Thursday, April 21, 2016

Is God both male and female?

MY RESPONSE to a letter I received.

Hello again,
It is interesting to hear that the people around you seem to be improving... becoming more loving toward themselves and others. 
It is not that way where I am, nor is it that way in most of the world. 
There are more troubles in today's world, than can be counted, and more grief than can be cried about. 
But Jesus told us that when things become so very bad, we know that there is a big change coming (Luke21:28). We are promised in God's Word, that the wicked are to be removed from the earth (Ps.37:1-2,9-10; Rev.20:11-15), and God's love will reward those who have worked to become holy 
(1Cor.2:9; 1Pet.1:15-16; 1John3:2-3; Isa.35:8; Rev.22:15; 21:27,8). 
We too can become holy, through imitation of Christ and obedience to his teachings. 
I hope you still respect the Bible. If so, please read the scriptures I send you, below.
I do not fully understand what you say here...
"Moving from the brain to the heart where we marry the divine feminine and the divine masculine. For me that God is both was a shock we are so used with the father aspect.".

I am not sure what you mean by "God".
It is true, that the divine nature is manifested in both masculine and feminine persons (LINK),
because God has both sons and daughters who also become divine (2Pet.1:4), and have God's spirit within them (Rom.8:11).
But are you saying that God Himself is both male and female?
Jesus called God, the Father. Why? Does God have a physical body that is male?
No (John4:24). Why then, did Jesus portray His Father, as masculine?

Masculine has meaning, and that meaning is manifested, both physically and spiritually. 
Masculine provides seed that causes birth/life (Prov.23:22; 1Pet.1:3,21,23; James 1:18). 
Feminine is what nurtures that seed, and then, gives birth (Gal.4:26; Rev.12:1-2; Isa.51:2). 
These things also happen spiritually. 
God had a wife... a Law Covenant with His nation (Gal.4:24,26; Hosea 2:23; Isa.62:4). 
Through that spiritual "woman" on earth, God caused His own Son to be born (Gal.4:4). 
We are "born again" by both a Mother and a Father.
God is the Father... not the mother who gives birth (Gal.4:26; Rev.12:1-2).

Was Jesus a man, or a woman? Like God, he is also one who causes life (John10:10; 1Cor.8:6). But he does not cultivate that life by himself (Phil.2:15-17; 1Thess.2:7; 3:5) nor brings it to birth (Gal.4:19). That is the job of the Lamb's wife, who is in subjection to him 
(Rev.21:9; 2Cor.11:2; Rev.22:17; 1Cor.11:3; Eph.5:22-24).
If those chosen to be the lamb's wife are not in harmony with Christ (John14:15; 15:5; Col.2:19), life will not result.

The feminine cannot bring forth life, unless they are submissive to, and cooperate with, the masculine (1Pet.3:5), by cultivating the masculine "seed" (James 1:21; Mark 4:20).
just as it was with Jesus (Luke1:35, 38, 48).
Who has authority over God? Who is God's husband / "head"? (1Cor.11:3) 
No one 
(1Cor.15:27-28; Ps.83:18; 86:10; 97:9; Isa.42:8; 40:25; 46:5).
He, is the "most high", so there is no one above Him, as His "head".
He must, therefore, be masculine. As we have seen, there is feminine and masculine in the spirit realm...
not because of flesh, but because of the spirit. 
All feminine, have a "head" over them. They become the mothers, in subjection to the fathers.
When those chosen to be spiritual wives obey the masculine persons of God and Christ, life can result.

You said,
"For me that God is both was a shock we are so used with the father aspect".
Can you please send me the scriptures that told you that God is feminine?
You also say;
"Anyway it's not my job to teach you about this just want to say some of this things and maybe make it more easy for you as you will experience some big or expansion in your consciousness.".

