants (Gal.4:26,24; Rev.17:5; Isa28:15). The "seed" of each, bear the traits of their mother and father (Gal.4:24,26,23; 1Pet.3:6) (John8:44) (Eph.5:1; 4:24; Col.3:10; Matt.5:48; Phil.2:15).
("women" = covenants) (see

The context of Gen.3:15 lets us know that the wicked seed are of the original Serpent (Gen.3:14; Matt.13:38; John8:44). His seed are doomed to destruction (Jude1:12,13; Phil.3:19; Matt.25:41; James1:15; Rom.6:16). This can include those who were originally chosen ones also, unless they repent and are then set free from the deadly prison of the "abyss" (Col.1:13; Isa.60:2; 2Pet.1:19; Isa.38:17; Micah7:19; 2Pet.2:9). This is in harmony with Satan being Leviathan, who is over the sea/abyss/deep, of death-dealing lies that hold us captives to death. (Col.2:8; Rev.13:10,7; Heb.2:14; Rev.9:11)

Although each of these two groups of seed have many names/designations; we need to keep in mind that all these designations still point to these two anointed groups.
Here are some of those contrasting comparisons between Satan's seed and seed of the "woman"/Covenant with God:

*Sons of light/day -vs- sons of darkness/night (1Thess.5:5,6)
*Wheat -vs- weeds (Matt.13:38)
*"faithful, wise, alert, sober, good, and discreet" -vs- "wicked, weak, prideful, lazy, asleep, drunk, and foolish"
  (Matt.25:2,21,26; 24:45,48; Luke16:2,3)
*illuminating stars of the heavens -vs- wandering stars with no set course, cast down to earth
  (Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3; Jude1:13; Mark13:25; Rev.6:13; 12:4; Phil.3:19; James3:15; Col.3:2)
*truth lovers -vs- lovers of the lie
  (Prov.4:6; 2Thess.2:10; Isa.28:15; John8:40,44)
*Focus on the heavens -vs- lovers of the world and things of the "earth"
  (Col.3:1,2; Phil.3:19; Rom.8:5; 1John2:15)
*blameless, innocent, without spot from the world -vs- crooked and twisted
  (Phil.2:15; Eph.5:27; 2Pet.3:14; Acts2:40; Matt.17:16,17,18)
*white robed -vs- stained by sin
  (Rev.19:8; 6:11; Jude1:23; Amos4:11; Zech.3:2,3,4; Isa.52:1)
*speak by spirit -vs- speak of their own initiative
  (Matt.10:20,27; Luke12:3; John7:16,18; 1Pet.4:11; 2Cor.2:17)
*lovingly sacrifice their lives for truth -vs- murder for personal gain
  (John15:13; Rev.6:9; 12:11; 20:4; 17:6; 18:24,3,7,16,17,19)
*virgins -vs- harlots
  (Rev.14:4; Eph.5:27; 2Cor.11:2; Hosea9:1; 4:12; 5:4; 1Thess.4:3; Rev.2:21; 14:8; 17:2,4)

*sheep -vs- goats  (as well as more of the Bible's symbolic comparisons)

We have already discussed in past posts, how these (chosen seed in covenant with God) mature into two groups, by manifesting the traits of their chosen "fathers" (John8:44; Deut.32:5; Matt.5:48; Eph.5:1; Gal.5:16; 1Cor.11:1). By an examination of those traits, both the seed and the fathers of seed, can be identified and recognized.
Can this also be used to identify and recognize the "sheep" and "goats" of God's flock?
(Eze.34:17,31; Isa.13:21; Zech.10:3 ("leaders" lit. "punish the goats"); Matt.25:32)
We already, right at the start of the Bible, have been told that the wicked are seed of Satan...
and the faithful are seed of the "woman" (Gen.3:15)
(2Thess.2:3; Matt.13:38; Rev.9:11; Ps.137:8; John8:44) (Rev.12:1,5; Gal.4:26,24; 3:29; Rom.8:17; 1Pet.1:23).
The faithful anointed are also referred to as "firstborn" of God's children, because they come to life first (Rev.20:6). They are not only firstborn of humanity to God, but also to Christ (Jer.2:3; James1:18; Rom.8:23; Rev.14:4). They are therefore, Christ's sons, previous to their adoption by the Father in Heaven (Rom.8:23). The father does not adopt those stained by sin, but after these receive forgiveness, cleansing, and life by Christ (John14:6; 6:51), they can then be adopted by God. Christ is their natural spiritual father (Isa.9:6; Ps.45:16).
Why have we examined these things?

Remember...sons bear the traits of their fathers. In this way, we can identify both groups of children, and the fathers who generated them.
Now let us apply this knowledge, to the "sheep" and the "goats".

TO BE CONTINUED, with "The Sheep"


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