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Calling on the Name of God

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Pharaoh knew what God was called, and the pronunciation of His name.
At Exodus5:2, Pharaoh's words are recorded...

"But Pharaoh responded, "Who is Yahweh that I should obey Him by letting Israel go? I do not know anything about Yahweh, and besides, I will not let Israel go."

That verse clarifies, that it is not simply a matter of knowledge of God's name and saying it, (as Pharaoh did) that fulfills truly knowing God, His name, and calling upon that name.
Knowing how to say God's name did not save Pharaoh.
He came to know the meaning of God's name, through experience...
As Exo.14:4 reads;
"I will harden Pharaoh's heart so that he will pursue my people. Then I will receive glory by means of Pharaoh and all his army, and the Egyptians will know that I am Yahweh."

One of God's replies to Pharaoh is found at Exo.7:17...
"This is what Yahweh says: Here is how you will know that I am Yahweh. Watch. I will strike the water in the Nile with the staff in my hand, and it will turn to blood."

God is saying that His name becomes known, not by knowing the correct sound of how to say it,
but by knowing the meaning and power of the name,
including knowledge of God's ability to become whatever He wishes, in order to fulfill His Will.
Those truly familiar with that Name, develop trust in Him and that Name's meaning. (Ex.3:13,14; Prov.3:5,6).

When Jesus said,
"I made known to them your name, and I will continue to make it known, that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them.” (John17:26).....
Jesus was speaking to Jewish men who already knew the simple fact of God's name and how to say it.
Obviously, this was not what Jesus had in mind in speaking of teaching others God's name.
    How long does it take to hear a name, and know how to say it? Only a moment.
Yet Jesus said that after making God's name known to his followers,
he continues to make that name known.
(John14:8,9,10,7; Col.2:9; 1:19; John1:14; Matt.11:27)
His stated objective?
That through a deeper knowledge of the meaning of God's name, they will come to love God (John17:26).
Pharaoh did not have such knowledge (Ex.5:2), despite speaking God's name.

Knowing God's name and calling upon it then (in the biblical sense), is defined as appreciating and loving God as a person, and putting our trust in Him...
not as pronouncing a name, or repeating and using that pronunciation.

When we are told that "calling on the name of Yhwh" means our salvation (Rom.10:13; Joel2:32);
It speaks of those survivors, as those putting their trust in the meaning of that name, by relying on Him (Isa.10:20; 17:7,6; 10:22; Hosea3:5)....
not in men (Ps.118:8; 146:3; Jer.17:5), and not in an Organization (Luke23:30; Rev.13:8; 6:16; 16:20).

If we are wondering how to address God in prayer, Jesus left us a perfect model. (Matt.6:9; 12:50)(Rom.8:15)


  1. Perhaps Jah deliberately hid the real pronunciation,because He knew in the last days,Jehovah's Witnesses trust that name and the GB who trust"in the lie" of their own safety because they are Invited Anointed and use the "name",rather than relying on the real meaning of His name and His personality behind it. Whats the point of using His name,if we blaspheme it by a love of lies that He hates? Whats the point of using His name if we go against everything He stands for and then they betray their Invited Anointed covenant? Saying the name and then deliberately sinning against the spirits Invitation and direction,will not mean the GB is protected when judgement is given them. "did we not do many things in your name"? ,they will say. Yes,they may even be Governing over a religion using Gods name in its title,but it didnt stop them being apostate and unrepentant. Using Gods name and calling upon it without showing sacred works that back the name,will not save the GB from certain death and loss of the heavenly reward because they betrayed Jahs name via unholy works that show us they know nothing about what His name stands for. "JEHOVAH'S Witnesses" is a lie the apostate GB trust and hide behind. They use it as a weapon to legitimize their Killing of Jesus brothers and at the same time,think their salvation and Heavenly hope is secure. Its not!

    1. Let us pray for the "Steward", that "he" heed Christ's prophetic message to him while there is yet time (Luke16:1,2,10).


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