It is the job of the Bible (Ps.119:105; Matt.4:4), Christ (John13:13; 6:63), and his faithful priests (Mal.2:7; Rev.5:10; Luke12:42; John21:17; Eze.36:8; Rev.22:2; Matt.7:20),  to teach us. All we learn must come from them.
If we all learn from our heavenly Father and His Son, we will find all the treasures of the knowledge of God,
as is expressed at 
2 I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love. I want them to have complete confidence that they understand God’s mysterious plan, which is Christ himself. 3 In him lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
4 I am telling you this so no one will deceive you with well-crafted arguments. 5 For though I am far away from you, my heart is with you. And I rejoice that you are living as you should and that your faith in Christ is strong.
6 And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow him. 7 Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.
8 Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ. 9 For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body. 10 So you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority."

You say;
"Since the bible is all male at one point we need the female part.".
With this I agree, because the "female part" is in the Bible.
I hope you find the feminine, in the scriptures I gave you above.
God knows who He is. He knows the feminine part of His will and purpose, and He tells us all about it, in the Bible.
I hope the scriptures I gave you, help to make the feminine "wives" and "mothers",  clear for you.
They are how God causes life to His children.

Thank you for sending your letter.
Love in Christ,



  1. What is a man in one country,is not the same in another. The same for women. What was considered the exclusive domain of men decades ago,women are now seen to be just as capable. So what we call "masculine" or "feminine" is determined by narrow views that change. Our body does not determine our values. Gods Body does not determine His values,its what is TRULY Holy that He CHOOSES to live by. This is why Jahs body is one sort of Body,His spirit sons are another with varying types of abilities..and humans with two types of bodies. But with all these types of bodies,the image of God resides. So our body,male or female,does not stop us from choosing the Holy things Gods himself does. Men and Women are not the "opposite sex",they are complementary. But the common ground,is that we are in Gods image.

    If we limit ourselves to gender stereotypes we have recieved from where we grew-up and from parents who allowed themselves to be molded by the same stereotypes,we will never really know we can adopt Gods most valued part of Himself which he gave us. He made us in "His" image,but also gave us the ability to see its beauty and adopt its values because we see that they are truly beautiful. What a gift! We cannot learn this from people who base who they are by their gender.

  2. Yes, when it comes to perfecting ourselves in holiness, in imitation of the person of our heavenly Father (2Cor.7:1; 1Pet.1:16), there is "no male or female" (Gal.3:26-29). But Satan has also created the other extreme today, for those who reject gender stereotypes. There is a growing movement of androgyny. Both men and women are defying God's beautiful design of complimentary genders (Gen.1:27,31; 5:2; Matt.19:4; Rom.1:20). Men dress as women, and women cut their hair and dress as men (Deut.22:5). TO defy God's design is to disrespect His wisdom, and defy His sovereignty. Although there are those who suffer the effects of disease or trauma, causing a strain in their gender identity... this is currently viewed as an honor to be championed, and assimilated by all as a liberation. Such changing social values, carry along the godless and sweep them away.
    Unfortunately, God's assigned gender roles have also been blurred in a spiritual way.
    The reason why Paul spoke so much about "women learning in silence", was due to a loss of submission among Bride members, to Christ (1Tim.2:11; 2Cor.10:5; Eph.5:24,23; Col.1:18; 1Cor.12:27). As we also see today, many chosen teach things they did not receive from Christ. But instead, they went "beyond what is written" (1Cor.4:6). Such a pursuit causes conflict and confusion in the Body of Christ... divisions and sects... as each one follows and teaches their own thoughts, leaving the unity of the one truth (Eph.4:4-6,13; 1Cor.1:10). In a spiritual sense, they are women, wearing masculine clothing... becoming self-directed as their own "head" (Jer.10:23).
    As you say, there is great beauty in the physical design of gender, and in how male and female are complementary.
    There is even greater beauty, in how spiritual gender work together in a complementary way.
    When Bride of Christ members honor, respect, and humbly accept their place in the Body of Christ;
    order, peace, up-building, and eternal life, are the result (1Cor.14:33; Eph.4:16; John4:14; Rev.22:17).


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