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Fear of Men Lays a Snare

I have posted below, a section of my reply to a letter I received from one who professes to be a Called One. They wish to share their insights with me, even though they are shrinking back from confessing Christ openly. 
I thought that the scriptures this post contains, are good for us all.
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Segment of my reply:

The "little flock" are the physical Jews from the first century, that repented and accepted Christ
(Matt.3:2; Acts 2:5,14,22,23,36,37,38,39)
Since they were already Abraham's physical seed (and in covenant with God), they were accepted into Christ's kingdom as heirs.
The "other sheep" are the physical Gentiles, who later joined the Jews, and also became heirs (anointed). (and spiritual seed of Abraham --Gal.3:28,26,29)
       ("Little Flock")
These join to become, one anointed flock, with one shepherd, Christ.
The "Watchtower" has taught us that the little flock are anointed,
   and the "other sheep" are not anointed. This is a lie, and this lie has been proven such from the Bible.
Please read all the scriptures...

There were anointed and not-anointed disciples of Christ in the first Century, just as there are today (1Cor. 1:2).
But this is not the mixed "one flock" Jesus meant. The "one flock" are all anointed heirs (John 10:16,11; Rev.5:9,10).
If you were a Jew in the first Century who accepted Christ, you became an heir, due to the existing covenant with Abraham.
There were not many Jews who accepted Jesus during his ministry. They were only a remnant... a "little flock" (Rom.9:27; Luke 12:32; Isa.10:22; Luke 19:41,42,43,44; Matt.23:37,38).
When Paul later turned to the Gentiles for anointed heirs, favor to the Jews expired 
(Heb.8:13; Matt.21:43; John 10:16; Eph.3:6; Acts 10:47).
Holy Spirit also taught Peter this truth (Acts 10:34,35; Eph.3:6; Gal.3:28,29).

I have not written because I have been very sick for about two weeks.
I am in a lot of pain, so it is hard to write. There is much to say about what you have written.
I will tell you the most important part of what I need to tell you.....

Jesus said that those who are given "more" understanding,
are those who already have enough understanding to make them loyal to Christ (Luke 8:18; Rev.3:8; 4:1). 
You must be faithful with this little understanding, BEFORE you are given "more" (Matt.25:14,19,20,21,29).
you need to understand that you cannot learn from an organization of not-anointed elders, and the wicked steward slave, instead of Jesus Christ (Jer.1:17; Ps.26:4; Eph.4:25).
If you are still afraid of the Organization Beast, and you still believe it's lies...
...If you still are a slave to the Beast's Laws (Rev.13:16; 14:9,10,11,12),
instead of God's Laws (Deut.11:18; Rev.7:3; 14:1; 22:4)
then you will not be given "more" from Christ
Only those who sacrifice their past life under the Beast (Rev.13:7; 11:7), 
are sealed (Rev.6:9,10,11; Rev.19:14,8; 20:4; Mark 8:35)

The 5 virgins who are not allowed into the marriage feast of more understanding,
are those who "buy" from men. (Matt.25:10; Rev.13:17).
Jesus tells us to buy gold from him, refined by fire (Rev.3:18). That is the same gold in Matt.25:14. To buy "refined gold" from Jesus,
means that the lies 
(scummy dross Eze.22:20,21,22;  2Pet. 3:7,12;  1Cor. 3:13,14; Zech.13:8,9; Dan.11:35; Mal.3:1,2,3; Prov.25:4) 
have been burned out of our minds, by means of the cleansing fire of God's Word (Jer.23:29; John 17:17; Eph.5:26).
You cannot eat from two of truth and one of lies (1Cor. 10:21;  2Cor. 6:17,18).
The lying teachings of the Organization, are from demons (1Tim. 4:1;  2Tim. 4:3,4;  2Thess. 2:9,10;  1Tim. 4:1; Rev.16:13,14,15; Matt.24:4,5,24,25;  
2Cor. 11:13,14,15,12; Eph.5:11;  2Tim. 3:13,9;  1John 4:1; 
Rev.19:20; 13:15,7,8; Matt.7:15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27)

Only those who imitate Jesus, and are willing to be "killed" by the "Beast" because of proving their loyalty to Truth (Rev.13:15; 11:7; 6:9,11), are approved for more understanding, and for life (Rev.2:10) because they prove their loyalty, just as Jesus did (Heb.12:2; 13:13; Phil.3:10;  1Pet. 4:12,13,14; Rom.8:17; 6:5;  1Pet. 2:21; Rev.14:4,5).

Since you shrink back from confessing the truth (Matt.10:32,33,37,39), (which truth tells us that it is wrong to admire, obey, and worship men) 
(Rom.6:16;  1Cor. 7:23; Col.3:24;  1John 4:1; Matt.7:20;  2Cor. 13:3)
and you are afraid of losing their approval (Gal.1:10; John 12:42,43; Prov.29:25), and you continue to fear men by seeking to please the Idol of the Organization (Rev.13:7,8);
...why should I believe that Christ has graced you with accurate understanding?
Jesus himself tells us what he expects of us, before he gives us holy spirit and understanding.
You do not already have what he requires (faith in the truth, faith in the power of God to save you, loyalty to God and not to men), in order to receive "more" (Rom.1:16,17; James 1:6,7).
Jesus refuses to admit to the marriage feast, those who are unwilling to stand for truth (Rev.12:10,11; Mark 8:35,36,37,38; Matt.22:8; 25:10).

So much of what you tell me, is based upon "Watchtower" doctrines of error, which I have already been cleansed from.
It is evident that you are not in union with Christ as head (Col.2:19; John 15:4,5,6) nor teaching the truth he commands, which is; 
to be loyal to God only (Isa.42:8; Matt.4:10; Rev.7:10) 
(Rev.13:15,8,7,10; Col.2:8; Luke 21:24; Rev.11:2; Dan.8:13; 12:7) 
                 (click on long verses to open).
You have accepted and are still under, the Harlot as your head (Rev.17:1,2; Hosea 1:2; Isa.1:21; Jer.51:7; Rev.18:3,4;  1Cor. 6:15; Rev.18:3).
You need to obey Jesus (Rev.3:17,18,1,2,3; Luke 12:35,36,37; 21:36).
Only after you obey Jesus.... will I then consider your insights.
Right now, they are clearly dark, as is your fear of men.
I hope you wake up (Matt.10:24,25,26,27,28).

You are in my prayers,

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