Monday, August 13, 2012

Some questions for today:

" Once again thank-you for taking time with the ones not anointed. "

I thought I should tell you...that...Just as Jesus gave his life for others, so too must each anointed one feed Jesus' sheep (John21:17; Matt.5:14). If we do not, then we do not deserve to eat spiritually ourselves (2Thess.3:10).

"To become sealed do you have to physically be killed faithful or pass an extreme test like Job? "

Satan will surely not allow any to be sealed without being tested. Jesus told the anointed about this fact when he said to Peter..."Satan has demanded to sift you men as wheat." (Luke22:31). This is backed up by prophecies, such as Rev.12:17; 9:5,6; 6:9,10,11; and scriptures such as John16:20,22,33; Eph.6:12; 1Pet.5:8; 2Cor.2:11.

At Rev. 6:9,10,11, Rev.11:7, 13:7; 20:4 (among others) we are told in symbolism (Rev.1:1) that all who are sealed, are killed. This will include without a doubt an extreme test as Job endured, at the very least. This I speak in regard to the intensity able to be borne by each individual anointed one. Some may be able to bear less, or more, than Job. In that case, their test will be tailored (1Cor.10:13; James1:14; 1Pet.1:7). Though grievous, these things work out endurance and refinement, and help us to grow to a mature stature as Christ (Rom.5:3,4; 8:28; James1:3,4; Heb.5:8; 1Pet.2:21; Eph.4:13). 
I have asked in prayer, that Jehovah might show me if this "death" is literal or simply being disfellowshipped.
I have not received a clear answer.
I take this to mean that in my heart, I must resign myself to whatever is required. Likely, this alone can answer Satan's taunt regarding me...."skin in behalf of skin" (Job2:4). Some faithful anointed are to survive through the last events (Matt.24:34; 16:28) though still deemed faithful, and sealed by God. This is why I am inclined to believe that this "death" may be symbolic, as the book of Revelation is (Rev.1:1). 
Since Jehovah did not specifically indicate this to me, I know I personally must be ready to die physically...and this I gladly do for what it may accomplish according to Jehovah's will. Many times it seems to me that the "two witnesses" may indeed die physically, causing the Harlot's blood-guilt (Rev.17:6). This could also prove to be the cause of why the Beast and it's kings attack her, upon finding out about such treachery (Rev.17:16). However this plays out; the scriptures will be proved true (Rom.3:4).

"> Will it happen like it did to Jesus?""

Yes. In whatever form this takes with each sealed anointed one, their lives and deaths will follow the example of Christ (see Rom.6:3; Rom.8:17; Mark10:37,38,39; Phil.3:10,11; Rev.11:8 c) even if that death is symbolic.
This is because, no covenant is formed, nor sins forgiven, unless blood is poured out (Heb.9:22; Luke22:20).
It is necessary...not only for Christ to shed his blood for the anointed....
it is also necessary for the anointed to shed their blood (as seen by the scriptures above), for the Thousand Year Covenant . 
Why must they also be martyred? (Rev.6:9,10,11)
Because it is by means of that administration (of Christ and the 144000), that the sins of the second resurrection will be atoned for (Rev.20:4 "power/authority to judge"). Life will come through New Jerusalem...Mt. Zion, the Tent/Temple of God along with "Her" Head, Jesus Christ (Rev.14:1). 
This is the Kingdom Covenant of a Thousand Years through those resurrected first (Rev.20:5,6; Dan.2:44). 
Through Mt. Zion, tears and death will be wiped out; and the trees of life once again brought within reach of the "Nations". (Rev.21:2,3,4,9,10,24; 22:1,2,5) They are the priesthood by which Creation will be set free from sin and death (Rev.20:6; 5:10; 1:6; Rom.8:19). They will take ownership of the "mother" Covenant which gave them life (Gal.4:26; Isa.62:5) becoming New Jerusalem (the Bride) upon their resurrection and coronation...
subsequently using the New Covenant (which they then personify) to give life to physical creation...just as they had previously been given life (Rev.22:17). 
They then become the channel of life...the life-giving mother Covenant for the earthly sons....and Jesus becomes the eternal father (Isa.9:6), the second Adam (1Cor.15:45,46,47).
Eve (Gen.3:20), is replaced by Jerusalem above (Gal.4:26).

You may conclude then, that all 144000 must die physically if they are to furnish the blood for their Kingdom Covenant. Regarding this aspect of satisfying divine justice... See the story at Gen.22:7,8,9,10,11,12,13. (see also Heb.11:17,18,19).
Abraham "as good as offered up Isaac". This means that he has already proven his willingness...and that was sufficient. Abraham's proven willingness was sufficient to satisfy Jehovah's justification, that Abraham could then receive the Covenant (Gen.22:18) which promises would come to rest upon the 144000 (Acts3:25; Gal.3:29; Heb.2:14,15,16).
In that story, Abraham said in Gen.22:8 “God will provide for himself the lamb for a burnt offering, my son.” 
The "lamb" provided was a symbol for the Lamb God provided (Rev.14:1; John1:29).
By means of Christ's blood (1Cor.5:7; Heb.11:28), the 144000 "firstborn" are atoned for, and are then considered cleansed (Rev.7:14; 6:11; 19:8; 1Pet.1:18,19). Their sacrifice is then acceptable to be heirs of the Covenant (1Pet.2:5,9,10; Rom.12:1; 15:16; 8:17).

Thank you for your good questions. 
Jehovah's blessing,

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