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A Bitter Scroll

This is a comment which was left after the post: (pluck-out-your-eye).

Revelation 10:10 speaks of the little scroll that John ate. The Watchtower has always said that the message was a "Sweet-and-Bitter" message from God...(Revelation Climax book Chapter 24). They refer to Ezekiel's scroll that was sweet as honey...(Although his scroll was NOT bitter or sour in his stomach...This does not match John's experience)

You are saying that the scroll John eats in Revelation 10:10 is in reality knowledge...(which was previously sealed up to us)? That knowledge in this little scroll let's us see that the scroll is really a "sugar-coated wormwood" scroll(teachings)...that the Watchtower has been and is still dishing out? Can you please explain this a little more when you have time?

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My Reply:

While the "Watchtower" prophets interpret the scroll of Rev.10:10 as "from God";
that is not the Bible's interpretation of a scroll (information) that tastes sweet, but turns bitter (James 3:11)...
 John is being shown in symbolic terms, that which God's nation is ingesting, when he is taken into the Lord's day (Rev.1:10) -- (Isa.30:21; Rev.22:16 A). This is why John's first hand experience of taking in that "sugar-coated" scroll, results in the command to follow, at Rev.10:11. He is then told to "prophesy again" about the identities initially prophesied about, in chapters 1-4 of Revelation, which was written about events effecting the "Seven Congregations" of Chosen ones, their various responses to those events, and the consequences Christ will bring upon them as a result.
Why does a scroll that "turns bitter" (Jer.9:15; 23:15; Rev.2:20; 8:10-11), 
require that a message of discipline (Rev.3:19; 2:16; 19:15) (Isa.30:21), 
and a warning about "what must soon take place" (Rev.1:1; 4:1; 22:6; Luke21:9; Dan.11:36; 10:14; 2Thess.2:3-4), 
be prophesied to God's Chosen ones?
Because as Dan.10:14 reads... 
   (Rev.2:16; 19:15; Jer.25:29; Luke21:9) 
   (Rev.2:20; 13:11; Deut.32:17,19,28-29,32-33; 
    Jer.25:30; Rev.19:15; 14:18-19; Isa.5:1-4,5-7) ("Winepress")
...the prophecies are about, them. (Who are "kings of earth"?)

The scroll given Ezekiel to eat, was words from God (Ps.119:103; 19:10). As such, it never turns "sour"/"bitter" (Eze.3:3; James 3:11) as does poisonous "wormwood" from an unfaithful harlot (Prov.5:3-4; Rev.8:10-11; 17:1; Jer.51:7), which "sweetness" is a counterfeit "truth" from "God's Word"... initially only tasting sweet, but is later discovered to be, deception leading to death. Bitter indeed!

The very fact that the "Watchtower" leaders mis-interpret Rev.10:9-11, is validation of the Harlot's identity as the source of bitter wormwood.
You may learn more about this bitter scroll, at this post: 


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