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Heavenly Powers | "Fire" | The Destroyer

You can put up all our conversations and letters up on your website if you think they will help others, i really don't mind.
 I also appreciate what you said about not focusing on your troubles and problems you come across, but you are also human and i pray to God on a daily basis to grant you the wisdom and courage to face all Satan throws your way successfully.
 I have been thinking a lot lately about the Jesus' parables - it is true that they all contribute to the bigger picture. We must just pray to God to help us piece together the right pieces.
 At times i tend to pop into Robert's website and can't help but notice that the title "king of the north" is used quite often on that site, can you please give me a brief overview of the subject.
 I feel blessed so much - being blessed with the truth is way better than being "blessed" with Satan's riches and power.


I am so happy to hear from you Modise. To hear that you are praying for my success in fully accomplishing my ministry, is a treasured gift of great value to me. It is true that the loss of my daughters is an inestimable source of pain, but your letters reach that same place in my heart, as if you are my son, and I am comforted.

Regarding the King of the North,
spirit has not yet given me a complete understanding of the book of Daniel (1Cor.13:9,10).
When I read it, I make associations to other scriptures, and certainly an overall picture (with some details) is emerging each and every time I am taken there. I read it when I am directed there to pull in one of Daniel's verses when explaining Revelation or a "Greek" scripture. As I go there, my perception and understanding grows in these associations/cross references.
I seems clear to me, that spirit has my greatest focus on opening Revelation thoroughly. I sense that Daniel is also on that list of work, but is more future after I complete present work. Much of what I do understand about Daniel, is because of Revelation. All the truth is one.
What I am trying to say is, I do not want to go ahead of my instructor. When I offer food, it must be as I am directed.
You have a wonderful and healthy spiritual appetite, and I know that your questions have often helped to guide me along in my divine assignment.
I know what my immediate load is, and this I hope to complete soon. I will certainly remember this specific question in prayer, and perhaps I will receive that portion when I have accomplished present things.
What I can say now, is that these "kings" are rulers of this darkness, just as Eph.6:12 tells us:
"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers (kings), against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

These significant battles of prophecy, involve the kingdom heirs. The drama of Satan's political world is spiritually irrelevant (Isa.40:15; 1John2:17).
This is not to say that these evil spiritual forces of Eph.6:12 are not also human (even though we see that this "struggle"/"wrestling" is "not against flesh and blood").
The war/wrestling the "seed" are engaged in, is not against blood and flesh (Gen.3:15; 2Cor.10:3,4; Rom.8:4; 2Tim.2:3,4).  In conventional physical warfare.... soldiers seek to destroy "blood and flesh" with weapons that do this. The soldiers of Christ seek to destroy, and are against, something not of flesh... (see 2Cor.10:5; Isa.2:11; 5:16; 13:11; 23:9; 37:23; Micah2:3). It is a war against Satan's deceptions, expressed in the doctrines of proud false prophets (Rev.16:13,14,15; Job26:6; Prov.15:11).
This battle is spiritual. It is fought...not physically upon the literal earth, but spiritually, in the "heavens" (Rev.19:11,14,8; 12:7,11).
Only certain humans can be considered part of the scriptural "heavens" at war (Gen.3:15; Rev.12:17,7).
When the anointed "seed" are sealed as either slaves of darkness, Satan and BTG;
 slaves of light, Yehawah and New Jerusalem;
they are a part of the "heavens" at war...
They become part of the old heavens which are passing away and falling
(2Pet.3:7; Mark13:25; Luke16:1,2; Matt.24:50,51; Rev.6:13; Matt.25:29,30)

or a part of the new heavens, which are being raised up and established forever
(Eph.1:3; 2:6; 2Pet.3:13; Matt.25:34; 24:47; Dan.12:3; Rev.21:1; Psalm20:8).

I can assure you with confidence, that the king of the North and South, are not politicians of Satan's governmental system. While it is true that Satan is fabricating a counterfeit fulfillment of these prophecies within the world that he controls; those events are not the divine judicial basis for the End, nor the basis for the New Beginning (Rev.21:5,4). (pearl-anillustration.blogspot.com)

We draw close to the finale. Satan marches forward in his role as the "Destroyer" (Isa.33:1; Rev.9:11; Job 26:6; 1Cor.10:10; Ex.12:23; Prov.17:11; Ps.17:3-4).
He will bring his own world to an end...taking down as many as he can with him.
Satan is the Destroyer....not Christ or the Father (John10:10; John5:40; Ps.36:9).
His world will end by means of the Devil himself.
When God tells us that He will judge the world by means of "fire" (2Pet.3:7,10,12; Isa.66:15; Mal.4:1; Matt.13:30) we must understand the meaning of "fire" according to scripture. This fire is not literal and physical [Jer.23:29; (Rev.2:27; 12:5; Ps.2:9) Heb.12:29; Jer.5:14; Hosea6:5; Rev.11:3,5; Matt.3:11].
Those who are judged on the basis of their response to revealed truth (for life or for death- John12:48; Luke12:49; 1Cor.3:13; 1Pet.1:7; 2Thess.1:7; Matt.25:31,32; Luke12:49; Luke12:51; Matt.10:34; Rev.1:16; 19:15,21) will be segregated by means of their response to this fire (which standard can either cleanse, or condemn, depending upon humility, defining the "wheat" and "weeds" in the time of the final harvest).

The unresponsive are either surrendered to Satan's impending destruction (1Cor.5:5; 1Tim.1:20; Rev.2:21),
or the humble responsive ones who accept the discipline and repent, are shielded by the blood of Christ for life. (Mal.3:3; Isa.1:25; Jer.9:7; Dan.11:35; 12:10; Zech.13:9; 4:10; Rev.5:6) ( Luke17:35,37; Rev.12:6,14; 11:3; Isa.30:18)
Only those who are ransomed, according to Yehawah's righteous standard of justice, spirit, and truth, will survive Satan's final woes, tribulation, and wrath (1John5:18,19; John17:15; Gal.1:4)....
not physically surviving necessarily, but more importantly, continuing to remain standing spiritually (2Thess.1:10; 1Tim.4:16; 2Cor.5:20; Rev.6:17; Luke21:36; Rev.7:9; Matt.24:13; Eph.6:13; Rom.14:8).
For these, forever awaits (1Cor.2:9; Ps.37:29).

I am confident that if it is God's will for the identities in Daniel to be fully understood soon (I believe it is), they will soon be revealed accurately....
not according to Satan's counterfeit red herring.....
if not by me, then through one of the other chosen vessels of Truth.
I will continue to strive to write all I am being given, whatever and whenever, that may prove to be.



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